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Destiny 2 guide to solo flawless prophecy (Warlock) By: Lil_Chowdah


This post is to give help to those who wish to attempt to solo flawless the prophecy dungeon solo flawless I main warlock and I am not good with other classes so I can only give basic generic tips for non warlock mains. Apologies for the bad formatting beforehand as I am on mobile.

Mods that I I think you will need: Taken barrier/ armaments A few concussive dampeners (always have on) Protective light (always have on) Fireteam medic (put on when instructed) Global reach (put on when instructed) Taking charge (always have on) Oppressive darkness (put on when instructed)

Bonus: especially if you are a warlock, try to have max recovery, if not as high as you can put it while still having these mods, it really does make a difference.

Now to start off the dungeon.

Beginning encounter: Top tree dawn blade Instead of your normal sword cheese what you’ll be doing is killing the knights and grabbing a thing of dark motes, quickly head towards where you do the encounter skip and activate your heat rises and hug the very left side of the wall, doing this correctly will let you glide across the top of the tube without having to stop, then quickly make your way to the phalanx encounter. Quickly do the double dunk on both of the dark mote platforms, in order to double dunk you need to be in the air and get in between a middle ground of both of the banks, doing this correctly will spawn psions kill them and get ready for the phalanx.

Phalanx encounter:

Loadout: Falling guillotine, riskrunner, mountaintop. Well of radiance.

If you did everything correctly in the first part by the time you start this encounter both of the dark mote banks are clear. So you only have to do light motes, kill the knights and focus on staying alive, grab your light motes and try to double dunk, if you get it correctly move on to damage, if not just keep going and do it normal with the light motes.

Damage phase: Put well on the boss and sword him, that’s it

Waste land:

Loadout: mountaintop, Ikelos smg, xenophage,

Move to each location and xenophage or mountaintop the hobgoblins. Ikelos the thrall and pop any warmind cells you see. Stand on top of the blights and take it out. Repeat 3 times.

Cube room:

Loadout: Mountaintop, Ikelos smg, xenophage, well of radiance or bottom tree nova works for this part. I used well personally. Equip the global reach and fireteam medic mods, life savers here.

I’m going to be honest this one can be annoying if you can’t find cover fast, get cover from hobgoblins and take out the acolytes, remember those warmind cell mods I asked you about they help destroy pretty much everything in this encounter, and those acolyte eyes will always drop them, so free ad clear and health. When the knights spawn kill them with xenophage from cover and grab motes. Remember even if you you are holding motes you can still use your grenade for devour/ heals, so if you need to do that to survive do it. Repeat until your at the boss part, place down your well if using it and melt the bosses with xeno, it just nova bomb them and then melt with xeno.

Rainbow road:

Don’t pull out your sparrow, don’t, promise me you will not use your sparrow and make a mistake and die. It’s better to just walk and take out snipers than to lose your run. Top tree dawnblade is a helpful tool but not required.

Boss room:

Take a quick drink your almost there.

Loadout: Mountaintop, recluse or Ikelos smg, anarchy. If you don’t have anarchy try witherhoard, recluse or Ikelos smg, and falling guillotine. (Side note: I do not know the effectiveness of this alternative Loadout that much, please at all costs use anarchy) Devour warlock with contraverse hold for the extra damage resistance. Put on oppressive darkness.

Activate devour and go to town on the psions, when they see all dead go for the knights and the motes and dunk, place a rift and camp by the ogre, place two anarchy then smg him to death, pretty much repeat this process and do what you can to survive.

Boss damage:

As soon as you spawn in use two anarchy and get close to cover, throw an oppressive and nova bomb the boss while using mountaintop and anarchy, when hobgoblins spawn take them out, make that your priority because they do hurt. Keep moving along keeping track of your dark entropy and hobgoblins and hitting anarchy on the boss. Around when the boss hits the last platform throw another grenade and spam him, place down a rift if the two hobgoblins that spawn bother you. When damage is over take out the hobgoblins, hopefully you were able to do around 1/3 health. I managed to pull a three phase but if it takes longer it’s okay. After damage wait for your abilities to recharge and head back into the main room, just keep repeating the process and make sure you stay alive.

I hope this guide was helpful if you wish to add tips or need clarification I will try to respond to you as soon as I can.


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