Destiny 2: How Season of Dawn Works – Obelisks & Sundial Guide


The Sundial and the Obelisks are the seasonal activity for Season of Dawn, the thing that you’ll be engaging with for the next few months. So, how does it all work? There are 4 Obelisks, one on the Tangled Shore, Mars, and in the near future, EDZ and Nessus. These Obelisks act as vendors, sort of. They provide you with weekly bounties, along with repeatable bounties for this season’s suite of weapons as well as another legendary weapon, like Bygones. They also provide other bonuses that you can level up: for example, on the Mars node, there’s the Seraphite Extractor upgrade, which you can buy to give you a chance to get planet mats when you kill Cabal and there’s the Crucible Fractaline Extractor upgrade, which gives you a chance to get Fractaline when completing Crucible matches. These two specifically have multiple tiers that you can purchase. The next two appear to be 1 time upgrades, only one purchase needed, where you can increase the amount of weapon frame bounties you can hold by one and you can increase the number of rewards you get from the Sundial by one.

Then, we have the source of the new mods, featuring the charged with light mechanic. Finally, we have the Sundial links, which I’ll go over in a minute. But, all of these things require you to upgrade the Obelisk itself. To upgrade the obelisk itself, you need Fractaline. Fractaline mainly comes from the weekly bounties available on the obelisks, but they also come from the Crucible/Gambit and what I assume to eventually be the Strike Extractor upgrades and various triumphs, along with the Sundial itself. You need 200 Fractaline to level the obelisk one time. Progress on one obelisk does not affect another. Each obelisk is leveled up individually and it’s part of the Savior title to level each one of them up to 10.

In short: use Fractaline on obelisks to upgrade them to unlock more access to weapon frame bounties, mods and rewards. The Sundial link mechanic is how you’ll determine your rewards from the Sundial. Each obelisk has 2 weapons linked to it. You can either buy their respective bounties or play the Sundial. At the end of the Sundial, when you activate the panel, you’ll be able to choose which weapon you’d like a random roll of as a reward. So, if you linked the Mars obelisk to the Sundial, then you’ll be able to choose from the Mars obelisk weapons, Tangled Shore gives Tangled Shore, etc. You’ll be able to upgrade the amount of rewards you can get from the Sundial from the Mars obelisk and you can upgrade the amount of linked obelisks from the Tangled Shore obelisk. These upgrades require rank 11 though, which is a lot of Fractaline. As of this video, we don’t know what the other obelisks will give either, they could give more upgrades or rewards. The season rank track also gives boosts to the Sundial rewards. Level 12 increases your Sundial link capacity by 1, level 32 permanently increases the amount of rewards by 1, and level 92 enables you to get alternate final perks on timelost weapons.

Level 52 increases the speed at which you complete timelost weapon bounties by 25%. The bounties have a random objective, like grenade kills or super kills. The Sundial itself should be familiar if you played the Menagerie in Season 7: there are 3 different arenas with different objectives. These are mostly straightforward, stand in the plates, throw the ball at the bad guy and dunk the ball in the thing, but we’ll go over them real quick. The plate encounter, aka Datamine, requires you to, well, stand in a plate for a while. Every so often, Psion Commanders will spawn in, halting your progress. These need to be melee killed to continue. A boss will spawn after the plate is captured. After the first plate, you’ll have 2 more plates to control, both with bosses at the end, where the team needs to split apart. The same mechanic applies here too, it’s just harder because you’re split. Not killing psion commanders will be the reason you don’t get maximum points here; it’s actually pretty tough early in the season, although that could be because people don’t know the encounters very well yet.

The bomb encounter, aka bombardment, requires you to kill Centurions, take the bomb they drop and throw it at the boss in the middle. Rinse repeat until done. The final encounter requires you to kill increasingly difficult to kill Minotaurs, take the ball they drop and dunk it in some panels on the opposite side of the arena. This will spawn a boss at the front of the area that needs to be killed, rinse, repeat. You’ll have champions spawning in this and all other fights throughout. The final boss for this first week isn’t too hard. You sometimes get thrown into a detain bubble that you need to shoot yourself out of and then it’s mainly just killing the boss, killing psion commanders to resume the fight and staying alive.

The Sundial is very combat heavy. Things can get pretty intense considering how many majors and ultras will be spawning in, along with champions. My biggest piece of advice for the Sundial is: run the artifact mods. Run unstoppable. Run anti-barrier. The champions, at least at the start of the season, are not pushovers and are actually quite threatening. Two people on anti-barrier and 1 person on unstoppable for this first week, for example, will trivilize the champions. You could get away with it in Vex Offensive since everyone was grouped up a lot and the champions weren’t super threatening. At the moment, while you CAN get away with no mods, I don’t recommend it. I think that basically wraps up the seasonal loop for Season of Dawn. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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