Destiny 2: How to Gear & Level Up to 385 in Warmind


Alright, now that we’ve gotten data memories out of the way, it’s time to figure out how to actually level up in Warmind, since things have apparently slowed down significantly, and they have for some people. Leveling in Warmind is not complicated if you don’t want it to be. If you’re not the kind of person trying to max out immediately and get every last drip of light, then it’s pretty simple, but let’s just all get on the same page. Let’s assume you’re 330 without mods, 335 with them. For the purposes of this video, I will assume that you have NO +5 LIGHT MODS in any of your gear. Ideally, when you are leveling, you should keep things consistent to keep things as simple as possible: so, either have +5 mods in everything or have +5 mods in nothing, which also means that you shouldn’t utilize exotics when trying to calculate where your new soft cap is. If you do half and half, it’s going to be really hard to tell what your ever changing soft cap is.

So, you’re 330, just popped open Warmind, where do you start? Well, you can start anywhere honestly, as the soft cap is 340, so you can grind until you get to 335 with basically no problems at all. Once you get to 340 via combinations of legendary engrams, blue drops and vendor turn ins, that’s where things slow down. The campaign is limited to 340. As soon as you hit 340, or 345 with mods, you basically NEED to do your first powerful gear milestone, that’s the only way you’re going to start moving up, so do one of those. Now, depending on how much you care about leveling up, this is where things can stay simple or get slightly more complicated. If you don’t care that much, if you’re not looking to push the raid the first weekend or anything like that, then I would suggest doing a couple, 2 or 3 powerful gear milestones, then grinding out some blues or vendor packages until you get stuck again, do milestones, grind it out, etc. If you DO care a lot, then instead of doing 2 or 3, you’ll do ONE milestone, turn that in, grind blues, gunsmith packages and vendor packages as high as possible, then do another milestone, etc.

Doing it one by one is a bit more time consuming, but can potentially lead to 1 or 2 “extra” or “free” levels because you’re being so meticulous with leveling. At around 346 or 351 with mods, blues and vendor package will start dropping at 341 and from this moment, blues and vendor packages will be dropping 5 levels below you, or 10 if you have full mods. If you do need specific pieces to get a level boost, you can buy stuff from the raid vendor, just keep in mind that 1) you DO need to have run the raid that week, so this is more for alternate characters and 2) those items are indeed locked to 340 power. After you start to run out of milestones and what not, this is where the raids come in BIG time. Every single encounter will drop a high level item. The one thing that you should NOT do on your first character if you’re looking to push levels is do the prestige raid before normal, otherwise you’ll be getting multiple drops of the same light level.

Normal and Prestige both drop the same level items, so if you do normal first and get a few levels, then prestige can drop even higher because of how the game determines the power level of your drops. Prestige will also only drop armor, so keep that in mind if you’re maybe hoping for some weapon drops to boost your weapons OR if you’re looking strictly for armor drops on alternate characters where you already have strong weapons. You can also throw in Escalation Protocol into the mix if you have the ability to beat some of the higher levels, since it drops powerful items too. Ideally, you will have done basically everything on one character, gotten as high as possible, then what you’ll do is transfer your weapons over to your next character so that the next character has a higher soft cap, you’re starting out at a higher level. BUT, keep in mind that as you level your weapons, the BASE level requirement will increase, so you won’t actually be able to USE them until you’re the proper level.

If you want, you can just go grind some public events and get to level 28/29 before starting the actual campaign of Warmind. For your 2nd and 3rd character, you’re going to transfer those weapons over and ideally, you will do the prestige raid among the first things you do. You want to do this because you’re probably going to have high level weapons and prestige raid only drops armor. So it’s better to try to get a high level armor set on an alt with your high level weapons as opposed to potentially doing some milestones that end up giving you weapons, which would make them a waste. Basically, first character should be milestones, then raids, follow up characters should be raids, then milestones in order to reduce risk. I imagine Trials of the Nine also comes into the mix somewhere in here potentially, but since we haven’t had one since the launch of the expansion, I’m not too sure, but if it gives powerful items, then filter that in as needed with all of the other milestones.

Heroic Adventures may potentially contribute as well in this chain. After 370, things slow down even more, with I assume item upgrades not being as potent as 340-370. That’s really about it, starting out it is purely on you to get your milestones done and getting raid runs in, running raids is going to be the thing that boosts you significantly because of how many drops there are. Heroic Strikes outside of the milestone to complete 3 of them do not drop anything higher than usual, they still just drop you blues below your power level. Whether or not that’s good or bad we’ll talk about in another video. But yeah, that’s leveling in Warmind, not too complicated to understand, although I know we have some things to discuss about how it actually turned out and how people feel about it. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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