Destiny 2: HOW TO GET EXOTICS & ENGRAMS! Best Activities, Exotic Engram Info & My Loot Rewards


[, Music ], what’s going on guys unknown player here today we talk about exotics, going over how you get them some weird things about engrams. You should know weapons like the cold heart and also previewing, some of the ones I’ve picked up so far. Also, if any of you guys get some cool exotic side, don’t have and you’re able to either send me HD footage or let me use your PSN account that you can tweet me my twitter is down below in the description. I love to showcase some of your exotics and, of course, credit. You so drop me a tweet if any of you guys get some cool ones.

So let’s begin my talking about how to actually get exotic engrams, some of the best sources to get them and also exotic weapons or armor piece punch selves. So the first major big one is definitely going to be public events, either normal or heroic. Now I actually got really lucky myself. My first ever public event. I’Ve gotten his watch-chain Graham just beat the regular for love walk. I didn’t even do heroic, because I was level 6 and power level 60, but you don’t even need to be a high level. You don’t always need to do a heroic event, either. Obviously, the high level you are on the more high level activities you do, the greater chance you have more stuff they’re, just saying you don’t have to be a really high level to begin getting his optics.

As you can see here, I was level 6, so it begins really early on now talk about the odds of this stuff dropping at the time. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, so I thought, was normal to get exotic engrams from events. So I got it literally, my first ever event in deci 2, but since then I’ve done probably 40 to 50 public events, half of them aerobic and I got 0. He sorta came home, so it is actually quite rare. I’D, say maybe a 1 % chance. Maybe a five percent with varrock events but, like I said I haven’t seen any difference, doing normal at aerobics. So far I’ll see you get better. Loot exotic seems to be very, very rare, there’s still obviously possible. That’S pretty your best chance to get them, and it is also a good way to level up far so definitely do public events try and either heroic ones as well, give really good methods. Now, on top of it, you can do patrols, adventures, and sometimes they do also have a small chance to drop things or to gain comes to they’re, also guaranteed ones from certain quest activities. So you probably notice when you go to Titan you get given one of the exotic art pieces you get to pick on for your class. You also notice when you go to IO, if you that part of camp a mission it given a choice of exotic weapons, so you do get two of those guaranteed there. Also some of the fixed ones you can get on the minor metal and the minor multi-tool. There’S a fixed quest so are some that a lot but most of them gon na be in grams and then on top at you can also get one exotic engrams for completing the campaign. So, however, do it once you finish the campaign, all story missions.

The viola is going to give you an exotic engrams that is a guaranteed easy way, but definitely worth knowing about so until that you’ll serve, of course, the in-game stuff. Now this is obviously going to be your best chance. The exotics things like trials nightfalls rays. These are the ingame activities that the best chances to give you really high-level stuff and also courses. There is back in destiny too, if you don’t know on the weekend, so the same as 31 on Friday and Saturday, Sara’s gon na be showing up to one of the four actual planets, not the social space, not a tower, not the farm as areas can be Inside in the European dead zone, IO, Titan or Nessa, so he’s gon na be inside the zones. You have to look for him, but he is of course, another guaranteed way to get exotics. The important thing to note is that strange coins are no longer a thing. Instead, you buy exotics from zur with a legendary shot so that material you’ve got the top of your screen. That is what you use the bikes not X from Zeus and make sure you aren’t spending all of them.

Obviously, legendary shards are used to infuse things but trying to go crazy and you shouldn’t be infusing that much the beginning of the campaign. Anyway, you should just be conceived growing on new blue gear, but in general try and save some allegedly shards, because you’ll need them to buy exotics from desert now. Another exotic, our masters very frequently about is the cold hot exotic trace rifle the pre-order bonus. Of course, you pre-order destiny. You’Ll get this. He sort of given to you for free everyone’s asking how you get it simple answer is complete the campaign. Do all these story missions and then you go and get it from the gunsmith. So it’s as simple as that. Do the campaign it’ll be given to you very simple, raise it’s also really quick. Now something pretty strange. I wanted to mention about exotic engrams in particular. There’S something pretty weird that goes on where, when you inspect them, you can preview seven of the possible potential items. You can get from it and also the item. Scenes have rotate and kind of refresh every about five minutes, or so the items will change randomly in kind of preview different items. Now the important distinction is that these are not representative of what you’ll get inside the Engram. I initially thought that first, I was wondering what was going on, but we figured out.

This is not actually a preview of what the engrams gon na hold so ignore the previews. It should kind of like a small sample of what’s possible, but these aren’t the only items when you look at it. These are not the only seven eyes in do you get. You can get loads more on top of that, so the preview doesn’t determine all seven exotics that are possible from that Engram. So next up, let’s take a look. All these are things I’ve picked up so far on my character, like I said, haven’t been going massively kind of grindy for the exhaust, that’s with many play in the game, trying to campaign missions trying a nice doing lot of stuff on stream. As I’m short a lot you guys been aware of, but I did pick up some exotics along the way, something that are pretty cool, firstly, beginning with the vision swing. This is, of course, the pulse rifle. The Oh Zahraa seemed one nothing to a trials or anything is simply he’s got it from the engrams. Now this is actually the thing I got from that very first thing. I’M so got this from level seventy-seven. As you can see it’s a very low level.

I’Ve said about infusion: I’m not really too fast about infusing this thing, because I’m just gon na waste it like I’ll level up an hour later and already be irrelevant again, so I don’t constantly waste their chars infusing. It based, of course, they’re very cool weapon. I probably over do showing off some gameplay, that’s in crucible, but it is really really good. I don’t call ope, but it’s a really good weapon again, I’m not sure it was cuz. Everyone else I’m playing with is using like blue and green weapons. But this thing all cease trying crucible, I was dropping, like 30 – kills back to back and he’s like 44 matches. So this thing I really really like a crew spool, of course, the post I crucible focus, so you got r-truth eighty-five round burst and also when a nearby teammate dies you get health regeneration and increased movement, speed, okay, not too bad, and also it lost and is Basically, like lashes or improved weapon performance, when the wield is a last living member of fire teams, it’s not really a PvE weapon, although it is also very good there because I say 50-round magazine a five-round bursts, so this thing’s really awesome the vision swing. Now. Next up, you’ll serve in these special weapons or the energy weapons of the graviton Lance.

This thing is available from the IO vendor Sydney. Do the campaign’s do get to fire and then eventually get this thing. This one is black hole, so third shot rips a hole through space-time, doing high damage recall with no fall-off. So this thing, essentially the third shot, does mass me damage B is 500 percent or 7 times damage. There’S a lot of damage. What’S got there kick to it, the last bullet in verse each burst does a massive. My damages are really cool. It’S got a cosmology where every single kill 80 causes enemies who drop a mini black hole grenade to expose it’s not massive in terms damage, but it’s cool and does a tiny bit damage. So Garrett Alliance is definitely on my favorite. So far now we also have the cold heart.

Like I said you get this from convinced campaign. This one’s got some pretty interesting, perks, you’ve got cold fusion, should you say, steady, beam of cold or fusion powered laser and also the longer you hold the weapon on a target. It increases the damage exponentially, so it kind of increases the longer you can keep the beam on one target and the goal is to try and not give that beam off. The target. 20. Second, otherwise goes back down, but yeah a printing weapon haven’t used that massively the time I have used avid a lot of fun so really like in the cold heart and again you get that on campaign missions now moving on, we also have the borealis sniper. This is the PlayStation exclusive weapon, a sniper rifle. You can change the element of this on the fly again, I might do another video showing game pair of this. Exactly one can do pay it around with a little bit on the livestream yesterday. But this thing you hold square, so you change the weapon type elements Ian chooses in solo, art and void. Does little Reno animation to you or wait a little second, but you may change the element now.

This thing’s perk is ionic return. So when you break an enemy shields and matching the same element, it gives you a bullet into the magazine. It from the reserves are pretty helpful. So every single time based in actually built in the magazine, might look this one from an easy. Dr Ken, Graham again, the one I got from the campaign simply drop this weapon or from it now moving on to the armor piece. I’Ve only got one over here, the radiant flux, which I’m sure most of you guys have yeah it’s pretty early in the campaign. Once you reach Titan – and this is an amazing chess piece – this is really really good for your eider I’ll, see one of the best ones for the arts, trailer as a whole bar this one basically increases the damage and also duration of the soup are the more Kills you get not even just kills, also hits as well, so just clumsy swipe enemies, and then you get more damage and also increase. Duration, like I said, the duration isn’t a joke, he does really increase it. So for this imaginary, mask of the third round from the betting one, but even better.

This is literally so much better than masks a third man where arc blade gives you more energy. This is much better than that. Plus you also get bonus damage. It does again there’s no joke. I honestly didn’t expect arts tried to be that great in PvE or for we’re pretty bad same as Blade Dancer, but this one makes up for it. It makes the damage really impressive. I’Ve just melted bosses just by hitting them get the synaptic junctions perk on times three and then you just shred through bosses at last a very long time. So this thing honestly pretty the Best Exotic I’ve come across so far and if you’re still at the point where you haven’t done the missions, yet you ever got to Titan, definitely pick this one. If you’re an arc, Strider pick the radiant flux, you will not regret it now, these all six, don’t stop.

There do actually have an exotic, emote believe it or not. There are now a sonic emote and se2 there’s some drop from a bright Engram randomly so just orangey didn’t buy it. You might as ones that test gives you. But this, as you can see, forms these holographic bottles and then I kind of consoling a hunter Deschutes and dance. I really like this nefeli fitting as a hunter as well, but it’s my one and only lot to chemo. So in total there are four. If you go to test Everest and preview, the bright engrams, you can see all four. We have this one called salty, which basically salt meme he’s sprinkling all this kind of glittery salt everywhere. You’Ve also got the second one, which is flip-out. This one was seen before in early game. Okay, this was basis spawning a table and then he flips it again. It’S kind like a hologram. All these ones seem to be holographics, I’m definitely to see what the future holds. You can imagine, there’s gon na, be a lot of exotic kind of holographic emotes in the future. Now you’ve also got these spicy ramen. This one bassy spawns a bowl.

Spicier hominy makes it pretty weird, but again with your Holograms, but this is the third one. The fourth one is that guns thing I wanted called six-shooter, which I currently have where you spawn a bunch of bottles. You shoot them down, so there you go. Those are for exotic emotes. Definitely new thing now on talked about. There are also some new exotic ships as well. There’S Tommy’s optics, don’t think they look that crazy different from the illusionary ones. I mean – maybe it’s just me, but they look okay, but definitely exotic. If you ask me, you’ve also got sparrows as well. There’S something sonic sparrows, you can see here, I’m eating any sex peril. You have a couple leisurely ones from our verse, but these ones do have kind of special effects and transmit animations.

So you can kind of get a bit of a benefit. I think somebody’s not experice is definitely much better than you thought. It’S part there you go now, there’s also, of course weapon ornaments. Each exotic weapon does have one ornament slot, which you can put these in, of course, the only own from ever so you do have to kind of buy them or try and grind the game and hope you get bright. Engrams but same is anyone. They look really good and they’re, probably very round yet to get any myself. I’Ve opened maybe five all right engrams, but these things look absolutely amazing.

As you can see, something look pretty weird, but some will also look very very nice, but there you go a bunch of exotics. Hopefully it’s been a useful information to you. If you found it useful, like rating, will be much appreciated, of course, doing a ton, more videos and ton more live streams on this channel. If I already make sure you are subscribed to the channel with notifications turn on press the bell, so you get a notification. Every time upload or go live but, like I said, if anything you get some cookies or six. You want to share me them sure to tweet me down below in the description. If you wan na watch some more destiny content from me, then click the image on screen right now and I’ll see you guys in a next SC to video [, Music ]

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