Destiny 2: How to Get Lumina – Exotic Hand Cannon


Hello everyone, Lumina is out today, a new exotic hand cannon, haven’t had one of those in about a month, so it’s time to go get it. As usual, I’ll just be listing the steps of the quest. First off, to start the quest, you’re going to go back to where Thorn was originally found. This is located in the Salt Mines on the EDZ. Take the teleporter up, go past the barrier wall and up the cliff. Go past where you grabbed Thorn and open the chest. The chest will tell you to visit a specific location which gives your next objective. However, this location changes every hour and as of this writing, has had 6 different locations.

I will try to include as many locations in the description of this video as possible, otherwise, I would probably just google the chest location. After finding this next chest, you’ll need to generate 250 orbs of light, but this can be done in a team if you have one. My team went to Blind Well to get this done, all using masterworked weapons to complete it quickly. We were done before the final wave, which was convenient for the next step of the quest. You’ll be given Rose, the legendary hand cannon after this step, along with 3 tasks in order to improve the weapon and progress the quest. The three things are as follows: 50,000 points in a Nightfall, easy enough, multi-kills without reloading your weapon, also pretty easy, and completing Blind Well, Forges or Escalation Protocol. You need 35 points to do this step. A full forge gives 4 points, Blind Well gives I think 7-8 for a full run plus a Tier 4 boss, Escalation Protocol gives 1 per wave, with 3 at the end for killing the boss.

Escalation Protocol was changed a while ago so that when you kill the final boss, it resets you back to wave 6, not 1, therefore, this is probably the way to go if you can get a group rolling. If you only have 3 people or maybe just don’t wanna do Escalation Protocol, Volundr Forge only takes about 4-5 minutes to do for 4 points, which means you’ll need 9 forges. It really just depends on whatever you can end up doing the fastest. This part is gonna take a little while no matter what. After completing those 3 steps, your Rose hand cannon will be upgraded to its maximum potential and you’ll get the next part, where you need to complete activities with Rose equipped, and playing with others who also have it equipped makes this go faster. A strike is worth 12% with 3 people, only 3% for solo, so you could just spam run Lake of Shadows a bunch, Menagerie with 6 people all using it gives 35% per run, so 3 of those will work and those are the two I recommend you do because they are the easiest.

Note that Nightfall is also 12%, so you don’t need to do the Nightfall if you don’t want to, unless it’s of Lake of Shadows. Next the step after this involves a LITTLE PvP. You need to kill Guardians with a hand cannon as a team, you need to generate 50 orbs, that doesn’t have to be in PvP at all, can be PvE, and you need to kill an invader in Gambit before they kill anyone on your team and it needs to be quick, basically, you need a Not On My Watch medal. YOU need to earn the medal, you can’t have someone else do it. For the hand cannon kills, a killing blow is worth 4%, while an ally killing blow is worth 1% and you do not lose progress.

It can also be with any hand cannon, doesn’t need to be Rose. The 50 orbs, just run around with a Masterworked weapon or visit a bunch of rally flags and pop supers to get those done. The final step is to run Will of the Thousands with Rose equipped. You will need it equipped to kill the crystals that are floating in the strike, that’s what those have been for. There are significantly more than 11 crystals in the strike, so don’t worry about that at all, I do not know if you get anything for killing every single crystal, if I found something out, it’ll be in the description. You need to kill your own crystals. Then, you kill Xol with Rose equipped to get your new exotic hand cannon. Note that you need to complete both objectives in one run. If you want, you can pull Rose out of the collections if you want it back, it’s actually not bad.

The gun functions similarly to Thorn, in that its main bonus revolves around the remnant mechanic, where you spawn a remnant when you get a kill. When you pick up one, you’ll get a Noble Round. These stack up to 5 times. When you hip fire the weapon, you’ll fire a Noble Round, which is similar in shape to a Warlock healing grenade. This round will seek out an ally, heal them significantly and give both you and the ally a buff. The buff lasts 10 seconds, can be refreshed and boosts your damage in PvE by 35%. In PvP, it was just under a 20% buff, bringing Lumina headshots from 68 to 81. Benevolent Dawn can also proc on this. In PvE, the gun isn’t too bad, but this exotic is an example of a weapon that’s exotic because of its function, not necessarily its power. The hand cannon is fine, the effect is really cool and quite powerful, but considering how easy the average activity is in the game, I don’t see a huge use for the gun in any sort of competitive way, there are much more effective weapons than this.

I can see it being used in some weird challenge ideas that the community might come up with and stuff like that, but otherwise, not too much. In PvP, you really need to play around the remnant mechanic to make this gun worthwhile. The situation you want to put yourself in is where you have a Noble Round, are running with a teammate, heal them and damage buff both of you, then chain this together as much as possible to snowball. The healing is very significant, but it doesn’t give an overshield or anything like that, so one shot weapons will not really be impeded by this. Chaining this together will make for some really awesome moments. IF, that is, you can actually make this situation happen with regularity. That will be the issue that most people experience with this gun, creating situations where you are actually utilizing the remnant mechanic. You need to play around it basically all the time. For some people, this will be a fun challenge, for others, it will be a bother and not worth the effort at all. The hand cannon hits for 68 to the head, so if you’re just outside of that max range, you might hit some times where you don’t 3 shot kill, so be aware.

If you’re not playing around the remnant mechanic, it’s basically just a 150 RPM hand cannon. Overall, the gun is pretty interesting with its main perk, introduces a very unique function into the game, but I’m not sure how it’ll hold up to some of the beastly weapons we currently have in the game. Thank you for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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