Destiny 2: How to Get Salvation’s Grip – Exotic Grenade Launcher


Beyond Light is here and what could be more Beyond Light than a grenade launcher that shoots stasis? Salvation’s Grip is that exact item, so let’s find out how to get it. Spoilers, it is not that complex, but we’re doing it anyway. Note that you NEED Salvation’s Grip in order to get your Stasis Aspect abilities, which you can start to get after doing a portion of the Born in Darkness questline, so this is actually something you should prioritize getting.

The first thing you’ll need to do is complete the campaign, you absolutely must do this first. You’re going to find The Drifter in the same location as he was pre-expansion in the tower and pick up the quest. The first step is to kill Captains and Servitors on Europa. Captains are pretty much scattered everywhere, but Servitors not as much. However, I encourage you to do this step along side the post-campaign campaign because you’ll need to complete the 3-4 missions that Variks has after the campaign is over as a quest step for this exotic, which will take you a little bit of time to do.

I would also grab and start completing Variks bounties, but don’t turn them in just yet as you’ll need to turn them in for part of a Variks post-campaign quest step. As for doing the post-campaign, talk to Variks and do the Sabotaging Salvation mission. I would advise getting a few extra levels on yourself before taking on some of these post-campaign missions, you’ll probably need it given the feedback I’ve seen about boss fights in Beyond Light as of the first day. You will then get Empire’s Fall after that, which requires you to do 2 Sabotage quests from Variks.

One of them is to do 8 bounties from Variks and the other is to defeat combatants on Europa. Easier said than done considering a lot of the bounties you’ll be doing for Variks are the repeatable ones, so you’ll probably need to make multiple trips. After Empire’s Fall, you’ll receive “The Aftermath” mission, so go do that next. The final post-campaign quest is The Dark Priestess. You’ll have a short thing to do before the mission itself including finding Flecks of Darkness and then freeing the Skiff ship in the Eventide Ruins, then you’ll have the mission.

A warning for the mission, this boss is harder than the final boss in the campaign in my opinion, so if you have not been leveling somewhat aggressively, I would exercise caution here. I did basically no extra leveling, did every boss underleveled and this one was definitely required the most patience. Anyway, after you do that, if you still have not killed 10 Captains and 10 Servitors by now, I would go make sure that’s complete, the public event in the Eventide Ruins with the giant Servitor can get you some fast Servitor kills.

Or you can go to the Concealed Void Lost Sector, which is in the Asterion Abyss, just keep in mind that it’s a 1210 power Lost Sector. The next step after the post campaign is done is to get 100 stasis kills. This can be done anywhere, doesn’t have to be on Europa. People have recommended Blind Well on Dreaming City, but most people can just get away with going to the EDZ, grabbing rally flags, burning their super and finding another flag until you have 100% on this. Next, you’re going to the Asterion Abyss lost sector and clearing it out, again it’s 1210 power, so get some levels if you need them. Next, you’ll talk to the Drifter, who will send you on the Stealing Stasis mission. I’m not gonna spoil any of this mission, but I just want you to know that depending on how you feel about a certain character in the game, this will be one of the best or worst missions you have ever played. The mission itself isn’t TOO tough. About halfway through the mission, you’ll get Salvation’s Grip. This is a grenade launcher than shoots Stasis.

If you can imagine a grenade launcher that shoots stasis, then you got it. You can shoot little chunks of ice or if you hold down the trigger and charge it, you can release a bigger wall of Stasis. You’ll get to use the weapon for the rest of the mission and there will be a bunch of heavy ammo for you to use, so go nuts. That’s how you get Salvation’s Grip. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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