Destiny 2: How to Get The Gambit Prime Weapons (Spare Rations, Sole Survivor)



Hey guys, today, I’m gonna quickly go over how to get the Gambit Prime weapons that you may have been seeing. They were showcased in the ViDoc a bunch, but it’s never really been said how you get them. In Gambit Prime, you may have been rewarded randomly with an extra synth during gameplay based on what you were doing at the time. For example, an HVT kill give a Reaper Synth, invasion kills give an Invader Synth, killing blockers or invaders a Sentry Synth and dropping in a ton of motes, a Collector Synth. These requirements are essentially the same for the Gambit Prime weapons, except the drop chance for them is pretty low. You are randomly awarded these masterworked, curated weapons while doing things that earn you these extra synths.


To make things easy, they’re basically linked to the following medals: Invader Synths are linked to the Army of One medal, the Reaper Synth to Value Hunter or Massacre, the Sentry Synth to Not on My Watch and potentially the Blockbuster medal sort of, and Collector to Half-Banked. For example, the Sole Survivor energy sniper comes from killing the entire team when you invade. I went in, killed 4 people and got the sniper. You’ll get an invader synth when you do this the first time in a match, but the sniper is just a very low drop chance.


You can also potentially get a synth from wiping out a bunch of the enemy team’s motes, 10 or 15 or so. The masterwork version comes with Outlaw and Snapshot, pretty good perks, but it doesn’t have the scope I like though, this one comes with a triangle top, I like the dot, personal preference. The submachine gun Bug-Out Bag, has a low chance of dropping from a high value target.


You can also get reaper synths from a massacre medal. This is the easiest weapon to get because killing an HVT is the easiest thing to do to proc one of the weapon drops. The curated version comes with multi-kill clip and slideways, multi-kill clip is pretty good as long as you’re killing multiple targets per clip, but slideways is meh, only restores like 5 bullets or something. The hand cannon Spare Rations is the collector weapon and the trigger for it is where you need to bank 50 motes or bank a Giant blocker.


50 motes is pretty tough to do in Gambit Prime, especially solo, Giant blocker is a bit more reasonable, again, solo queue I imagine it’s a bit tough to do it and you need the full collector set, or most of it anyway. The masterwork version has Overflow, which give you 28 bullets in your magazine when picking up special or power ammo and Explosive Rounds. 28 bullets in a hand cannon is a cool novelty, but you can get by without it and explosive rounds aren’t bad, but aren’t as good as they used to be.


The shotgun is the Sentry trigger, where you need to kill blockers and invaders. While I haven’t gotten it to drop myself just yet, it drops from killing blockers and from killing invaders quickly after they enter. These are what trigger the Sentry Synth, so I assume they are linked with the shotgun. The curated version is full-auto and auto-loading holster which is a pretty bland roll. It is 60 RPM, or in this case 66 because of the full-auto, so it shoots a little faster than Mindbender’s Ambition at the same impact, so I guess that’s noteworthy, but otherwise, that’s about it. Tier 2 Reckoning can drop the shotgun, sidearm, scout rifle and sniper rifle both curated and non-curated.


The weapon will drop instantly upon completion of the boss kill. Tier 3 Reckoning can drop the hand cannon, grenade launcher, pulse, auto and SMG. These weapons do not drop very often though, I did maybe about 7 runs of T3 Reckoning and never got a weapon, so you can expect to grind for a while if you’re hunting for something good. While doing the opening quest line for the Drifter, there are also some opportunities to get these items, as he’ll give you a random item every so often when you complete an objective, but for the most part, you’re gonna be farming Reckoning if you want a randomly rolled weapon.


Thanks for watching and happy hunting..

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