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Destiny 2: How to Get The Secret Black Armory Emblems and Mysterious Datapad Solution


Hey guys, today I’m gonna show you how to get the secret forge emblems on top of showing you how to solve the Mysterious Datapad that you get after you get Izanagi’s Burden. Much like the Niobe Labs video, this video won’t go over how these puzzles were solved, we’ll be saving that for a much large project, hopefully soon. If you want to know how they were solved now, check the description for the reddit megathread. The raid secrets community really did some great work on these puzzles, all credit goes to that team, 100%. You will need the Spiteful Fang bow, the Tatara’s Gaze sniper and the Hammerhead machine gun in order to get the secret emblems.

For the mysterious datapad, you will need a full set of the Black Armory forge armor on top of 3 black armory weapons. The weapons need to be either forged weapons and I THINK raid weapons with radiance slots work too, I was able to use Threat Level which is from the raid, but if you’re paranoid, just use the bow, sniper and machine gun. You can NOT use randomly dropped legendary weapons that sometimes drop from a forge upon completion. Make your way to the Volundr forge, we’re going to start with the machine gun. You’re going to shoot the flame first. Then, you’re going to stand on the sun and shoot the following in this order: +ULFBERHT+. Next, you’re going to stand on moon and shoot +ULFBERH+T in that order. Finally, you’ll shoot the storm for the emblem. Next, switch to your sniper. You’re going to stand on the Tiger and shoot fish, lotus and temple in that order. Then you’re going to stand on dragon and shoot archway, rabbit, bamboo, temple. You should get your second emblem. Next, break out the bow.

Stand on Butterfly and shoot trees and then paper. Stand on sun and then shoot the heart 2 times, then trees, then wings for your third emblem. Next up, we have the mysterious datapad. This requires you to have the Izanagi sniper for reasons you’ll see in a moment. Head to Niobe Labs. Before you do anything, you NEED to pull this lever underneath the big platform next to where you start the Niobe Labs mission. That will bring you into a new mission where you can start the puzzle. Be sure to have on the bow, sniper and machine gun, you will need them all. Our fates are written on the fine PARCHMENT of itme, shoot the paper. A never-ending CYCLONE of conflict and character, shoot the storm. We struggle to find times of stillness in the SHRINE of peace, shoot the temple.

And watch for the next new DAWN signaling tomorrow, shoot sun. Our eyes drawn to the sky looking for the brightest CONSTELLATION, shoot the star. That we will shape the coming days with our own HANDS, shoot the hand. And the Black Armory will endure forever. This symbol is new, it is underneath the main platform. Go to where you started the mission and look up on the bottom on said platform. Shoot it and you’ll move on. Two taken enemies with shields will spawn.

You need to now switch to Izanagi’s Burden to remove those shields. If you don’t have ammo because of the switch, adds will spawn in shortly after for you to kill. When you kill one of them, 2 blights will spawn, you can kill these with anything, don’t waste your Burden ammo. More shielded enemies will spawn, remove their shields the same way and kill them. Once you’re done with that, you’re going to need to do a completion of every forge using full Black Armory forge armor and weapons, that armor you’ve been getting from Ada for doing 2 weapon frames every week.

If you don’t have a full set, remember that you can buy items that will have an armor piece drop upon completion of forging a weapon. You also need black armory weapons, preferably all of the forged weapons, but I think certain raid weapons work too, like Threat Level worked for me, as you can see. You do not need to have the forges be max temper, just need a completion. After you get all of your completions, head back to Ada and you’ll get… another emblem, and also a very brief cutscene. And those are the known secret emblems of the Black Armory. Again, thank you to the raid secrets community for your stellar work in figuring all of this out, I really wanted to contribute to this but sadly, I was away for a lot of December. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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