Destiny 2: How to Get The THORN Exotic Hand Cannon! | Easy Guide!


What is up guys, Rick cactus here and today we have the complete guide for how to get the thorn exotic hand, cannon just added into destiny with the season of The Drifter. No, we aren’t just click baiting the database. I actually got this weapon, so we’re gon na showcase, every single step along the way to complete this exotic quest, as well as provide a bunch of tips and strategies to help you complete this quest as easily and as quickly as possible, and so let’s get started And first things: first, let’s take a look at the brand new destiny thorn. Its main exotic perk is mark of the devourer rounds, Pierce targets and deal damage over time, just like in destiny 1. But there’s a twist kills with this weapon. Leave behind remnants and you’ll see this in the background, gameplay everytime, I get a kill, it leaves behind a weird glowing green orb.

Now this involves the other unique perk of the thorn sole devourer, absorbing a remnant strengthens mark of the devourer and partially refills the magazine, and you can see those two perks working in the gameplay every time I pick up a remnant. I get 10 seconds of the buff and the buff pretty substantially increases damage output. In fact, in PvP this thing goes from a 3 headshot kill to a 2 headshot kill, that’s pretty good and partially refilling. The magazine is also very very advantageous. Also, you’ll notice that the remnants actually slowly come towards me. I don’t have to necessarily go all the way to them to pick them up. However, I do have to be within a short radius for them to start pulling towards me, but that’s this weapon, the thorn from d1, with a unique twist involving these remnants. Now, let’s get on to how to acquire this weapon? Well, for starters, everyone thought you went to the drifter. That’S not the case. In fact, there’s really no markings of where to begin.

This quest, you’re gon na, have to make your way to the European dead zone and head up north from the Trostle and into the salt mines. Now, once you here, you simply make your way. Just like you see me in the background to this teleporter. Here again, this is not marked you’re. Just gon na have to know this, and you stand on this teleporter. It’S going to teleport you to a different location, run up the side of this cliff and then you’re going to see your way forward, blocked by one of the Fallen barriers. You don’t go in here. However, you continue going straight alongside more cliff side, even thinner, cliff side, and you find this new kind of hidden camp here, there’s going to be an interactive object which is just a pile of rubble and it says, search the ashes.

Do this and you’re gon na get the first step to begin this exotic quest now after that, you’re going to have to go to the tower and talk to the gunsmith Banshee 44 he’s going to update your quest step. Yet again, and now you have to gather 50 hadronic essence, and you do so by completing three different activities. You can do bounties for a sure mirror on Io. You can defeat warlocks in the crucible or you can complete nightfall strikes, and it says specifically that nightfall strikes grant the most efficient progress. Actually, each different activity is going to award a different value out of this 50 essence gathered. So if you do one of the quests from a sure mirror you’re going to get 5 out of 50, so actually the most efficient way to do this is to do 3. Night falls. Remember they’re, just completions! It does not matter the score at all.

So put on the easiest nightfall, anything that involves the cursor Esaias, where you can just run through the infinite forest like the tree of probabilities, which is this week very, very fast and just put the easiest modifiers on heavyweight a burn whatever you want to do, and Just run through three night falls: that’ll give you 45 and then, instead of doing 1/4 nightfall just do one of Asher Mears bounties to get 50. I would strongly recommend not going after warlocks in the crucible, because it’s something you can’t control. You could go up against a team, that’s all hunters, there might be only one warlock and all he does is hang in the back of the map with a bow right. So it’s something that is really gon na vary from game to game. Doing three night falls than one bounty is gon na, go a lot smoother for most people. In any event, once you have 50 essence, your quest is going to update on its own, and this time you have to gather 50 plus steel plating, and you do so by again, three different options.

Number one doing bounties for a Sloan in Titan or you can defeat Titans in the crucible or you can do heroic, blind well and heroic blind. Well, it says is going to be your biggest gathering of this resource, so it’s gon na award the most just like last time. The bounties are gon na award five and a little bit different than last time, but the heroic blind will completions are going to award ten, but it’s very easy, especially with the state. The game is that now, if you have a warlock, throw on Cataclysm nova bomb and the skill of dire ahamkara and you’re gon na beat this in absolutely no time, you are going to need to buy tier 3 and tier 4 activations, like the unstable up thing Of light and a tier 3 activation consumables from petra in order to do this like, if you show up with nothing, you’ve got to rely on other people, which is definitely possible.

This quest is going to make a blind well pretty lit for the first, while at least so, maybe you can bum a few completions off someone, but still make sure you’re stocked up on the proper consumables to get this done now. In this instance, the math works out in a way that you want to do only two Sloan bounties and then four blind wells or just five blind wells. Doing all three Sloan bounties you’re gon na get five extra floating around. It’S just a complete waste of time. Only do two and then head over to blind. Well again, I would recommend against the crucible, it’s just too inconsistent and once you’ve gotten all 50 plates. Your quest step is going to update yet again with another similar objective.

This time you have to get fifty sapphire wires and you do so by completing bounties for Anna Bray on Mars or two by defeating hunters, in the crucible or by completing Aeschylus protocol waves, and it says escalation. Protocol waves grant the most efficient progress, but that’s kind of true. Every time you beat an escalation wave, it’s going to award you with five wires. So it’s exactly the same as doing an appraised bond Tino, thankfully an tabrets on Mars and escalation protocols on Mars. So absolutely worth it to grab all three of her bounties and do those whilst you’re also completing escalation protocol. That’S gon na be the most efficient way and it works out that you can do all three of our bounties for 15 and then get 35 points for doing all seven ways of escalation and you’re done. However, it is important to note that you don’t actually have to ascend the waves if you’re by yourself or you’re, struggling with escalation.

Remember that you can just do wave 1, 2 & 3 and then a 4 is a little bit too hectic stop travel to the whatever area, you’re, not adding Mars and start again, and then you can just do waves 1, 2 & 3 again and get 5 For each of those, so you can just do wave 1 over and over and over again again, if you’re having trouble. So that’s something to keep in mind. If you are, you know a little bit lower in the light levels and so on also quick tip. I’M sure is gon na help. A few people, even though Anna braised down T’s right now say just art, kills and void, kills is actually Ark and void. Ability kills, specifically, if you put on an ark weapon and get a bunch of kills you’re gon na look at your bounty. It’S gon na be 0 %. Progress.

Keep that in mind and after you have gotten 50 wires. The quest is gon na become a lot more grindy and for some of you extremely tedious, so you have to get to 100 % connection strength and it says defeat guardians in the crucible using void energy or hand, cannons precision, streaks using void hand, cannons, grant the Most efficient progress note that progress is multiplied in the iron banner or in competitive crucible matches, so you can either go in with something like a graviton Lance. You know a pulse rifle whatever you want as long as it’s void and you’re going to make progress towards this quest, however, we sacrifice a lot of time doing experiments. While we were trying to complete this. So I have a lot of information to help you guys, hopefully get this done efficiently. First and foremost like I said you can just go full void.

Energy change your subclass to avoid all of that stuff, but it doesn’t actually seem to give you that much progress. For example, when I use the graviton Lance and Slade out got you know well, over 30 kills. I got around 4 %. However, when I was using a void hand cannon, I got around 7 %, even though I did not do as well as my graviton round. I did not get anywhere near 30 kills, so less kills more percent increase and that’s seemingly because it gives you the highest bonus for getting kills with a void hand cannon and, of course, if you do get precision streaks, that gives you even more bonuses. So what good void hand cannons? Are there well there’s two specifically from year, one that are both in the 180 archetype?

You can get them from your collections and start using them. One is something like a cold sweat. It’S the old trials of the nine energy hand, cannon and the other one is the ick ELO’s hand cannon you got from the war wind expansion that is extremely easy to get. If you don’t have it, you can basically start the main campaign for warmind and you’ll. Get it almost instantaneously, it’s one of the first things awarded and it’s the 180 archetype, which is the most desirable hand, can archetype it’s void. It even has rampage, which is not even that bad you’re going to see a lot of this a closed hand cannon during the first week. The thorn is out. We ran into it a lot from other people trying to do this quest. So that is definitely what I would recommend if you want a solid void hand cannon. Of course, if you have anything from forsaken, that’s randomly royal that you enjoy using use that instead, but if you don’t there, you go now. Something else important to consider is the whole bonus for doing iron banner or competitive. Obviously, iron banner is not around, otherwise it would be the most efficient to farm that but competitive. Well, it’s kind of a tricky situation.

Every kill Awards something like one percent or a little bit less towards your progress. So technically, if you go into comp and you slay out, that is going to give you the most progress. However, there’s a downside – and that is a lot of the comp game types – are not indicative of slang out. For example, we went in there and we got stuck with a game type where you didn’t automatically revive, and that meant there just wasn’t a lot of kills to go around. We Slade out and went v anno against the other team and only got around 5 % progress, whereas in quick play we were getting 7 to 10 % pretty consistently. So that’s something you have to balance with yourself with your teammates.

All of that stuff. That comp can technically give you the highest rates of progress, but if you’re not a huge PvP player, I would actually recommend sticking away from it. Not only is the competition fierce and people are not gon na give you a break if you’re using a non-competitive gun. Like the a closed hand, cannon they’re still going to be using they’re, not forgotten, so that’s for darn sure, but also it takes so much longer to matchmake. That’S another factor and you’re. Just gon na have game types where there’s not very many kills to go around, but of course, in the end, it’s up to you now, once you do so log through the crucible and get to 100 % connection strength, your quest step is going to automatically update And then you’re gon na have to go to somewhere. You haven’t been for a very long time, the farm and talk to the cryptarch there.

Once you do that, you’re going to get a new quest step, the chasm of screams where it says defeat the arbiters, said Eve and tell s then defeat sabbith ins song in an epic reprise of the strike savathun song on titan, so open up titan. There actually isn’t anything that, like necessarily pops up, just look for the strike, that’s kind of in the center of your screen. As you can see right here, and it’s called chasm of screams – that’s not called you know normal Sabbath, Ian’s song. However, it’s not your average strike, as you probably expected, and there are three modifiers.

You really want to be aware of number iron enemies have more health and are not staggered by damage number two blackout enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful and radar is disabled. There are a lot of thralls blackout is something to really be aware of and, lastly, harsh elements incoming damage from arc solar and void sources is greatly increased. So, basically, all incoming damage does more so you’re gon na die a lot easier and the overall recommended power level of the strike is 660 now, for the most part, things feel like you’re doing a nightfall version of savathun song. Things definitely hit harder. You’Re gon na die a little bit more often, you really got to be aware of blackout for sure so go out of your way to kill thralls seriously and do not let them bunch up don’t focus on dpsing when you see or hear thralls coming towards. You focused on those thralls.

They are going to be hugely problematic, but the difference in this strike everything is totally normal. It’S a savathun song until the very end, once you are on the last stage of the boss and the giant Shrieker goes into the very back and you’re gon na have to shoot a crystal and take it up to that upper platform. Then two big bad boss, Knights, are going to spawn one of the right and one on the left. As you can see in the background gameplay, you have to kill both of these to complete this special strike. So get on that. You know a nova bomb does just find the aren’t necessarily that tanky. But it’s something to be aware of. Don’T you know, shoot your last rockets into a Sabbath soon or I should say the giant Shrieker just before it’s gon na go into that file, damage phase and then you’re gon na have nothing to deal with these Knights. So just be aware of it and the second, you kill that giant Shrieker, which can clearly shoot behind cover.

Apparently I mean look at this, I’m so far behind this pillar, anyways anyways, the second you kill it you’ll, be instantly awarded the thorn exotic hand, cannon and you’re done. Congratulations, use it go buckwild and PvP or PvE. I hope you guys enjoyed this video found formative and, if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video, if you guys want to see more destiny content similar to this don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button. And if you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity, the best way is to follow me on twitter at rick cactus, that’s linked in the description down below again. I hope you enjoyed the video and, as always, have a good day.