Destiny 2 How To Get The TRANQUILITY Sniper Rifle


What’S up everybody welcome back to my channel today we are back in destiny 2, and in this video I will be showing you how to get the tranquility legendary sniper rifle. I’M gon na try to make this a very short video, so you can hop in and get this gun for yourself as quickly as you can. So, let’s get right into it now before you can get the tranquility, you will first need the quest to craft it.

The quest is called the essence of vanity. You should be able to get this quest as a reward from completing public events and killing nightmare bosses on the moon. Personally, I got this quest from completing a heroic public event on the moon. If you need this quest, I would suggest either farming public events and trying to make them heroic for a better chance at it or you could try forming nightmare bosses in the sorrows Harbor area, as there is the decent amount of namer bosses that can spawn here.

But once you have received this quest, all you need to do is get 25 kills with a sniper rifle on the moon and complete patrols, public events or lost sectors on the moon. I would highly suggest completing patrols as they are more common and they do not take as long to finish, but if a public event starts near you, I would definitely participate in it just to speed up your quest progression. It will make it a lot faster once you have completed those two steps, you will need to find a hidden item in the chamber of night area called the horned wreath.

This item can actually be very hard to find if you do not know where to go. So I’m gon na show you exactly where to go to find this horned wreath just watch where I go on screen now and you will find the horned wreath for yourself and that’s about it. Just go back to the lectern of enchantment in sanctuary and you will be able to craft the tranquility anyways. I hope this has helped you and thank you for checking out this video

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