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What is up guys Rick Kackis here And today we are going to be showcasing the complete guide for how to get the brand-new Wish Ender exotic bow in Destiny 2 Forsaken now, you’re probably a little bit familiar with this bow It was seen during a trailer and it’s been used to spice up many a thumbnail But this is a pretty crazy exotic It’s a bow that when fully drawn can literally see through walls, and this works in PvP, too So this is a fantastic fantastic weapon. It has an incredibly long charge time but hits incredibly hard.

Another cool thing about it is that you may have noticed a bunch of taken-ish eggs all around the Dreaming city when you shoot them, they’re immune. Well, when you use specifically the Wish Ender you can shoot those eggs, they explode and actually give you Dreaming City legendaries! So, a lot of reason to get this weapon, and let’s get started. But, just before we do guys, if you’re looking for amazing gaming headphones Including the ones I personally use the a 40’s, I’ve partnered with Astro.

So click the link in the description down below to apply a code that’s gonna save you money and help me out Definition of a win-win right there. Alright, so the first thing you’re going to need to do on your journey to get the Wish Ender is to not necessarily complete but almost complete the brand new Shattered Throne dungeon. This is a piece of content that was just made available today, and it’s pretty extensive. It honestly feels kind of like a raid lair, and if you need help completing this content, don’t worry I’ve already made a guide for every single part of this dungeon. Check it out linked up above.

But, when you’re going through the Shattered Throne for the first time There’s going to be a part where you have to approach a statue. Now, this is in between where you kill an Ogre and then move forward to the final boss fight. Now, you’re gonna actually turn in your Awoken Talisman The Exotic object that you used a long time ago to enter the Dreaming City for the first time. But, once you do that going to pop up that a new mission has appeared, and then nothing.

You won’t see this mission anywhere in the game, but it actually does exist! So, once you’ve probably beaten this dungeon, you definitely want to do so there’s some great rewards, you want to head to the Tangled Shore, specifically to Four-Horned Gulch. So as long as you’ve interacted with that statue inside the Shattered Throne You can head to four Horn Gulch and there’s going to be kind of a Toland like Orb of Light spinning around with a mission and a bunch of question marks, activate this mission to begin the next part of the quest. And all you need to do is beat this mission, but, this mission is gonna throw a lot of pretty high power level ads at you. So, I definitely recommend doing all of the stuff we talked about in this video with a group of people because soloing it is gonna be pretty darn difficult. You’re gonna slay out on Taken after Taken after Taken to eventually make your way to this middle arena.

There’s going to be some Wizards that are immune and in the very center of this arena there is a Blight. You need to get close to the Blight and kill it in the very center and that’s going to lower the immunity shields of those Wizards. Then you’re going to have to kill all of those yellow bar Wizards, once you do a bunch more enemies are going to spawn including three very tanky bosses.

Now, importantly when the bosses first spawned they actually have immunity shields up so don’t try to tank them right away. Don’t use any supers right away just wait a bit and they’re gonna kind of spread out and those immunity shields will naturally go away and then you can take those bosses them down one by one. They really are tanky It feels like killing kind of like an Escalation Protocol wave one or even higher a boss because they do have a lot of health so stuff like Sleeper, the Whisper, Blade Barrage, all that stuff is fantastic! Now as soon as you’ve killed all three of those bosses you’re going to get three different items that are going to go into the pursuits category of your inventory. The Dreaming token of Token of Eriviks, the Dreaming Token of Querim, and the Dreaming Token of Xavoth.

I probably butchered those names But, essentially those represent three bosses, three specific bosses that you have to get to spawn and kill in the Shattered Throne. So, you’re going to have to go back to the Shattered Throne, load that back up and Again, get these three kind of secret bosses to spawn. So here’s how to do that. So, after loading in for the second time in the first Encounter of the shattered throne when you’re just killing enemies and killing Architects and going from symbol to symbol to symbol you want to Ascend, climb as high as possible Now as you can see in the background gameplay head to the Tower of the Deep area. Now in this special area There’s going to be a relic.

You have to pick up this relic, and this mechanic is gonna come up several times. You have to transport this relic to one of the statues one of the Awoken statues that doesn’t have a ball. So As you can see after I pick up this relic and transport it back to still the top layer of this area, But, the very center there’s two statues one has a ball can’t do anything but the other does not it’s missing its relic.

And, I’m able to deposit my relic into the hands of that statue and That is going to spawn a special secret boss So just kill him. It’s a taken Minotaur and he does have a unique Mechanic where you’re gonna kill him any is just gonna respawn. So you gonna have to kill him twice in a row and then once you do Because you actually killed Querim, you’re going to get the Waking Token of Querim. So in your pursuits category one of your tokens will change it’ll have light Glowing out the middle of it and that represents that you’ve killed one of the three secret bosses in the Shattered Throne.

From here You’re going to continue through the Shattered Throne as normal until you get to this Jumping puzzle where you have to stick to the narrow beams. Then you’re going to want to as soon as you get into this room peel off to the right. There’s going to be a small platform with a wall and behind this wall is where you find another relic. Then you’re going to have to Transport this relic all the way across this jumping puzzle room Now, there is going to be a ton of Ogres that are gonna try to push you off So definitely, you know snipers to take those guys down Sleeper stuff like that.

Very, very useful here. Now once you’ve dealt with those ads take this relic go quite a long ways to this platform on the far Back corner. As you can see here, There’s gonna be the statue missing the ball and this is where you deposit it. Now unlike the other time It’s not gonna spawn a boss. You’re actually depositing two different relics this and one more to open a door to which you’re going to fight the boss. Now, as for the second relic, Continue on as normal until you get to the part where you were slowed down where you cannot double jump. From here, as soon as you enter into that area, peel off to the right and as you can see This is the spawn point for yet another relic.

So you’re going to have to pick up this relic and take it all the way through this slowed area. This is kind of a nightmare. There is a ton of shadow thralls, Destroying you. So stuff like Tether, any sort of Area of Effect, constantly damaging grenades. All of that stuff is fantastic Also while you’re in this slowed area you won’t be able to regen health So it’s just not fun But grab it and tank it through.

Eventually when you get to the very end, and you’ll see the wall in order to the Wall of Mist I guess, in order to jump out and get out of this slowed area. You’re going to see a long hallway in front of you, but Head to the right and that’s where the statue as you can see is going to be waiting with her open hands to deposit that second relic.

Now, once you do that as I said those two relics are going to open a door you head to this area here and Normally the big door in front of you is closed, but now it is open head inside to face yet another boss. Now this guy is not so bad the arena you’re fighting in is going to have an outside ring and there are going to be Taken Phalanxes that spawn here gonna try to push you off So make sure you’re on top of those guys if they are getting close to you. But the boss is gonna spawn in the center circle just use Sleeper and Supers and take him down pretty quickly. He’s not as tanky as the other guy. Now once you do kill him, you’re going to get the Waking Token of Eriviks.

Henceforth referred to as Elvis and that’s the second boss down Continue as normal Until the big boss fight where you take down the Taken Ogre in this arena. So because I’ve already done a complete guide on this dungeon, I’m not gonna re-go over the mechanics of this fight I’m gonna explain it as if you already know it So if you don’t again go watch that guide. But, essentially what you’re going to need to do is get the X4s debuff, the special one, Petitioner’s Burden and then get one of your teammates to slam as normal. But you want to be positioned at kind of the back of this arena as you can see because one red health Invisible Minotaur is going to spawn.

So again stay back here. Keep your eyes peeled Someone slams then he spawns as soon as you kill that Minotaur then it’s going to spawn the relic kind of at the back left-hand corner of the stairs if you’re looking at the back. As you can see right here you grab this relic and head to the statue at the opposite end of that left hand side still as You can see yet again.

Once you deposit that relic then a boss will spawn. It’s going to be another big Taken Ogre that’s going to move to the very center of the arena. So you’re gonna have to kill two of them. Now the one that just spawned however is very Easily killed he does not have a ton of health you can tank like pretty much one Blade Barrage will kill him, so you can just kill him like right away as soon as he Spawns and that’s gonna complete the last of your Waking Tokens, Xavoth. Now at this point, you know Once you open up your pursuits category of you inventory All three of those tokens if they’re all glowing you’re good to go.

You are totally good to go Don’t worry about dying here Because if you do die and respawn you do have to get past this Ogre, you do have to beat this part. But you won’t have to activate any more relics or anything like that So simply kill this Ogre watch out for those seeking Taken orbs those are just, Absolutely deadly! But kill this Ogre as soon as you do it’s going to open the door that’s again going to allow you to that statue That you first had to interact with in order to start this whole quest off except this time You’ll see that there’s gonna be three Bowls kind of right in front of the statue and all three will be glowing to represent your three glowing Waking Tokens. If one isn’t glowing you missed a boss or did something wrong at this point you can approach this statue and It will actually just give you the option to collect loot and just do so hold square or whatever button, it is on your preferred console and just get the Wish Ender, and There it is! Just like last time where you don’t need to technically complete the dungeon, this time seems to be the same thing.

So you can abandon activity, head on out there and go right into the Crucible or Gambit or wherever you want to go With your new toy. Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video, found informative and if you did Please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video. Now if you guys want to see more Destiny 2 content similar to this Don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button. And if you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest Channel activity the best way is to follow me on twitter @ RickKackus. That’s linked to the description down below as is my twitch channel, which you can also follow. Again I hope you enjoyed the video, and as always, have a good day!.

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