Destiny 2: How to Get (& Thoughts On) Malfeasance – Exotic Hand Cannon


Malfeasance is the Thorn lookalike hand cannon in Destiny 2 and was unleashed upon the world a little while back. It is the Gambit specific exotic. The journey to complete the quest is not very long or complicated, but getting the actual quest starter can be brutal. To actually start the quest, you need to kill what is basically a Voice of Riven in Gambit. This is a randomly spawning boss while you are playing Gambit. There are no known methods of spawning the boss other than getting lucky. The boss spawns more often when the curse on the city is at its strongest. Not only do you need the boss to spawn, you also need to win that round, otherwise you won’t get the quest.

When you do get the quest, you’ll go to The Drifter, who will tell you to kill 25 Taken bosses. Best place to do that is in the Blind Well, killing the Servants of the Plague, just make sure you actually tag the enemy so that you get credit for the kill, should be able to get this done in 2-4 cycles. You’ll then go to a special version of The Corrupted strike that is 580 power.

Once you complete this mission, you’ll have a lot of Gambit to do. You need to win 10 games of Gambit and deposit 400 motes into the bank, but every time you die with motes, you lose progress equal to double the amount of motes lost, so, you know, don’t die with motes. After this step, you’ll need to get 25 kills as an invader AND you need to get one of the following to happen: 1) you kill all 4 enemy players as an invader in one invasion or 2) someone else on your team kills all 4 enemy players as an invader in one invasion 3 times.

So, you can rely on your teammates to try to make that part happen, but you still need to kill 25 Guardians in Gambit at some point. Once you are done with that step, you get the gun. The hardest part is easily getting the boss to spawn, which appears to just be completely random. Mote collecting is gonna be a little risky, bigger piece of advice there is just go for smalls and mediums. Try to get at least a small Taken’s worth of motes from every batch of enemies in PvE, stop going for those 15 stacks because they’re just very risky and guess what, if you die with 15 motes, the game sets you back 30 instead, you’re losing DOUBLE motes. Go for 5s and 10s, please.

Your teammates will thank you. As for invasions, well, you can break out the ol’ you know what and just go to town, I’m sure many of you are doing that already. As for thoughts on the gun, it has shown itself to be a little lackluster in day to day play compared to other weaponry available and after using it for a bit, I would have to agree for the most part. The core of the weapon revolves around hitting 5 shots to make your target explode with damage, right, that’s the fun part, making your target explode. The problem is that this is a primary weapon, which is supposed to be your workhorse weapon, the thing that kills low and mid tier enemies. Low and mid tier enemies are not going to survive the 5 shots it requires to activate the main perk, therefore the gun acts like any other gun. Upper tier enemies, your knights, wizards, captains, Minotaurs, this is where you can utilize the perk a little bit more, sure… but those kinds enemies warrant the use of your special weapons, shotguns, snipers, fusions, things like that.

The only time you’d use Malfeasance against those enemies is if you’re low on special or heavy ammo or maybe they’re weak, but then again, you can use any weapon for that as well. There’s just a very small subset of enemies that the weapon is good against. It does gain bonus damage against Taken, so you may have some instances where it’ll one shot an enemy that normally requires 2 and so on, but that isn’t really getting me jazzed up a ton because the fun part is proc’ing the perk and having explosions.

In PvP, it’s a 4 shot kill, which is fine since it’s a 180 RPM hand cannon. BUT, if you do manage to shoot someone 5 times, they’re probably just going to die from the bullet damage anyway, thus negating the point of the perk. HOWEVER, it is basically a guaranteed 5 shot kill from any range, since if you hit them 5 times and they don’t die from the bullet damage, they’re 9 times out of 10 going to die from the perk itself, so that is some form a benefit.

BUT, just because you CAN, doesn’t always mean you should or will. We’re living in a pulse rifle and hand cannon meta right now, but the only way you’re getting super far away kills is if people are missing a lot of shots on you or if they’re not even looking. Ace of Spades is just an absolute monster of a weapon right now with insane range and I can’t think of many reasons from a competitive standpoint to use Malf over Ace.

You need to be a hell of a shot to get those fast kills and if you’re good enough to succeed with Malf, you probably already have a Luna’s Howl. Against supers, unless your target is already a bit low, it’s not gonna really do a whole ton to proc the perk. It’s satisfying to get those super far kills and have the perk proc, don’t get me wrong, but it’ll happen once every maybe 2 to 3 games. In GAMBIT, that’s where this thing can shine a little bit more because it deals 75 damage to the head to an invader, resulting in a 3 shot kill.

But, if you’re not used to the 180 RPM rate of fire, this might not be any faster than a normal hand cannon kill AND gambit invasion meta is very long range focused. Now, Bungie has already talked about buffing the weapon in some way, whatever that may be. I originally wanted to see something else with the hitting 5 shots thing, I think the concept of hitting 5 shots in a row should stick around, but enable some other effect when killing a bunch of little dudes. Maybe have something where you get a stacking buff whenever you get kills that on the 5th kill, your next shot instantly has the explosion effect, similar to a Zen Meteor kinda thing, gotta be explosion related.

Anything that sticks with the same model that it has now, even, if increased in explosion damage, is likely to have the same issues that we have now with the gun where the perk isn’t getting utilized, the perk needs to shine on the weapon otherwise it’s not gonna work out. Lowering it to 3 or 4 would be ok for PvE, but would be maybe kinda busted for PvP for long range shooting. The fun is the perk and they just need to figure out how to make that fun and good. It’s not BAD, but there aren’t enough reasons to use it over something like Ace of Spades, for example. Hopefully they can buff it up. That’s all I got on the gun, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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