Destiny 2: How to Get Truth – Exotic Rocket Launcher


Hello everyone, Truth is now available to earn for annual pass holders and it shouldn’t take you too long to do, but there are some specific locations you need to hit in order to get the quest done. To start the quest for Truth, consider law school. To start the quest for the Truth rocket launcher, you need to complete a run of the Menagerie. You don’t need to use any runes or anything like that, you just need need to complete a run and you will get the quest. This quest will send you to Petra, who will then tell you to go do an ascendent challenge, so be sure to snag the bounty for a powerful, but you don’t NEED the bounty for the quest.

By the way, you’ll need about 2, maybe 3 Tincture of Queensfoil to do this quest, so I’d stock up. If you don’t have any, you can buy some from Huginn in the Harbinger’s Seclude. If Huginn doesn’t talk to you, that means you already have 5 Tincture or not enough Baryon Bough. After completing the ascendent challenge, you’ll be given A Map Asunder, which requires you to go grab 4 parts of a map and then complete challenges in order to get the piece. Locations first, then challenges. Here are the locations of the 4 map fragments: 1) The Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector in the Dreaming City. You need to be ascendent for this, so you should scoop it up immediately after doing the ascendent challenge. Check the video for the location, but it’s in the middle of the first big “room”. 2) In the Mindbender’s boss room on the Tangled Shore. You’ll walk a pretty long path and reach a LOT of hive enemies. Kill the ogre to get this map piece. 3) Complete a Nightfall, the piece will spawn at the very end after you kill the boss.

4) In the Cistern on Nessus. You must be ascendent for this one as well. Go all the way to the left side of the area and look for platforms above the… vex milk. Note that you lose Ascendence when moving between planets. The 4 challenges are as follows: for the Bay of Drowned Wishes challenge, you need 100 hive kills in the Tangled Shore, pretty simple. For the Mindbender’s map fragment challenge, you need to do 3 Nightfalls while under a handicap of 100 or more and you also need 60 rocket launcher kills. So, just put on heavyweight, -100 handicap and run some Nightfalls until this is done. For the complete a nightfall map fragment challenge, you need to get 50 rocket launcher kills while ascendent on Nessus, so you might want to grab the map piece on Nessus and then do this immediately so you don’t waste your Tincture. Multi-kills accelerate this process. I was able to get this done in 4 Wardcliff Coil shots doing the Lost Sector in Artifact’s Edge, just bunch up the Vex for some easy kills.

Finally, for the Cistern map fragment challenge, you need to do a Corsair Down badge. In case you don’t remember what that is, since they’re not really important, you need to kill Scorn in the Dreaming City until they drop one of those badges. The best way to get a Corsair Down badge is by doing the Strand public event with Scorn, otherwise, keep trying to kill Scorn, there are some in Harbinger’s Seclude and some spawn with the concentrated ether public event in the Divalian Mists, along with the lost sector there. The badge will tell you where the downed corsair is, it could be many different locations, but it’ll give you a main region and then a more specific area within that region. Find the downed corsair, kill the boss that spawns and then return to Divalian Mists to turn it in by all of the other Dreaming City guard. Once you’ve done all 4 of those things, you will get the final part of the mission, which requires you to go do the Warden of Nothing strike and collect 5 objects to open up the ascendent plates you’ll need to jump on to get the rocket.

Note that you should use the one in the directory, I would avoid the Nightfall variant as I had problems. You should also only collect the 5 objects you need and no more because it may cause problems at the end of the strike; there are more than 5 objects within the strike itself, but you don’t need more than 5. You’ll also need a Tincture for the very end of the strike, you do not need to use it during.

So, here are some locations for the 5 objects you need. There’s 1 before the first train section, there are 2 in the main train section, one immediately after as you go up the ramp, and then one in the Minotaur boss room. There are a few more after these, like 3 in the main Prison of Elders room, but as soon as you get the message saying you have all of the platforms, don’t bother getting any more of them. You need 5 as a fireteam, not each, so just watch for that message and as soon as you get it, you’re good.

After you get to the final boss room, kill the boss and you should get 90 seconds to get to the chest. This is where you can pop the Tincture for the ascendent plates. Jump over the ledge in front, then make your way to the right and you’ll grab Truth very shortly after. This version of Truth is pretty close to the D1 version. It is the same perk wise and even comes with 3 rockets in the chamber, a first for Destiny 2. However, it doesn’t appear that the tracking is as relentless as it was in Destiny 1.

To really take advantage of the relentless tracking, you need to be pretty far away from your target. Then again, I’m not really sure as to why you would want to aim at your target, then intentionally look away from your target and then shoot. I suspect the rocket will be better in Gambit where you have some distance between you and your target, but for regular PvP, it seems like the tracking isn’t exactly where it was in D1. The rocket is fine for PvE, but we could have a whole other discussion on rockets in PvE compared to machine guns, maybe another time. Anyway, that is how you get the Truth rocket launcher. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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