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Destiny 2: How To Get & Upgrade Legend of Acrius – Raid Exotic Shotgun (& A World First?)


The Legend of Acrius is the raid exotic for the Leviathan raid, so how do you get it? Let’s start from the top this video will contain some element of raid Spoilers be warned in order to start the quest chain And I’m willing to bet most of you have this already you need to get an item from a random cabal Enemy which will start the on the comms quest chain in your power weapons slot The first part will require you to kill cabal on Nessus and you will get the drops Randomly over time you need five of these drops the easiest way to find cabal is to do the cabal Nessus Public Events there’s a couple of them and Nessus typically has high Public Event Activity when you complete this step the next thing you need to do is go do the Leviathan raid Feel free to check out the guides that I have done on all of the raid encounters to figure out how to do the raid After the raid step you’ll meet with the Emperor’s representative in the Tower who will send you on the next part of the quest which is to complete a special version of the Arms Dealer strike the modifiers here are prism where these strongest elements rotates every so often and other elements are much weaker and time warp But where you need to kill floating cubes in the play area To you destiny 1 players these cubes look exactly like the Oracles from the Vault of Glass However these Oracles tend to be a little bit hidden They aren’t just out in plain sight so you do need to look around a little bit Your character will be buffed while there is still one in the area So when none are left the buff will be removed killing one of these will get you 30 seconds back on your timer This is a 300 level strike so bring your best stuff After completing the arms dealer you will be granted the Legend of a Acrius shotgun, but we now know that this is the un-upgraded version this thing gets better at least one upgrade better in its unupgraded form it has one shot in the magazine which hits insanely hard and over penetrates targets.

The gun handles really slowly though. After completing this part, you just need to go kill things with the shotgun itself after speaking with the Emperor’s representative But the most difficult thing is probably going to be the multi kills on cabal with one shot I believe this step can be completed in the raid itself And if it can, the best place to do it is in the raid during the door opening Encounters there are tons and tons of cabal spawning during this time Which makes it really easy and You can do this part by yourself as well If you don’t feel like hitting up the raid though the EDZ in Trostland is where I farmed my kills there is occasionally an enemies move against each other event where the Cabal and fallen are fighting each other and cabal usually stack up pretty easily here the next step is where I imagine most people are when this video was made get 100 Emperor seals in the raid as of this video.

This part is bugged. Normally, you are supposed to get 5 seals for opening a door 13 seals for completing an encounter and 15 seals for killing the Final boss which means you only need to do two runs of the raid to get this part of the quest done not even two full runs However the bug with the quest right now And this won’t be relevant when it’s fixed is that you only get one token per encounter Only one it’ll say you got 5 or 13 or 15 But in reality you get 1 this means you need to do 13 and a half raid runs in order to get this next part completed while it is bugged if it is not bugged then you Should only need 2 So as any insane person might do myself and my clan did 13 and a half runs of Leviathan and got what we believe to be the world first upgraded Legend of Acrius and What do we get from upgrading it? well You do get a second shot in the magazine which I think is a pretty big deal, and you get wider Radar detection which is also not too bad both of them being very nice PvP related upgrades.

The extra shot and the magazine is also very nice for PvE as You might have guessed. The next step is to complete the prestige mode of the raid. The fun factor of this gun is really high, it is just a super heavy shotgun really high burst damage on to a target. In terms of practicality, I’m not sure just yet How good it is in the raid? It wasn’t really one shotting majors And I was hoping it would bring them really low maybe low enough to finish off with a melee attack But that wasn’t the case most of the time it was a 2-shot Not only that but its maximum capacity is still only seven shots after the first upgrade Assuming that there are more upgrades kind of hoping that increases up to maybe ten If there’s another upgrade step, and if there’s not I hope there’s a buff to it because only having seven shots is Not very much when you can hold two in the chamber and because you only get one shotgun Shot per power ammo brick you can kill a lot of normal enemies with it in one shot But that requires some patience with lining up shots for maybe not the biggest reward Will do some damage tests with the weapon eventually to see where it places but for now This is more of a fun factor gun although.

I really can’t wait to see this thing Fully upgraded with a full nightfall team on an arc burn nightfall strike because I assume a boss will just instantly evaporate. For PvP it functions like any other shotgun But it has a couple of extra benefits one of them. Is that sometimes it didn’t feel like I needed to be 100% accurate with the weapon to kill someone Sometimes it felt like I only hit their arm or their leg or I sort of missed and they would still get vaporized anyway. Next, the over penetration on the weapon is a very compelling thing on certain maps like Vostok and Endless Vale where there are a lot of close quarters situations and shotguns are very good when people stack up They will get annihilated by one shot finally due to its insanely high damage fighting off supers is really easy It’s still possible to kill people and supers with other shotguns, but with the Legend of Acrius it makes it almost too easy provided they’re within your shot range Anyway, that’s what I have you guys on Legend of Acrius for now.

I’ll probably end up doing something more extensive when we get the fully upgraded version available Assuming that there is a more upgraded version than this one, but until then have fun with the raid. Thank you all very much for watching. I’ll see you next time..

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