Destiny 2: How to Get Whisper of the Worm – Exotic Sniper Rifle Guide


The rumors are true, Black Spindle is indeed back in Destiny 2, now called Whisper of The Worm. It’s not terribly complicated to get, but it takes the Black Spindle mission from Destiny 1 and ramps it up 10 fold. To start the mission, you need to go to IO and wait for a Taken Blight public event in Lost Oasis, it needs to be that.

If you get one to spawn, Urzok, a Taken Knight should spawn on a high up ledge next to the lost sector in that area. If he doesn’t, try reloading the zone and hope that he spawns in. When you kill Urzok, a portal will spawn on a rock formation next to the lost sector. Your fireteam leader, yes, you will absolutely want a fireteam of 3 to do this, should go to the portal and send in your team. From there, you’ll have 20 minutes to complete the challenge or be spent packing. For the first half of the experience, you’ll be participating in a massive platforming section. Seriously, this part takes at least 5-8 minutes to do, it is very lengthy and not the most forgiving. Follow the video to learn the path because you need to minimize the time you’re in this area.

From there, you’ll enter the combat section, where you just need to get to the next room and the next room after that. There are taken blights spawned throughout the room and while you don’t NEED to kill them to move on, they tend to be massive annoyances because they block sightlines. You need to kill every enemy in the room and then shoot at the blight blocking the doorway to move to the next room. The first room is mainly solar shields, the next BIG room being a mix of solar and void and the final boss room has a mix of all three. Match game might feel like it’s on, it’s not, you’re just fighting high level enemies. As for how to actually deal with combat, you’ll frequently be pushed around by taken blasts like from a phalanx shield if you try to sit in the beginning area of the map.

Space is a very limit luxury and you should be moving frequently to avoid damage. Focus on Taken Knights, Captains and any sort of snipers first so that you can create space for yourself. Once you have the space, clear the blights and move up. Abuse matching elements for shield explosions, especially on weaker enemies to get rid of them quickly. You NEED to focus fire.

The final boss room requires you to kill 3 familiar faces in their Taken form. You’ll want to clear the first 2 blights in the front of the room, but try to avoid killing more of them as I believe killing the blights is potentially a trigger for spawning more bosses and trust me, trying to fight all 3 bosses you need to kill at the same time is not recommended. There is a “safe” room off to the right side that you can use to regen, but you’re going to want to be slaying as much as possible. Adds will continue to spawn throughout the encounter, Captains, Minotaurs and Centurions will be a huge burden and need to be taken down quickly, especially Centurions with their darts. There aren’t any mechanics otherwise, it is just good old fashioned combat execution that is required here. Loadout wise, a Riskrunner for the final room is going to be incredibly helpful since there is so much arc damage.

You can probably use it the entire time as well, but it’s the MOST useful in the final room due to the arc shields. An Ikelos shotgun is INCREDIBLY powerful against the bosses, shredding tons of health away and you’re going to need that burst damage at some point or another. For the rooms leading up to the boss room, scout rifles and any other long distance weaponry is encouraged to get rid of snipers.

Taken Captains get melted by Sleeper, Taken Knights take 2 shots with sleeper to kill, but sniper rifles in general are also very potent, DARCI and Ikelos come to mind. I used a combination of Riskrunner, Sleeper, Ikelos shotgun, Midnight Coup and 2 elemental scout rifles during the entire run. As for armor, Titans, Synthoceps will work some wonders here, enabling you to one shot melee a lot of adds assuming you have the perk, Hunters, Arcstrider or Nightstalker is going to work very well, I think Arcstrider is a little more reliable for add clear since Nightstalker relies so heavily on Orpheus Rig, and Warlocks, Dawnblade or Crown of Tempest Stormcaller is also going to work nicely for add clear.

Dare I say Stormcaller MAY be potentially a bit stronger because of all of the Taken Blights that are in the way. You should be as high light as possible for this challenge, I imagine it’s a 380+ level difficulty activity. When you beat it, you’ll be given Whisper of the Worm, which is essentially a pre-nerf Black Spindle, otherwise known as Black Hammer from Crota, where hitting 3 crits in a row will instantly refill your magazine and it does NOT pull them from your reserves. Also when you beat it, the heroic version of this challenge will appear on your map and if you beat it, you’ll get the catalyst for the weapon, which gives it Box Breathing, which is the perk on the Ikelos sniper that boosts your damage if you aim for a short time before shooting.

To upgrade it, you need to obtain blighted essence from the heroic version of the mission, but apparently you’re only able to do this once a week. As soon as I get the Sleeper Catalyst, we’ll do a damage comparison, but I feel like it’s not gonna be too long of a video. Well done Bungie. This zone is tough, the platform section gives me Vault of Glass vibes, it is very well put together and a very exciting event.

Thank you to Farrmark on Twitter for being the first post that I saw spotlighting this event as well, I definitely was not the first to find this at all. If you want a more in depth guide on how to tackle this challenge, I can definitely make one, but I think this video should suffice. Thanks everyone and good luck..

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