Destiny 2: How to Get Wish-Ender, Exotic Bow


With today’s reset, Wish-Ender, the wall hack bow, has become available to get. How do you get it? Well, this is an exotic guide that I don’t actually feel dumb making, so you know it’ll be a little tough. Wish-Ender is a part of the Shattered Throne dungeon that was also released with the 3rd iteration of the Dreaming City curse. In order to get to the Shattered Throne, you need to go to the Confluence, which is a portal located in 3 zones in the Dreaming City. The easiest one to get to is in the Spine of Keres, shown on screen. Once you get to the Confluence, head to the middle and enter the main gateway, you’ll see what I mean when you’re there.

You need to complete this dungeon in order to start the questline to Wish-Ender. I will have a full guide up on the Shattered Throne very soon, I wanted to cover Wish-Ender first. The Shattered Throne is a 570-590 power level activity, it goes higher than the raid. While it’s not harder than the raid, enemies hurt and hurt badly, so be ready. 550 is the lowest I would recommend for this place. After you have completed a run of Shattered Throne, you’re going to go to Four-Horn Gulch in the Tangled Shore to look for a Toland ball, it’s next to a building on the right when you enter the zone, at least it was for me.

When you walk up to it, you’ll be able to start a mission that is 580 power. The mission is basically story mission-esque, go in, kill things, kill bosses, I won’t spoil the mission itself, but when you complete it, you’ll get 3 different Tokens, one each with a name. You need to charge these tokens up in the Shattered Throne by summoning 3 secret bosses, each named after a token. So, head back into the Shattered Throne and follow these directions to summon the bosses. For the first boss and, well, all of them really, you need to drop an arc charge into a statue that does not have a ball in its hands. The first area will have the first boss. The location of the arc charge is above the Dragon breathing fire temple, which is on the left side when you walk into the main area. There are 2 ways of getting up there, but you can scale the rocks before the bridge to the infinity temple or scale the rocks on the left side cliff when you are facing the infinity temple, see video for exact location.

Once you get up there, you’ll see an arc charge and a Siren will speak to you. You need to get this ball to the roof of the main building, the first building in this place. Fortunately, you can just jump your way up there easily as a Warlock or Titan, Hunter probably can make it. You’ll “dunk” the ball into the statue that has nothing in its arms and it will summon 2 giant minotaurs, 1 after the other. When you kill the minotaurs, they don’t do anything special, you first token will charge and you can move to Ando Lond- I mean the next part. The second arc charge is in the ceiling platforming section where you need to walk across the high beams. I highly recommend clearing out all of the Ogres in this section first before doing anything.

The arc charge spawns behind a pillar on the right side when you first enter the room and the statue missing the ball is on the right side of the room when you’re facing the exit. This ball will not spawn a boss, but I’m pretty sure is important to do anyway for later. The final ball is in the thrall gauntlet. When you first walk in, go to your right into the alcove. The arc charge is here. Escort your arc charge to the end of the gauntlet and drop down. The statue is on the right side of this drop down room. Dunk it and keep going to the next platforming section. A giant door will be open in front of you. Walk in here and go to the middle section to start the fight. A lot of psions will start spawning, then eventually some phalanx and a Taken Captain boss. Kill this guy, again, nothing special, to get the second token charged. The final token charge takes place during the ogre boss encounter.

I’ll cover the mechanics here quickly to explain how to get to the ball part. If you don’t want spoilers for the boss fight, skip ahead to the time on screen. For this fight, you need to kill Wizards to collect the buff that they drop in orb form. You need 4 of these buffs in order to get the new form of said buff and then dunk it into 1 of the 4 wells. After you dunk the first well, look out for a Taken Minotaur who will be invisible. The two times I’ve done this, they spawned near the front of the room where the inevitable exit is. Kill the minotaur and then look towards the doorway of the exit, an arc charge should hopefully spawn here, it may spawn in multiple locations. The statue that you need to dunk this charge into is on the left side of the room when facing it when you first walk up to it.

Dunk it and you’ll summon ANOTHER Ogre, a much less lethal one. Kill this guy to charge your final token. Defeat the boss and then walk up to the statue that will be waiting for you in the next room, collect loot and collect Wish Ender, the exotic bow. If you’ve been wondering how to kill those Taken Egg looking things that are scattered everywhere, shoot them with Wish Ender. I’ll have a guide on the Shattered Throne as soon as I possibly can. Thanks and good luck..

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