Destiny 2: How to Level & Gear Up to 500+ Power in Forsaken


Leveling in Forsaken is not as daunting of an experience as it has been in previous expansions. There don’t really seem to be too many tricks to finagle your way up in power levels quickly. So, fortunately, this video is going to be easy to understand and therefore, brief. The soft cap in Forsaken is 500, which means up until power level 500, you can do anything to level up, provided that you’re playing Forsaken content. The first thing you’re going to want to do is complete the story. There is no need to grind up to level 50 first and then do the story to optimize or anything like that, just play the campaign. However, if you want your MAIN character to be your highest level character, you should grind them last so that when you hit the 500 cap, you can transfer weapons that you’ve leveled on other characters to give your main a boost. This is only really important if you’re planning on doing the raid on the first day, if you’re a casual player, then it doesn’t really matter too much.

As for infusion, do not bother infusing anything for the time being. Infusion is much more expensive now and since you’re going to be getting a LOT of drops very quickly, it is not worth it. Once you get to 500, then you can maybe bring up some year 1 items if you so choose or if you have a lot of materials, but if you don’t have a lot, then it is not necessary. If you were playing in Warmind and got a Solstice set of armor, then leveling is not going to be difficult. I think I ended the campaign around 460 and it did NOT take very long to reach 500 at all. The game basically throws power levels in big chunks at you until you reach that 500 mark. You can do public events, lost sectors, almost anything, just DO NOT do activities that reward powerful rewards until you are at least 500 so that you don’t waste them. Note that some daily and weekly challenges on the director say legendary items, these will give powerful rewards.

The next thing you’re going to want to do is get your key to the Dreaming City. Now, this does end up giving you a powerful reward upon completion, so if you want to do other powerful reward stuff first, you can, but I think getting access to the area is important in general. The quest chain to get your key to the Dreaming City is very self explanatory, I’m not going to cover it here. If people really want a video on that, I can make one, but in short: when you finish the campaign, you’ll unlock the quest and it’ll give you quest steps that are very clear as to what to do.

After you get your key to the Dreaming City, you pretty much have to do powerful engram reward activities to level up, that’s it. Fortunately there is a ton of them to do, so just look for anything and everything that rewards a powerful drop and go do it. Much like Warmind, the soft cap will start to increase as you increase your power level, but unlike Warmind, the gap appears to be a bit more than 5 power, so grinding blues in between powerful rewards is not really that important. The Prime Engram is probably the first powerful reward that you should grab. Keep full armor sets for Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit, as these have bounties with powerful rewards attached. Note that currently, the Crucible class item is bugged and you can’t get it through packages as of this video.

As for when to turn in old tokens, for players who played in year 1, token turn ins are going to reward soft cap level items, they will not give you powerful rewards. They basically are the equivalent of blue items in terms of getting you power and considering how the soft cap appears to work, token turn ins are not that vital to leveling. The raid will again likely be the best way to get the most amount of levels for your gear, but seeing as it’s not out yet, it’s tough to comment.

BUT, the raid has always been one of the best ways to level up, so if you want to keep leveling, do the raid. As for follow up characters, you’re going to transfer your highest level weapons to the next character you decide to level so that they get a little power boost when you start to grind powerful rewards, then pass them again to your 3rd character when you start that one. In short, do the campaign, get to 500 power, get your Dreaming City key, do your powerful reward activities, then repeat the process on your next characters.

Very simple leveling, no you are not missing anything, there are no tricks, it is very straight-forward. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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