Destiny 2 How to Raid on PS4 in 2020: A Comprehensive Guide By: garettedaydreams96


So raiding and other non-matchmade content on PS4 has become quite the adventure since Tuesday as I’m sure we all know. However there are still methods to raid if you’re willing to jump through a thousand hoops. Listed are all the ways that I’m currently aware of to matchmake and lfg for the raid.

1) Have an active clan or join a new one

With the party system changes on PS4 and the in game friends list being MIA since Tuesday the only people you can see in game and join on are the people in your clan. Hopefully you have 5 friends or an active clan, or are willing to jump ship and join a new clan with people from LFG.

2) Get lucky

Some PS4 players have been chosen and are lucky enough to still be able to join on friends through a player’s profile. These players would have to befriend everyone in the party and then join on each person 1 by 1 bringing the previous people with them each time

3) Have a PS5

Similar to the previous method but the chosen person that has to drag everyone together is the person with the PS5

4) Guided Games

Guided games has been essentially useless the last 4 years. Maybe this is Bungie’s backhanded way of getting players to engage with the system. The trick here though is that you have to play the raid twice for DSC. The first time you go through DSC is just to get your fireteam together because none of the DSC guided game encounters give loot. No loot for the whole raid. After you clear the raid though all 6 people will be sent to orbit as a single fireteam and free to go back in to do the raid proper and receive actual loot.

But sure give us more info on another unrewarding Dawning and all of the loot that you’re placing into Eververse instead of the actual game. It’s not like millions of players are locked out of endgame content and 6 pinnacle drops for a week or anything Bungie

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