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Destiny 2: How to Unlock MORE NEW SUPERS! – Seed Of Light Guide! | Forsaken


What is up guys, Rick, cactus here and today we have something very interesting and very useful to talk about. So what you’re, seeing in the background is my Titan and, as you can see, I’ve unlocked a brand new sunbreaker subclass. The burning maul had a lot of fun with it, but I’ve also unlocked the brand new Sentinel subclass with banner shield. How have I done this because I have two different new supers within the first couple of days of forsaken coming out. I’M sure a lot of you guys have your first one and are wondering how to get the second one. Well, that’s we’re gon na talk about in today’s video. So let’s get started so you’re initially going to have to unlock your first super via the visions of light quest that you’ve just get for doing the first campaign mission after that is pretty easy to follow the steps and get that, but for your second and presumably Third subclasses you’re going to have to get more of the exotic item that you get at the very end of that visions of light quest, which is the seed of light. Once you get this seed of light, you can utilize it on any subclass.

It doesn’t automatically apply, you go and apply it, so you can be playing as a striker Titan and then unlock the new super for the Sentinel Titan, for example. But again, how do you get this second seed of light? Well, what you’re going to need to do is play the blind. Well now this is a special activity. It’S kind of like this DLC is a version of escalation protocol and it’s located within the Dreaming city. So you will need to have unlocked the Dreaming city in order to be able to do the rest of what we talked about in this video. In addition to that, the light level of the enemies you’re going to be facing are 540, so we did it with a bunch of five tens and a few 500s, but we had eight people to spare. That’S right. The blind, well is another activity, just like escalation that you can get up to nine people together. So that means in order to overcome this challenge, you will need enough people with a sufficient light level.

Again, I would recommend above five ten at least or a lot of people, like all nine of you in case you’re, wondering very quickly how to get nine people within the same area is just go into the blind, well area, keep loading in and out until you Find other blue named players, other random players go ahead and invite them to your party or whatever you need to do to get their attention, and once you do you can have you know your friends join off your fireteam and in their fireteam, and you guys can All be together in the same instance, it’s annoying to do, but it’s the only way we have alright, so you’ve put together your team of, hopefully, eight or nine people with relatively high light. What do you do next? Well, you have to complete a blind, well Tier, two activation. So how do you get the tier two to happen in the blind? Well, well, it’s going to be a random drop. You can get offerings from you, know, public event, chests and so on, and not only is getting an offering random, but the teardrops is also random, you’re, mostly gon na find tier ones and tier twos.

Now you can also directly buy offerings from petra, so you have the resources going, get a tier two offering from her. Then you can guarantee that you do do it now quickly, while we’re on the subject of petra, you definitely want to grab her weekly bounties. There’S one that costs a lot of dusk shards, but it’s worth it to get blind well, completions up to a hundred percent with the higher tiers granting more percentage, and it’s actually going to reward an oracle offering as a special item and then there’s another weekly bounty For presenting an oracle offering that rewards powerful gear and it’s two drops of powerful gear, you’re gon na get two items that are very high light, so just warning before you guys continue definitely grab those bounties because you can do those at the same time. You’Re farming for your seeds of light alright, so the next part is just to beat blind well Tier two: once you do, you have a chance of getting a seed of light. You get the seed of light, you equip it to whatever subclass or whatever super. I should say you want to unlock and there you have it.

So if you know how to do blind well by all means, stop watching the video, but if you don’t here’s, what you do blind well is located in the very center of the map. You’Ll actually see it on the overall destination map again head there and try to get your team together on all of that stuff. Once you activate tier 2 or tier 1 or tier 3, even though tier 3 is gon na, be five six, you like you, don’t need to do that, but you have much better chances of getting these seed of light. If you do tier 3, but again, you have to be really high light to do that once you activate it you’re going to see that a shield appears over the very center of the blind well in which you’ve just put in your offering this shield is the Area you want to remain in because when you go outside of this area, you will take damage, so you have to kind of hold out right around this shield. Now I say shield, but that’s not quite the right word for it, because you can shoot through it and enemies can shoot you in it. It’S just an area where you’re safe from taking that continuous damage.

All you need to do at this point is to slay out on enemies. Once you kill enough enemies, you’re going to get 100 % completion in the light absorbed, and that’s it. You then move to another area of the blind. Well, like you’ll, see an objective marker somewhere, you go to that area. There’S going to be a new protection shield around that area and you simply hold out there kill enemies until you reach a hundred percent and move to the next area and the next area. That’S really all there is to it at a very base. Level is just slaying out ads in these bubbles.

With that being said, there is a little bit more going on. The main thing: you’re going to encounter is glowing enemies that are either immune or not. If they’re immune, obviously invincible enemies can definitely cause a problem, so how you deal with them is by killing the other glowing enemies that are not immune. If you see a glowing enemy and you shoot them and you deal damage, you actually want to go and kill that enemy, and once you do, they are going to drop a special kind of orb on the ground. This orb looks different than your average orb of light. Now, whoever picks up that orb and it doesn’t have to be the person who killed that enemy gets the bonus. Harmony harmony is going to come into play and this whole orb thing is going to come to play several times within the blind. Well, but if you have harmony, you’re able to deal damage to the otherwise immune enemy and take down his shield now, once you do take down the immune enemies, shield or immune to everyone else, except for you, because you have harmony, anyone can damage him once the Shield is gone, he’s fair game.

It should also be noted that harmony isn’t just for taking down these shields. When you have the Harmony buff, your super will fully recharge pretty fast. It isn’t instantaneous, but once you pick up that harmonized buff you’ll see your super bar fill and fill and get full pretty darn quickly. So that means you really want to be going off to these glowing enemies, firstly to deal with the otherwise invincible enemies that are going to come at you, but secondly, because you’re gon na be chained together, so much more supers. If everyone is grabbing the Harmonized buffs. Alright, so, like I said, all of the different rounds are simply going to different locations holding out and killing enemies. However, the final boss wave is a little bit different. Here’S how to do it now, the only difference between the Tier one and the Tier two boss waves is that tier two has literally two bosses and tier one: just has one.

So what you’re going to want to do is pick a boss. You want to melt with your group, go and kill the glowing ads that are gon na, be somewhat near. This boss pick up the Harmony buff that those ads drop and do as much damage to the bosses shields. As you can again, only the people with harmony can damage those shields, so they really need to be on it utilizing you know shotguns and rockets and supers whatever you have to take down that shield once that shield is down just like the other guys, anyone can Now damage that boss, I would highly recommend killing one boss and then killing the other boss, because once you do kill a single boss, you’re going to extend your time in which you’re able to complete the round by the way.

If time runs out in any of the rounds, you’ll lose the blind well encounter so again, tank one boss, absolutely DPS the crap out of em from the people with the harmony buff, the rest of the team is just killing ads and making sure the people with Harmony are doing all right now, once those shields go down everyone pile on that boss to kill him, you may want to have two people veer off actually and just start killing the other bosses shields just start to lower it, so that once the rest of your Team all like six or seven people DPS the crap out of that boss once they kill him and extend the time they can move over to another boss that has an already weak or hopefully completely gone shield as soon as you’ve killed that second boss.

Well, that’s all you’re going to need to do. You have completed tier two of the blind. Well now, once you’re done completing the blind well several times it will take many completions in order to get that bounty up to a hundred percent. You’Re then, going to turn it in get the Oracle offering and head to the area of the map. You see me head right here. It’S that Oracle that you encountered in the very first mission, where you unlocked the Dreaming city, so you’re going to go to the same place. You put that initial, offering put another one she’s gon na spin around actually not really say anything. A chest will spawn and then you can get some loot now.

The loot from this chest actually isn’t very good. It’S not even powerful gear, remember to go back in your inventory and turn in that other secondary bounty for turning in an Oracle offering to get the powerful gear, in fact, do not turn in your Oracle, offering unless you have this secondary, weekly bounty or else you’re Kind of wasting your offering and so guys that is it for the video hope you enjoyed and found this informative. If you did, please remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video, if you guys want to see more destiny, 2 content similar to this, don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button. And if you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity, the best way is to follow me on twitter at rick. Cactus, that’s linked to the description down below, as is my twitch channel, which you can also follow. I can hope you enjoyed the video and, as always, have a good day.

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