Destiny 2 |Hunter| “Solo Flawless Master Presage 1314 Power” No Anarchy-No-Warmind Cells-No cheese- Underleveled Guide +10 minutes for bossfight By: Master-Tsuri


Hey, not long ago I did solo Master presage quest and a lot of people thanked me because of not using warmind cells or anarchy like things and use “common” mods/weapons, I decided this time to explain my build and demonstrate how even you, guardian, can do this amazing quest even alone without dying, and having +10 minutes when you get to the boss! Get ready for a lot of info!

I think I’m the first on making a guide without the OP-Meta weapons/mods or any guide in general without cheese etc… I tried looking but found none, so if this has been made before, I’m sorry mods!

Also, sorry for my english. I’m a bit rusty 😛

I’m preparing an even more fleshed out video guide with all encounters butchered but I still need time, so in advance I’ve got you this.

HUNTER Solo flawless “Master Presage”

I still gonna write the most important things you gotta take care of.


Precision shotgun(Blasphemer in my case), void primary (Palindrome) and Lament.

They aren’t too difficult to get (The day I upload this you have blasphemer on rotation on the altars of sorrow)


I use a Lament build because the “Passive Guard” mod is damn OP. You leech life and take less damage. With this and “Protective Light” mod (Using all four seasonal mod slots for making you have “charged with light” buff mods) You’ll be nearly unkillable. Nearly doesn’t mean 100% so be careful, you’ll have to play well.

Tip: Try to avoid all explosive scorn by jumping above them while running to make them explode, if it’s possible do not waste time shooting them.

In the trash encounter equip a sword! You’ll have more control over the scorn and you’ll see better all the fuses.

Encounter 1 “07:20“-“08:40” of the video:

The boss will spawn at the door for a few seconds and after that two snipers will spawn besides him. First take out both of them (careful with the boss, it can stomp you and kill you instantly making you hit a wall). Once you kill both of them try to run to the platform on the left who has a void shielded enemy. Try getting his shield out and if you can kill it with shotgun, perfect. You can now go to the back of the room, where the pillar is and kill all the torch enemies (when you kill nearly all of them the first time another wave of torch enemies spawn so be careful). If you kill them just be careful and end both shielded enemies one by one. Remember that on the right side of the room there is a platform which has a barrier above and below it that you can use for cover. (I first kill all three shielded enemies and then all the torch guys).

If you cant kill all the enemies fast try killing first the shielded one on the platform. If you stay near the left wall the other two will have it pretty difficult to hit you. If you don’t succed and gotta run, make circles, get the wall on you right and run behind the pillar, above the bridge (where you start the encounter) and keep having the wall on your right while making circles. Just be careful when you drop from the door platform to the platform next to the pillar, there is not much cover and all three shielded enemies can shoot you (Make yourself invisible, its a pretty good option)

Try to save sword ammo, but if you are in a pinch you can absolutely obliterate everyone on that room with it. (Useful if they drop sum heavy ammo)

Once done Congrats! First encounter is done. Using the sword makes this encounter practicaly a joke, but you’ll need it for the second encounter.

Encounter 2 “09:00“-“11:30” of the video: (Remember that lament heals you when you hit things)

IF YOU REALLY ARE ON A PINCH (I’ve still haven’t’ tried this but it worked on the “Heritage” quest so i guess it works here too) You can go to the tunnel that’s ON the bridge, where there is a big pillar on the center and go to the side of the room that has a thing like machinery (The only side without doors) and get in the space between the doors and that machine thingie, if you look in the video it says “joining allies” but in spanish so I think that it just teleports you to the beggining of the room. Maybe you can use it to escape! Careful tho bc the snipers can still shoot you if I recall correctly.

First of all you wanna take care of both snipers that appear on the bridge that’s on the center of the room. There is a little cover you can place yourself right in the middle, and it lets you shoot both snipers pretty easily, making this whole encounter A LOT easier. Be careful tho because there is a void shielded enemy with them, that can make all of’em invulnerable with the scorn metally thingie, so try to kill both snipers as fast as you can and then take care of the shielded enemy. More enemies will spawn below you but as long as you don’t go down they won’t shoot you.

(There is a possibility that the shielded enemy or snipers jump down. Do NOT follow them, instead get ready for them to come back from the right side, there is a tunner that they will cross because their IA makes them return to their positions)

Once you kill them, you’ll have to drop down and kill a solar shield guy and an arc shield guy each one with three normal scorn (the ones with the little shields |not elemental shields|). The one next to the big open gates that go to space is solar, the other one is Arc. I reccomend killing first the arc one, because if you get surrounded while fighting the solar one, Lament being solar will make him explode and help you clear out sum enemies. Try using charged attacks (the normal ones while blocking) on the three normal shield scorn (don’t worry, they cant block a 1.5 meter/5 feet chainsaw sword) and sync your heavy charged attack to hit the elemental shielded ones.

Once you kill ONE of them (elemental shield guys), a lot… a LOT of torch guys (idk maybe 15), I think 4 (not sure) creepy four legged C4s (just in case: Explosive scorn), and two biggass storm gorillas (bosses) will piss that you killed their child, so now they want to kill you. (If you go fast you can kill both of the elemental shield scorn).

I usually use the super against one of the stormy gorillas because of the damage increase and that all the torch guys will act as the spanish inquisition, cuz nobody expects the spanish inquisition, and try to beat the s**t out of you, luckily we got the Lament, and you will become their biggest fear. Just spam attack to one of the big bosses while trying to kill the torch guys (if you get really beaten just dodge make yourself invis and get to the bridge. Careful cuz torch guys are reckless and they’ll follow you to the end of the world. And be careful with the storm gorillas, they can throw lightning above the bridge, rarely but sometimes they do) also, be careful with the explosive ones, if you dont stop hitting enemies and you’re already charged with light (protective light) they ain’t a problem but still, keep an eye on those.

Once you kill ONE of the gorillas, the guys you had beaten before will come back for more(The two guys with arc and solar shields, each one with their three normal shielded guys and the two snipers with the void shielded enemy above, on the bridge). So be careful and try to take them out. (The snipers shouldn’t be a problem if you fight UNDER the bridge but still try to take them out as fast as possible. Careful because sometimes the snipers + void shield guy can go down and start hitting you while you’re damaging the boss.

Once done, ¡congrats! This is on my experience the hardest encounter of this mission. On my +50 attempts I’ve died here like %50 of times.

You’ve got this!

After this encounter you can start using the shotgun to pop the plants, its faster than anything else (from what i could see) and you will only need a couple of shells to kill three enemies.

Platforming and puzzles “11:30“-“13:13“:

You can see all the puzzles and platforming on the video.

Little encounter 1 “13:13“:

Just try to not die, above the ramp on your right two explosive guys will spawn, they aint much of a problem if you run and jump above them, just try to make them explode. After that, you gotta go to press a lever on the wall oposite of the one you entered (go invis just as you get in melee with the first enemy, all enemies here hit real hard and they got you on their sight for a long time). Run and jump down, precision hit the turret (it should die on one hit) and hit the fuse. If you didn’t make the two explosives explode, they will be roaming nearby and if you go inside the room with the turret I’ll be difficult to dodge the explosion (if you have the charged with light mod which gives you charged with light when destroying enemy shields with corresponding damage you can shoot the void shielded ones above to try and have more survivavility but be careful with the timer) but it can be tanked with the mods you should be wearing. Just try to go near the fuse and make them explode on the door. Also, when you press the lever two more explosive guys will spawn. If you do it fast (Kill turret destroy fuse) they should’t be a problem. But still be careful. Pop the plant, make urself invis and run as fast as you can.

Little encounter 2″14:25“-“14:40“:

Just jump above the explosive guys to make them explode, use super on one gorilla and start slashing and slicing, nothing too complicated but be careful, a bad jump/super/not hitting fast enough, can mean your end. All enemies are very cramped and they can obliterate you near instantly.

More jumpie jumpie puzzle solving “14:40“-“16:25“:

You only need to kill the first two snipers, the third one can only hit you once (twice if you’re REALLY slow or fail you jump… so ya’know… don’t miss it) and DONT PRESS THE LAST LEVER, well, if you’re brave enough you can. But you really shouldn’t.

Boss Boos Buss whatever you wanna call him, leader of the big scorn gang or I don’t really care.

Yes i do but i don’t wanna admit it

Locus pocus bossfight “16:25“-“25:40“:

It’ll spawn on the same place always so, make it regret the day on which bungie programmers put his sorry butt on that place. Granade it smoke it and put all your slugs on its head.

If you keep being near him while walking backwards while shooting the head, its only attack should be hitting the ground with its torch and nothing more. SOMETIMES he uses his spin attack (pretty deadly, if the hit doesn’t kill you, the wall you’ll be launched into probably will) so keep the dodge ready. Also one on ~3/4 precision shotgun headshots stuns him for about a second. Keep that in mind. Try using the sword ass little as possible.

He will now teleport down and the first phase will begin.

TIP: Try not using the sword unless its completely neccesary, in this encounter arc shielded enemies will appear and without lament you’re practically done. Try using the shotgun as much as you can vs the boss and if you see heavy ammo don’t pick it up until you have less than 50% of heavy ammo. If you can generate a lot of it then you can spam the sword, but as with all on this guide I’ll tell you to be careful.

TIP2: If you use The Lament against the boss, have your dodge ready, you should be regenerating a little bit less health than it’s damaging you. Running generally comes with a hit(and possibly your inevitable death), so have your dash ready to make yourself invis and heal a bit. If (because anything) you don’t have the dash, you can face your camera to give your back to the boss, jump and attack(with lament), making you move a lot faster (and not taking fire damage from the floor). It’s riskier than dashing but more safe than running.

TIP 3-4-5: There are four pillar on the arena below. The boss usually doesn’t make melee attacks through it so you can use them (go in circles around them) to make it harder for it to hit you. His range attack (the one that makes the fire line across all of the room) doesn’t pass through the pillar neither so you’re relatively safe behind one of those.

The last tip is positioning, you have to think fast, when the boss health goes down to one of the two thresholds (the black lines on his life bar) the room will start heating up giving you like ~5 seconds until it starts draining your health pretty fast, and you gotta go upstairs again. REMEMBER the boss will come to you, if it’s far away just shoot it and it’ll come to you. Always stay near enough a way to get in/out (if you’re having a bad time you can always go upstairs again, but take into account that on phases 2-3 there will be sum enemies up waiting for you on damaging phases. They do less damage than the boss but still, careful.)


Locus pocus first phase “16:40“-“19:00“:

Two solar shield captains will spawn each with three completely normal and boring scorn on both sides of the room and a lonely shield captain on the center, between the two pillars. Get to one side, lament a captain and shotgun his sorry face, it should be a fast kill, go behind the pillar that is next to the big door and kill the normal scorn from there. Then go to the other pillar that is in front of the one that you just hide and Lament shotgun the lonely captain too. Perhaps he just wanted sum friends too.

Then go and repeat the same on the third one.

If you dont feel safe because of the quantity of the enemies you can simply go behind the first pillar i told you an kill the normal scorn with your void weapon and then go to 1v1 the big scorn guy. You can offer him a duel. (I doubt he’d accept but nothings wrong with trying).

Once you kill all the enemies 5 more will spawn (normal red health enemies), two on each side and one inside the hot room. I like to think that all this “The room is too hot” is because this lonely guy, bc he’s too sexy.

Kill them normally while activating the computers and head down.

Once down the boss will be completely alone. Just like when it spawned you can easily shotgun his head for ~half its first phase health.

TIP: If you get some distance between the boss and yourself he may do an area attack hitting the ground and sending flames to your direction he’ll be stuck on that position for about 4 seconds. Use this gap to punish him.

Once you get its first phase health 60%-70% down. 3-5 torch enemies and 2 arc shield captains will spawn. I usually make myself invis to make all ads gather in proximity and ult them, but you can go kill the one by one. Just whenever they appear focus the two arc shielded captains. The other ones aren’t a problem if you use The Lament.

TAKE INTO ACCOUNT: If you let alive the enemies on the floor below (the boss damaging phase area) they will REMAIN there when you come back again. You can focus them before the boss spawns more, but I don’t reccomend it. Its better to take care of them when they spawn because arc shield captains can shoot you all the time while you’re down there.

Once you get it to its threshold RUN for your life, return to any hole, go up and get ready for another wave of enemies.

Locus pocus second phase “19:00“-“22:10“:

It’ll be nearly the same as the beggining of phase one, but this time two snipers and two/three (not remembering) normal scorn will spawn in the middle of the room with the ex-lonely captain.

Take care of the red health ones as fast as possible and then the snipers. If you kill the ones in the center then the two pillars are your best option, if you want to play safe go to the other pillars (the one besides the big room in the center). From there you can hit lots of red bar enemies.

Kill all of them and the same five as before will spawn protecting the computers. Kill them and get down again.

Repeat the same tactic as before. Hit the boss, wait till it spawns enemies lament the s**t out of them hit the boss more and when it gets hotter go out.

Locus pocus thid phase “22:10“-“25:40“:

SOMETIMES EXPLOSIVE SCORN CAN SPAWN. If anyone knows why sometimes they spawn and sometimes not tell in the comments please ^^.

It’ll be same as phase two but with some torch enemies, 5-10 not sure exactly how many. Take cover, kill them as they come, then kill one side, snipers, center, last side. Meet the strange five completely normal guys who spawn protecting the computers and repeat the same as phase one and two downstair.


(Not sure if the quest ends when the timer ends (pretty sure it DOESN’T) BUT I DO NOT RECCOMEND TRYING IT OUT)

And you’re DONE.

Congrats and THANKS for reading my guide, at the beggining of the video I show all my gear and mods (Its in spanish so I’m sorry, I tried translating the mods, hope you’ll understand it). And through all of it I show different ways to not waste ANY second, for you to have a +10 minute boss fight.

Any doubts PM me and I’ll try to solve them. Also, if anyone needs help I play on PC so don’t hesitate asking me for help. (Keep in mind I’m on university and pretty busy but i still got some time to play).

And… that would be all!

I believe in all of you guardians! I hope this guide serves you well and makes you victorious on this amazing mission!

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