Destiny 2 I soloed presage. Here are the best weapons for completing this torture they call a quest. (presage guide) By: midnight4456


So lets get this straight there are dozens of videos on starting the quest already. Its relatively simple just load into the arms dealer NF. Through this middle section to the right of the console you usually hack and kill the yellow bar there. Then grab the quest off of a small box and return to the tower.

entering the presage

When entering this quest it wont seem like there will be too many enemies or that It would be as difficult as it is. The hardest part of this quest for me was the mass amounts of screebs the mission throws at you. So watch out for them there pretty much everywhere on this mission and almost all of them are yellow bars aside from the ending ones.

After leaving the star-wars trash compactor your going to want your max amount of ad clear for the next sections. Keep in mind dying in the combat section right after the compactor will respawn you before the trash compactor, but you wont be able to respawn. Make sure you’ve memorized the arc circuit locations for that.

Primary (your going to use this ALOT throughout the next sections until the boss room)Shadow priceGnawing hunger

Trinity ghoul/ticcus divination

Riskrunner (MVP)

Fighting lion (if you truly hate yourself)

Special weapons (Your not trying to double primary this, right?)

Witherhoard (you want this)


Telesto (the besto)

4th horseman (if your not soloing this and you really just need an excuse to change the music on the discord bot)

Izanagis (Killing those overly tanky abominations)

This section was awful this is where the bulk of my deaths were. Again ad clear is going to be a majority of this encounter, as even when you think your done screebs and chieftains spawn to ruin you. Since you don’t have access to the radar PAY ATTENTION to the audio queues. When things spawn you will hear it so make sure you have a safety net in place (like a couple shots from telesto)

Behind the monitors is a return to battlefield mechanic. Use this as a limited piece of cover while you reload or let the screebs explode each other.

Now While I haven’t talked about the jumping puzzle bits of this I will now. The race against time is REALLY hard. Its doable but just be aware I was using cytoclasm titan, to get around the fact I have a solid 3 mobility. Just kill everything then pickup the buff.


This boss is awful. Took me six attempts solo before I got him dead.

This room combines everything horrible about the quest minus the plant walls. Expect a metric ton of ads on top of the boss. It takes about 2-3 shots of x4 izanagis to take 1/3 of the health bar down.


Any non exotic Auto-rifle/Submachine gun (save the exotic slot for boss damage, you’ll need it)

Boss damage



two tailed fox (its pretty good ngl)

Death bringer (though you’re definitely not going to get its maximum damage)


leviathans breath (I forgot you existed)


This is the only room that I’ll inform you as to how to kill the vent demon. After he teleports away kill the ads in the room and then a set of two scorn will spawn in front of two levers kill them pull the lever do it again for the other side. The last lever is in the room with a tint of red. There’s an ad in here kill it then run out and go back in to pull the lever. Now you will safely be able to drop into the “hot zone” under you through 1 of 3 ways. BE WARNED this boss can sometimes teleport in front of you when using the middle drop through. You want to hit it with your super/boss damage weapon and run out. Rinse and repeat until you chew through a 1/3 of his health and the “hot zone” goes hot again. Then do it all over again kill ads, pull lever, drop down do damage, pop up, etc.

DO NOT drop down without flushing all three coolant levers the “hot zone” gets its name for a reason.

Hope this helps anyone who like me can’t get their clan online for anything, or who just want to solo it because of bragging rights.

I’ll update this if anyone has better suggestions for weapons on certain sections, or if the post requires clarification in certain areas.

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