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Destiny 2 I wrote a Deep Stone Crypt raid guide for my clan, hope it helps other people By: Jackintosh117


General notes and recommendations:

  • The light level is from 1220-1250 from first to last encounter, respectively.

  • This raid is very mechanic heavy, with champions appearing in only a couple of encounters.

  • The main raid mechanic is Permissions; players must pick up and use buffs to allow them to do particular parts of the encounter. Operators are permitted to do something, Seekers are permitted to see something, and suppressors are permitted to stop something. These permissions can be stored in banks to give them to another player.

  • Communication is vital in this raid, so make sure you can hear everyone clearly over mic.


  • Kill enemies, then sparrow to the airlock


  • Ignore the vehicles in the next room, they serve no major purpose as sparrows are sufficient, easier to control, and faster.

  • The aim is to survive the freezing debuff by making it from each of the shields. This can be completed with trial and error.

  • Do not take the teleporters inside the shields, they just teleport you to the previous shield.

  • A hidden chest can be found in the crevasse before the final shield (denoted by the Brigs guarding it).

Encounter 1:

  • Recommended weapons; Anything for add clear. Overload champions are present, but swords can still get them easily.

  • Arena is split into 3 areas; Light, Dark and Under. If a player starts Under, they are killed immediately. It is recommended that any player designated Operator, or one of the two Seekers, will go Under before the encounter starts to find all panels (this will help with explaining callouts later). I have some recommended callouts below, but it is sufficient to say “below me” if you struggle with callouts. https://imgur.com/a/bWzptVf

  • The aim of the encounter is to destroy the central power cores to lower security. To do this, Operators must shoot the correct 4 panels in Under, swap to Seeker buff by using the bank, and then tell the team what order to shoot the power cores.

  • Operators (Red buff, picked up from bank) can open up the airlock that leads to Under. Operators can shoot any door panel with a shield over it – if no shield is present, they cannot damage it. Note that the operator must be alone in the airlock to go Under. The Operator should know the callouts that the predetermined seekers will use, and must also make note of the 6 fuses above the central pillar (this is important for damage phase)

  • Seekers (Yellow buff, always starts on Dark) can look through glass in the floor to find up to 10 hidden panels in Lower. The aim of the Seeker is to give callouts to the operator that ends up downstairs so they know which panels to shoot. Callouts will be further down.

  • Important bits to note:

    • Overload champions spawn periodically, but can be beaten easily by enough swords

    • Sentinels (servitors) will spawn, which disables the bank. These are a priority target.


To start, one member (ideally one of the stronger team, as this team will be down 1 member for the entire encounter) will take the red Operator buff from the bank, and immediately head downstairs. A Vandal will spawn with the Yellow buff on Dark, which a predetermined player should pick up. This player will use the glass floor in certain areas to see which panels are glowing, and telling the Operator which two to shoot (it’s always 2 per side). As soon as this information is known by the Seeker, immediately transfer the Seeker buff to the other side by banking it, and the other predetermined player of Light will repeat this on the Light side.

Once all 4 panels downstairs are hit, the shield should lower on the central power cells – DO NOT SHOOT THEM. The Operator should bank their buff downstairs, and ANY player upstairs (without Seeker) needs to pick this buff up so that the Seeker can bank their buff to give it to the player in Lower. The player in lower will now see that one of the 6 Fuses is yellow, and must call this out. When that is destroyed, call out the next one, and repeat until all are destroyed or time runs out.

Note: The area underneath is wiped by a firewall (literally, funny joke Bungo). I am unaware if this is time-related. When we completed this encounter, we either just allowed that player to die, or just sent a 2nd Operator down to let them into the airlock, and wait out the timer (what is odd is that the firewall didn’t happen that time so…. Yeah no idea, but be aware that the operator in Lower may be killed for whatever reason even though you succeeded. Will update if I know otherwise.

Encounter 2:

  • This is the hardest encounter, have fun.

  • Bring swords, ideally Lament.

  • The encounter is split into Lower and Upper. Lower takes place on Europa, and Upper is on the space station. Ground and Space also works as callouts – lower can be confusing as there is a lower section of the Space Station, for example.

  • The aim of the encounter is to defeat Atraks-1 by defeating his clones and sucking their essence out of airlocks.

  • Before the encounter starts;

    • Split into two teams of 3; a Ground team which will stay at the bottom, and a Space team which will go up the elevators (see first encounter explanation later).

    • The Space team should designate an Operator and Seeker. The Ground team can designate a seeker, though this may be easier to do as a team, rather than having a strict role (see later section)

  • Operators have the following jobs;

    • Managing Elevators (only needed twice if you do it in a particular order)

    • Opening Airlocks for teammates

    • Shooting floating Debuffs behind teammates so that they drop them, resetting the timer of that debuff, or leaving it in the airlock to be destroyed. Periodically shoot the orbs floating behind teammates if you think their time is running out, or if they ask – make sure to let them know you shot it off.

  • Seekers have 1 job; when Atraks-1 is wiping, the Seeker will see 1 of them glowing Yellow instead of White – group up and beat the hell out of him with swords. In the final section of the encounter, you will be a team of 6 with 1 seeker killing them one-by-one with no break.

  • Important other bits to note;

    • Sentinels (servitors) will spawn, which stop the buff from being transferred, same as the last encounter. They appear in groups of 3, at either Ground or Space. These are a priority target.

    • Many enemies spawn in waves, clear them whenever there is downtime or you will be overwhelmed, or killed while attacking a clone.

    • The boss has a really dumb stomp, so keep clear.

    • The debuffs dropped by Atraks-1’s clones are janky as hell so make sure you actually picked them up (shown on the left as a debuff, but if you have too many buffs it gets pushed off the list, so ask the Operator).

    • When something is happening in one area, it isn’t happening in the other, so you take turns as teams to do something.

    • Regarding the debuff

      • Debuffs dropped by killed bosses must be picked up. If they are left on the ground, and the boss respawns, you will wipe.

      • If a player’s debuff timer runs out, you will wipe.

      • If a player dies while holding a debuff, but the timer has not run out, it will just drop the debuff.

    • Regarding boss damage

      • The boss can be damaged twice per mini-damage phase, and there are a lot of these

      • You can damage him while he is ‘exploding’, and can put in extra crit damage after he turns into the yellow orb – you MUST make use of this for doing extra damage. Left click with Falling Guillotine to charge up whirlwind blade during the ‘exploding’ phase, and right click the orb, for example.

      • Group up before damage, as you want as much burst damage as possible. You have around 10 seconds before he finishes wiping you.


To start, pick up Atraks-1’s energy orb in the middle. All 6 players clear enemies in Ground, and wait for an enemy with a red Operator buff to spawn. Once this spawns, 3 people (one with this Operator buff) go up the elevators at the back of the room into Space. There will now be two teams, Ground team and Space team.

Operator; immediately shoot two elevator buttons, sending two elevators back down to the Ground team. This helps later on in the encounter, so just do it now.

Space team; look for an enemy with the yellow Seeker buff, and give it to a predetermined player. Clear enemies and sentinels. When all 6 sentinels (3 Ground and 3 Space) are killed, the bosses will start glowing, and the seeker will call out the one to run to. Group up, and do as much damage as possible.

NOTE: Even after being killed, keep doing damage. The glowing orb takes further damage after that point, which is EXTREMELY USEFUL for making this encounter not take 4 years.

Once the first boss is killed, the Seeker must IMMEDIATELY bank their buff so that a member of the Ground team can take this buff. The 3rd player in Space must grab the debuff the boss drops and pair up with the Operator, who will make sure the buff doesn’t count down to 0 by shooting the orb, making player 3 pick it up again. Once the buff is passed down, clear ads until the Seeker buff is returned.

NOTE: Since you are using swords, the buff may accidentally be picked up by a player already. If this isn’t the Operator, it’s fine, and the Operator can shoot it so player 3 gets it. If the Operator gets the debuff, then they need to bank their Operator buff so a teammate can use the Operator buff to shoot the debuff off the original Operator. You can then give the buff back.

Ground team; wait for the first boss to be killed in Space, at which point Space Seeker will bank the buff. One Ground player should pick up this buff to find out which boss to kill (remember to do extra damage as stated before). Regardless of who gets the debuff, the Seeker must then bank Seeker again. The player with the Debuff then goes up the elevator to join the Space team.

Space team; As soon as Seeker is given back, be ready to kill another boss, same as before. This time, the Seeker will pick up this 3rd debuff. You should now have 3 players in Space with this debuff. BEFORE ANYTHING; Seeker must bank their buff. Operator; designate an airlock for the team to group up at (top/bottom left/right), and shoot it open when you are all there. Players with the debuff must enter the airlock, and the Operator will shoot if off them. This leaves the debuff in the airlock to be sucked into space. The Ground player can take their elevator back down to their team.

NOTE: The buffs are balls on the ground that can be kicked, knocked and picked back up, so make sure they are where you want them to be.

NOTE 2: The airlock slowly closes, and can lock a player in there, killing them. If they had a buff, this will not cause a wipe, as the buff is still destroyed as normal.

NOTE 3: The buffs do not need to be flushed to complete the encounter (which is important to note when phase 1 is cleared), but it is required if you are not near to finishing phase 1.

Ground team; When the seeker buff is returned (there will only be two of you this time), continue killing the next buff as you had before. Bank the Seeker buff afterwards, then send up a player with the debuff. You should have your previous player on their way down. The player that heads up should ask the Operator where they need to go to clear their debuff.

Operator; The ground player will come up once they have the debuff; guide them to a different airlock, and clear their buff as stated previously. If the boss’ health bar is getting close, and you think you will clear phase 1 and enter phase 2, send ALL elevators down to the Ground team.

Repeat this sequence of 4 debuffs until you get to phase 2 (denoted by the health bar). Enrage happens after the 3rd set of 4, so if you don’t get to phase 4 after the 16th boss kill, you wipe.

If you reach the small part of the boss’ health bar, phase 2 begins. All Ground team members should take elevators to the group at the top. This will be slightly manic, but varies depending on where you are at when this phase begins. The aim is to keep killing the correct double until the boss is dead. However you must take note of a few things first;


  • If you have an outstanding debuff (not a new one dropped by the bosses which will die in phase 2) then make sure your timer is reset by the operator FIRST.

  • Once the timer is reset, you can take part in damage, but you may not even need to.

  • You do not need to flush these buffs during phase 2, as this phase is normally very quick to end.

Phase 2 is generally easy, it’s just getting here. But presuming you did the above steps correctly, get your raid loot and head to the intermission 🙂


It’s a jumping section, with enemies. Simply put. You just run through, kill stuff, get to a room with 2 brigs, kill those and then head into the next encounter. There is a chest on some small platforms halfway through the jumping section. It’s hard to describe where it is, so if I find a good video, i’ll post it here.

Encounter 3:

  • This seems complicated, but its actually really easy.

  • Bring add clear weapons, and anything to kill overloads.

  • The aim of the encounter is to fill up containers near Taniks with nuclear rods (6 ‘fill’ stages in total).

  • Nuclear rods will detonate if left for 10 seconds, wiping you, so prioritise picking them up over ANYTHING ELSE as this is the major wipe mechanic. Holding rods causing a ticking radioactive debuff, which kills you at 10 stacks. Players cannot drop the rods, but other players can take the rods off other people. Note that it takes a couple of seconds to grab the rod from someone else, so make sure to allow for a few stacks.

  • Everyone is in one room, but is split into pairs, relating to each of the 3 buffs; Operator, Seeker and Suppressor. As per previously stated;

    • Operators can do something; in this encounter, they can shoot buttons (only the ones with a shield around them, same as the first encounter). These buttons spawn nuclear rods which must be picked up within 10 seconds (will be explained later). The Operator only does this, while helping with ads. The buttons become available at a certain point in the encounter.

    • Seekers can see something; in this encounter, they can see which of the 4 containers (up front, near Taniks) need to be dunked into. The nuclear rods are put here (one in each). Callouts are simply; left and right (facing the boss), 1 and 2 (1 is closest to the rally flag, 2 is closest to Taniks). Call these out, then help with ads.

    • Suppressors can stop something; in this encounter, they stop the boss from locking the containers. Suppressors should note the floating balloons, as these are used for suppression from now on. When it is time to suppress, certain balloons will glow blue and will have a blue ring below them. Stand in the ring. When Taniks is glowing, shoot him until he stop glowing, and repeat this on two further plates (3 in total). Then help with ads.

    • Everyone else; you will be killing ads, and dealing with the nuclear rods

    • Note: just because you have a role doesn’t mean you can’t help with the rods, and you should help if needed. Explained later.

  • After a ‘fill’ phase, one of the players’ augments will break. To fix this, bank the buff and give it to your teammate (hence the pairs). This will give you a 45 second debuff to stop you taking another augment (Operator, Seeker or Suppressor).


To start, walk towards Taniks. Clear ads, finding the yellow, blue and red buffs and giving them to the correct players.

Seeker: Call out the two bins your team needs to fill

Operator: Keep an eye on the panels. When they start glowing, you can shoot them – TELL YOUR TEAM YOU WILL SHOOT THEM BEFORE YOU DO, AS IT SPAWNS THE RODS. The team must be ready to pick up the rods as they have a 10 second timer. You can know where they will spawn ahead of time as the rod spawners glow a bright green for everyone.

Suppressor: Wait for the balloons to glow blue, then suppress the boss as explained before.

Team: Grab the two rods spawned by the operator, and defend the runners. The runners need to communicate if their radiation debuff is stacking too high. Call out where you will bank the rods as well, as you cannot bank them in the same one or it will kill you. One both are banked in the two called by the seeker, you rinse and repeat 6 times.

After the 6 repeats, the floor in front of Taniks will open up, just drop down and run for it to finish the encounter.

Encounter 4:

  • Encounter 3, but hard and with you actually fighting Taniks

  • Bring 1 divinity for buff (don’t use high energy fire, it’s bugged). Slug shotguns + Anarchy is really good for dps, or the normal choices. Swords and normal shotguns don’t work as you can’t get close enough. Use ward of dawn, well, and celestial nighthawk golden gun. Use ranged primaries such as pulses.

  • To start, go near the pile of rubble in the middle, or shoot it. So avoid this so you can explore the arena and get in position.

  • The aim is to stop the nukes from the last encounter from exploding by storing them (same as last encounter). These nukes come from shooting the thrusters under the boss. After 2 pairs of nukes are stored, you go into a damage phase.

  • Its ideal to have 3 pairs for this, though you need to be flexible – the radioactive debuff causes a lot of deaths here, alongside the captains.

  • All previous mechanics come together;

    • Operators remove the purple shield around trapped teammates

    • Seekers can see where the nukes need dunking

    • Suppressors allow the nukes to be dunked

  • Before starting, note that the arena has a few notable locations – use the lighting to distinguish them

  • The easiest way to do callouts is Colour Number. 1 relates to the left container, and 2 the right. For example, the seeker may see White 1 and Blue 2 glowing. It’s worth noting that the boss will be at one of the three coloured areas, and the containers are never at the area the boss is at, but they can both be at the same colour (eg, both white)

  • The encounter is timed, so it always plays out the same way. The only random part is the locations of everything. The encounter plays out as follows (red is Operator buff, yellow is Seeker, blue is Suppressor);

    • Ads spawn, and blue spawns almost immediately with the first wave.

    • More ads and a wave of captains spawn, and yellow spawns. The seeker can call out the two containers now.

    • The boss will choose a side, and start firing a mortar assault. His thrusters will glow, and players should shoot the front two. The designated operator can look for the red buff that spawns at this point too.

    • Players, ideally in pairs, take the nukes that drop and bring them to the places called out by the seeker. You will need to swap who carries it, otherwise you will die to radiation.

    • Two players won’t be doing anything during this part (yellow and red) so they should prioritise going to the areas where the containers are and killing any ads (especially the captains, they are awful, so bring guillotine or whatever to melt them).

    • Once two are banked, this is repeated on the back two thrusters.

    • After all 4 are banked, the boss teleports into the middle. Stand clear, as he pulls up an electric field around him. This is split into different sections. The inner circle will do damage over time which will kill you. The outer ring has debris that spins around the outside which will kill you. Inbetween the two, you can shoot the boss.

    • Repeat up to a maximum of 3 times to get the boss to the final phase. In this phase, Taniks will teleport to the different areas, and you just need to continue doing damage as you did before, while following him around.

I hope this helps. Note that this was based on day 1 experience, so it will likely be a lot easier to cheese encounters, such as by using lament to one phase Atraks, but that’s how it be sometimes.

Feel free to leave feedback 🙂


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