Destiny 2: Insurrection Prime – Scourge of the Past Raid Guide


So you managed to escape the giant fire servitor, that’s good. Now we need to figure out what this thing in the ground is. Let’s do that. Team composition again, does not really matter as you will not be fighting a boss, but rather doing an encounter. The most fierce enemies in this fight is… shanks. And captains, but mainly the shanks, which have rotating elemental shields, so having a nice mix of elements is nice or a couple of people using Hard Light for the element swap.

Blade Barrage with Shards of Galanor does pretty good work on said shanks, along with Thunderlords for dealing with captains in the lower area. The goal of this encounter is to break the mechanisms blocking Insurrection Prime. You will do this via tanks. Drake tanks. Like from the campaign. Pretty cool. So how do you get tanks? Well, you need to charge 1 of the 3 nodes in the arena with Phase Radiance. Split your team into 2 groups of 3, outside team and radiance team.

Outside team will be outside, shocker, killing adds, namely those shanks, along with giant servitors. Radiance team will be down in the inner parts of the arena, running around looking for the correct phase radiance. Radiance team, let’s start with you. Go towards the middle of the arena near the boss to see 4 ramps that lead down into the ground. Before the fight starts, these will be blocked by electric walls that instantly kill you, these walls will go away for a short time every time a servitor is killed. In this ring will be nodes that contain phase radiance. There are 3 different phase radiance: continuous, angular and parallel. For the purposes of this part of the encounter, you will know them as either red, blue and white or circle, triangle and square.

Your goal while down here is to punch a terminal, get a phase radiance, then find another terminal of the same phase, punch it and get 2 stacks of your phase. There is also a 4th phase radiance, except technically it’s not a phase radiance, but rather a detonation switch that causes the arena to blow up. This switch will display all 3 of the symbols rapid fire, whereas all of the others will just stay one shape. Note that you can’t switch radiance while you have one, if you have 1 stack of continuous radiance and try to get a stack of angular radiance, you’ll just die. Important to know that if you are of one phase radiance and you run into someone who has a different phase, you will tether each other, meaning you’ll damage each other, so try not to get too close to other phased players of different types. An easy way to tell what the panel is without having to walk up to it is just to look at the lights on the outside of the box: red is circle, white is square, blue is triangle.

Eventually no terminals will be active or be of the types you don’t need. This is where the outside team comes in. The outside team will spend their time killing adds. The priority here should be the shanks because if too many of them leak into the underground, it makes things very difficult for those phase players. The shanks will spawn either north, south, east or west, assuming you’re in the middle of the map, which you should be. Then, you will have a giant servitor spawning in these same lanes. When killed, this will reset the phase nodes AND will get rid of the electric field that blocks the path from the underground to outside for a short time. This is your time to either look for another stack of your radiance or to get out and find yourself a tank. The outside team should only need to kill 3 or 4 servitors per tank phase.

The 3 nodes for the radiance charges are located in the north, southwest and southeast, also known as left, front and right or whatever call outs you want to make. Any phase radiance can go into any node outside. When you get your tank, you have 28 seconds to do as much damage as possible to the “boss.” However, if you’re in a tank, you will be bombarded by constant missiles, so you need to always be moving so that you don’t get hit. There are some ways of handling this: 1) just keep moving, going in a circle in the direction of your choosing, or 2) just strafe back and forth in one spot. Strafing is harder, but more damage is possible. You can also do whatever you get comfortable with. Also, you should Melting Point, aka Hammer Strike, the “tower” things in the middle by the boss, because it works.

When your timer runs out, you should leave your tank before it explodes. This process repeats itself until the boss is dead. Every 25% of the boss’ health will reset the timer before detonation, you can see this timer next to the “boss” in the middle ticking down. In the video, all 3 radiance runners got their tanks at the same time. You technically don’t HAVE to do this, all you need to do is do 25% damage before the timer runs out, but having everyone together can keep your team focused, not to mention that it can be scary in the underground by yourself considering how many adds can spawn. After the “boss” dies, you’ll get your loot at the chest located where you first came in. You’ll then have a berserker spawn in front of you which will drop a battery when killed. When you plug in this battery in the node that is also where you first came in, the actual boss, Insurrection Prime, will spawn. Insurrection Prime is a giant robot with many weak points on its body. The goal of this encounter is to remove its shield so that you can hit it with a tank shot in order to deal damage.

This fight is a mashup of both the previous encounter and first encounter in the raid. Team composition again doesn’t really matter too much since you’ll be running around a lot and there aren’t really enough adds that spawn in the fight to make any particular super necessary to have, maybe besides Well of Radiance for boss damage. Captains are the only shielded enemy, with arc, so if you have arc damage there, great. Otherwise, berserkers will need to be bursted down by whatever means necessary, making the Ikelos shotgun or this raid’s curated shotgun the ideal weapon. Whisper of the Worm will likely be your boss damage weapon of choice when you are first learning the encounter due to its reliability, but it would not surprise me if Thunderlord becomes popular here too. In this encounter you will need to split your group in the following way: map reader, shield breakers and battery runners. While you can do a 1-1-4 split, my team opted to have 2 shield breakers and 3 battery runners, with 1 of the shield breakers swapping with the runner for the second set of batteries, but you can also have the battery runner swap with the map reader so that the shield breakers can stay focused.

The map reader will point out on the map where the berserkers are located, but again, one of the berserkers will have a red orb on its head, indicating that it will drop 2 batteries. A team of 3 should then run out to that berserker, kill it, and then get instructions on where to place their batteries, works the same way as the opening encounter in the raid. Meanwhile, the shield breakers will be shooting at the glowing weakpoints on the boss’ body. Weakpoints will be located on the sides of the shoulders, the back, the ribs and the knees. The boss has a variety of attacks, from simple guns, to a void cannon, to launching itself into the air and dropping missiles. For these more powerful missile attacks, there will be an additional weak point that glows orange near the weapon that is being utilized. If an arm cannon is being used, then the orange weak point will be by its armpit.

A different weapon will have the orange weakpoint on its back. Shooting this weakpoint and dealing enough damage will stop the attack. While it isn’t necessary to stop any of the boss’ attacks, it’s helpful if you can make it happen. The boss will stop glowing when all of its normal weakpoints are disabled. Most, if not all weak points can be destroyed with 2 Whisper of the Worm shots. The map reader will act as an additional shield breaker when they aren’t reading the map, but due to their job, they won’t have the ability to move around a lot. The 1 or 2 other shield breakers should spread out so that if the boss is ever looking at one, the others have free reign.

Shield breakers will also need to deal with the vandals that spawn in the 4 buildings in the arena: they spawn at the very top of said buildings and should be killed immediately. You will ALSO need to deal with fallen spawns coming from ketches: they usually drop 4 or 5 dregs and a captain. Technically everyone needs to deal with them, but shield breakers especially since they’ll either be in a close quarters building or out in the open. After the first set of batteries are put in their nodes, one of the battery runners should switch spots with a shield breaker so that 2 people are able to grab batteries.

The process of finding a new berserker and doing callouts for where to place the batteries will repeat until 4 total batteries have been placed, meaning you only need 2 berserker kills. When 4 batteries are placed, tanks will spawn on each node. The last battery should grab a tank and shoot the boss in order to bring it down so you can do damage. When brought down, the core of the boss, a servitor, will be the weakpoint for you to shoot. You can deal damage from where ever you want technically speaking, but the direction the boss falls down and chooses to reveal its weakpoint will dictate where you need to go. In order to try to counter this, my team dealt damage from the map room. After we had our batteries placed, but before we shot the boss with the tank, we made sure that everyone was in the map room or area so that the boss would only be looking in our direction, then we’d shoot the boss with the tank shot so that his weakpoint would be facing us and we wouldn’t need to move. While this isn’t a 100% foolproof method due to the positioning the boss can be in sometimes, it did work quite often.

You should still try to get comfortable dealing damage from other parts of the map just in case, but more often than not, this method will work for you. The damage portion of this fight is where things can get messy if you’re not ready. A few seconds after the boss is exposed, an emp will go out giving everyone in the group either a continuous, angular or parallel phase radiance, 2 of each. If you are standing next to someone of a phase that isn’t the same as yours, you will take damage and multiple stacks of this will kill very quickly.

The goal here is to stack the phase radiance properly because when you are standing next to someone of the SAME phase, you will get a 3x damage multiplier. If you’ve ever raided Naxxramas, the boss Thaddius may come to mind. In order to organize this mess of buffs, come up with pre-determined positions for people to stand depending on the buff that they get. With my team, we did a triangle formation around the map room using CAP, C, A, P, or circle, angle, parallel for our order. C was to the left, A was in the back and P was on the right. We did CAP because… well, cap is a word and it’s easy to remember, but you can go alphabetically or whatever order you want, doesn’t matter. The boss will emp AGAIN a few seconds later changing everyone’s phase again, so you’ll need to rotate again. The map room is very small, which may lead to issues, but there is definitely enough space.

My team also drops a Well of Radiance right in the middle so that you can heal while you move. Minimizing down time here is going to be the most important part of the fight in terms of damage, if your damage is low, it’s likely because of poor stacking. This entire process starts over again after the boss returns to normal until it dies. Communication is HUGE here, there are many callouts being made by the map reader and the shield breakers, not to mention people swapping roles mid fight. Keep conversation to a minimum when possible. Once the boss dies, you’ll drop into the pit, collect your loot and you will have completed Scourge of the Past. If you enjoyed this video, a positive rating would be appreciated, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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