Destiny 2: Is Cloudstrike That Good? Deep Stone Crypt Damage Testing


All right guys, look, i’m not gon na waste. Your time here, okay, this damage test video was over before it even got rolling the weapon. You’Re gon na want for atrax boss damage in deep stone. Crypt is the lament and that’s it for tanix you’re gon na want one of the following heritage, plus first in last out with a god roll or a sniper, plus anarchy or heritage plus cloud strike, assuming you have access to divinity, but, more importantly, lunafaction boots. If that’s all you wanted to know, then there you go, the other two fights demand, almost nothing of you in terms of damage. You don’t really need anything in particular. Now, if you want to know why those things are the case keep watching before we begin, though weapon sun setting it’s in the game, and it is wrecking havoc on my weapon suggestions. I will be mentioning some weapons here that are either not available anymore.

Their catalyst isn’t available anymore or could previously be farmed, but are now world drops. I will try to give alternate weapon choices when i can, but tanix, for example, will rely on loadouts that are more difficult to get purely because of the drops being rng now also, as usual, most of these numbers and timings assume absolute perfection. They are simulated using real damage and your results will probably be less unless you’re a robot, let’s start with a-tracks, with no damage buffs or debuffs at all. I don’t plan on covering the other two encounters, because you can use almost anything and one cycle and or be successful for the security room. You don’t need precision weapons, since you cannot crit the fuses, as people have been saying. Aatrax is a pushover with something like the lament the combo you want to use on. Aatrax is three light attacks and then a heavy attack.

If you do this correctly and you’re at level, you will deal 235 503 damage to eight tracks. Again, no buffs, which, as we will come to learn, is really really good. So what is on the list of things that could potentially compete with the lament we tested? Fallen guillotine fourth, horseman work with coil 1000 voices and lord of wolves, as these were the only things my team believed, capable of even being in the same universe as the lament falling guillotine was one of the highest damage dealing weapons for quite a while. Let’S see how it does here using the same combo as the lament three light into one heavy. We ended up with around 151 000 damage give or take, and that’s with a boss, spec mod. That is still well short of the 235 000. From the lament you can get in an extra swing or two, but it’s not really going to push you that much closer. Next, we tried fourth horseman by itself. A full burst with the catalyst is dealing just over half of what the lament is capable of around 125 000 damage we tried. Fourth horseman into falling guillotine and the highest recorded damage dealt was just over two hundred thousand.

This will be probably your second best option for burst damage, as far as i can tell, but it will absolutely have consistency issues because of how much fourth horseman kicks around ward cliff coil was a joke. Barely hitting 50 000 damage with a hunter dodge reload. It’S a little bit better, but not enough to warrant using 1 000 voices also falls in a similar boat. Lord of wolves – i thought, might have had a chance here until we actually tried it with release the wolves on you’re able to get in three bursts of damage, resulting in around 100 000 damage. I’Ve heard legend of aquarius has some decent potential, but i did not test it out. If you don’t have accuracy, i don’t think you should spend the 240 spoils to get it specifically for this boss. Just use the lament my guide’s on the channel. If you’re able to physically enter the raid, that means you’re able to do the lament quest. That’S the best part about the suggestion. I don’t even need to try to figure out a bunch of different options for people, because exotics are eternal at least right now, anyway, if the lament ever gets nerfed in a big enough way, then falling guillotine and fourth horseman with the catalyst is going to be. The strat, but that’s not as accessible as of this video, because i don’t think you can get the fourth horseman catalyst as of season 12.

But please get a fall in guillotine. If you don’t have one already, because i imagine most people will default to it, should the lament ever get nerfed if swords as a whole ever get nerfed. We’Ll have another conversation. Let’S move to tanix, who was significantly harder to test on due to the fact that whenever you shoot his legs for the nukes that counts as boss damage on the end screen. So that’s pretty cool jk. It’S not the current strat or one of the most favored strats anyway is heritage. The slug shotgun from the raid and cloud strike also another beyond light exotic or two slug shotguns with anarchy. I’M not really going to talk about a whole lot else here, because it is just not even worth the effort. I will emphasize, though, that these strats work, because of divinity and the lunar fashion boots range bonus. Luna factions is probably more important than divinity, but divinity’s crit bubble is more than just a crit spot.

It is also a damage. Debuff tanix is similar to aatrax, in that you want to throw as much damage into them as fast as possible. The reason is because you can kill tanix in one damage phase pretty reasonably as long as people are hitting shots and because you can extend the damage phase, an extra 15 to 20 seconds by dropping in all four nukes at once. Did someone want to test the lament on tanix? Yes, they did. Did it work more than i thought it would, but it’s still not recommended. One thing i wanted to establish early was cloud strikes, dominance versus other snipers. In beyond light, there aren’t any 140 rpm energy snipers that you can reasonably farm. Although the iklo sniper and distant tumulus are world drops, you can farm them by spending legendary shards at the cryptarc, but the key word was reasonably, but you can farm for cloud strike and cloud strike seems to beat those other snipers on its own. In a 1v1 ikelos and distant tumulus can have an advantage thanks to boss spec on a per shot basis, but they don’t create lightning storms, we’re going to focus on ikelos for this video, mainly because you could never farm distant tumulus at any point in the game. But if you happen to have clown cartridge firing line on your distant tumulus, maybe bring it with you.

If we ever see 140 rpm energy snipers with good roll potential going into the future, those will be worth farming. The reason i ignored slower rpm snipers, is because they are better for when you need higher total damage over a longer period of time, rapid fire snipers pump out their damage a lot faster, allowing you to swap to a different weapon and keep the damage rolling. Remember we want to one phase this boss and this boss is a rarity in that we can potentially use all three of our weapon slots for damage. We did test whisper of the worm and its performance was actually towards the higher end of dps for all weapons tested, but that’s because of whispered, breathing and white nail. However, you can’t get it anymore as of season 12, and you need the catalyst for it to be good enough to run. We are in a well of radiance for this encounter as the norm is currently a lunafaction well on top of having a divinity crit spot, without divinity, the dps portion of this encounter is more difficult due to having to hit a harder to hit crit spot.

Although it’s manageable to a degree to still deal full damage with slug shotguns, you just need to make sure you’re aiming towards the upper half of tanix’s head. Without divinity, you also lose that damage debuff, which should be replaced by a shadow shot or, dare i say, tractor cannon cloud strike deals 18 172 damage per shot with well, and divinity you may notice that my damage numbers may be lower than what you might be Seeing going into the future, if you’re watching this in the future, it is because of my power level with boss, spec giving us eight percent damage. Bonus. Ikelos is dealing 19 625 damage per shot, not including high impact reserve shots. This means, after 10, shots if you have triple tap on iklos, i close will deal at 196 000 damage in 4.166 seconds, including high impact reserves, we’re looking at 221 762 damage, and i will say that i think you need triple tap and high impact reserves. For this, in order for it to be good, that has a dps value of 63 360 pre-reload cloud strike after seven shots deals, 127 204 damage in bullets done in 2.3 seconds, and yet, after a wipe, we see that it actually deals anywhere in between 247 and 261 000 damage making our average damage per shot more like 35 to 37 thousand.

The lightning storm procs from hitting three crits rapidly is accounting for half of our cloud strike damage and our dps before a reload is hitting over 100 000 dps. Not only that, but we’re firing 7 shots compared to ikelos’s 10 shots using 21 shots, that’s anywhere from 741 to 783 000 damage and you’ll still have three shots remaining after all of that or six, if you run double reserves, our dps over the course of three Magazines, which takes 12.5 seconds is anywhere in between 59 and 62.3 000 dps again with lunafaction reload speeds. Our ikelos dps over three magazines is 41 580. In comparison. Keep in mind, though, that without divinity all snipers, almost all weapons are going to be harder to use with cloud strike. Your advantage comes from the lightning storms.

If you are not getting those lightning storms, then you may want to consider something else. However, if you’re using cloud strike, you cannot use anarchy and anarchy is proving to be quite good. I’M not surprised. My anarchy was ticking for 12 772 in a well and with divinity, but my friends who have higher power levels had theirs ticking at almost 14 000 per tick and it ticks every half. Second, that’s dps, just shy of 28 000 if you’re able to keep it rolling, adding my iclose and my anarchy damage together at max we’re looking at around 66 000 dps, which is a little bit higher than just cloud strike. Also, my group told me that some people were taking their first cloud strike shot and then waiting a second to follow up with the remainder in order to deal more damage and or avoid an issue where the game won’t give you all of your earned lightning storms. We only did a couple of tests, but in those two tests i didn’t really see anything statistically significant enough to warrant doing that. Maybe i was doing it wrong. I don’t know, but if there is a big difference, i did not see it and i don’t think the average person needs to worry about this. This brings us to slug shotguns.

The reason slug shotguns are successful here is because of one lunafaction boots, increasing your range far enough that you’re dealing full damage per shot, two high damage per shot, three high dps, given our time frame and four, you can’t use a sword, there’s a reason. This boss has a please don’t sword me arc damage barrier around it. It’S because swords are insane still. There are actually a lot of slug shotguns in the game right now, chaperone heritage, first, in last out duality and bone chiller if you’re starting from scratch. The best way to get going is chaperone, which comes from new light 2.0 right now and bone chiller, which is a europa weapon with triple tap. These are the two easiest weapons to get, but are also probably the weakest of the bunch using an energy slug. When you don’t have a kinetic, slug, shotgun or a rapid fire sniper means you can’t take advantage of the double special play style as much the god. Roll for first in last out is assault, mag, auto loading and vorpal. But this is something you’ll just need to get really lucky on.

Finally, heritage is from the raid, which is not accessible for first timers, but is the only non-sunset kinetic legendary slug shotgun in the game right now in terms of non-slug shotguns, both fourth horsemen and legend of accuracy were tested due to their high burst damage. Fourth, horseman is front loaded, while accurius just hits like a truck. However, their results left a little to be desired. Legend of actress was essentially just hitting as hard as a normal slug shotgun, and you don’t really need three shotguns. Fourth, horseman has very good burst and reload speed, while in a lunafaction well, but requires the player to move into the damage zone next to the boss to get the best use out of it and moving back in and out its massive recoil is also a factor. The fact that you need the catalyst as well to make this weapon viable is also a factor it’s viable. I just don’t know if it’s my top choice due to all of those factors. You may have seen something like this recently, where players are rapidly swapping between two slug shotguns to shoot them at incredible speeds.

The combo here is shooting then sprinting to cancel the animation, then swapping weapons, then stopping your forward movement and repeating that over and over this is not something i expect the average player to do and a couple of people that i talked to said that they assume Bungie is going to fix this at some point. If you’re capable of doing this already, i’m not really sure why you’re watching this video, but i’m not complaining if you can pull it off. It’S insanely high dps and will trounce anything mentioned here all right. Datto enough talk show me some numbers numbers numbers numbers well: heritage is pretty cut and dry. Let’S take a look. We’Re dealing 47 913 damage per shot with well with divinity with boss spec, but i am not doing the highest damage possible again, as mentioned earlier because of my power level. The highest i’ve seen under the conditions we’re in is 49 223, which is about a 2.6 increase at 65 rpm using my damage number just to keep things consistent. That’S 51. 905. Dps, sustained 55. 600. If you have a salt mag to bring your rpm up to 70

You can sustain that for quite a while with reconstruction, but autoloading skips the lengthy reload once you’re out of bullets, assuming you can swap to a different weapon, a vorpal weapon first in last out at the highest possible damage values with our conditions, deals 53 549 damage Per shot or 58 011 dps, 62 473 dps with assault mag again. Both of these are sustained damage numbers. I personally don’t have this role, but i would see a 2.6 dps loss if we were to use my numbers. If i had the gun, we did not test chaperone or bone chiller, as chaperone will lose to heritage and bone chiller will lose to a vorpal first. In last out, however, for reference, my duality at the time was dealing 40 413 damage per shot. This might beg the question cloud strike or first in last out with vorpal.

Well, i’m glad you asked cloud strike, can reasonably put out three magazines worth of damage in one damage window, while first in last out would need to be constantly reloaded in order to stand a chance cloud strikes. Three magazines will take 12.5 seconds to shoot if we were to use my numbers from a previous example of about 247 000 damage multiply that times three to get 741 000 damage or dps of 59 280, and that includes reloads at best with the highest damage value That i have we are capable of either 58 011 dps without assault mag or 62 473 with, but that will drop a little bit the moment you need to reload, however reloading and firing immediately isn’t a huge drop off in dps. You just need to be pretty good about it. Hypothetically then, you would need to shoot 14 shots of first in last out to match cloud strikes three magazine damage. If you can sustain 65 rpm the entire time, including reloading and shooting immediately after then, you could shoot 14 shots in 12.9 seconds, which is .4 seconds slower than cloud strike. If we use assault mag and bring our rpm to 70, you could shoot 14 shots in 12 seconds, so a half a second faster.

What all that means is that i just spent, however many minutes saying and however many hours calculating that it almost doesn’t matter which one you pick for the most part cloud strike and a god, roll first in last out, will generate about the same amount of damage In about the same amount of time, but getting a god roll first in last out is really tough to do. Nowadays, you could theoretically get pulse monitored instead of autoloading and then use the arc damage next to tanix, to self-damage and then fully reload, but that’s pretty risky to do, and i don’t really recommend it. Wow datto thanks for wasting my time, then what the hell should. I use also you didn’t talk about power weapons literally at all, fine i’ll talk about power weapons. If you’re running with an exotic special weapon, i would highly suggest an auto loading grenade launcher an autoloading rocket. Even the new linear fusion rifle does a bit of work with high impact reserves feel free to potentially bust out line in the sand. If you still have one of those lying around from season 9

Avoid things like machine guns for boss damage they’re, not very strong right now, but they’re good for add clear. Almost anything else with a decent roll will be good. If you’re running double legendary specials, then you have more options. Of course, there’s anarchy, but xenophage proved to be a great option. Dealing just under 30 000 damage per shot at 120 rpm we’re close to 60 000 dps whisper was doing just under 50 000 damage a shot at 72 rpm. That’S also pretty close to 60 000 dps air apparent yeah, avoid that one darcy needs to hit tanix in the head to get the best possible damage, not sure i’m too keen on it right now, 1000 voices does a little bit worse than whisper and xeno, but It’S not the worst pick that you can make even prospector has some potential, although i did not test it specifically.

Our goal here for tanix to one phase is to maximize the amount of weapons that we have equipped that do around 50 to 60 000 dps. The boss has an estimated 7.5 million health before final stand, with a total of 9 million health, including it assuming you get to sit in the damaged donut and deal damage for about 40 seconds doing all four nukes. That means your team of five remember. One person is on divinity needs to be doing 187 500 dps together to bring tanix to final stand. That’S only 37 500 dps per person or 1.5 million damage which isn’t too brutal to make happen also keep in mind. I didn’t mention weapons of light in this video at all, which is another chunk of damage on your whole team. Nor did i mention power of rasputin, which is another ten percent. If you want to use grasp of rasputin and yeet a ball at tanix, the scanner raid mod, though, does not stack with divinity so here’s your options: here’s your weapon, loadouts reconstruction, recombination, heritage, shotgun and a god, roll first in last out with anarchy. You don’t have that heritage plus cloud strike, plus a good, auto loading, legendary or even non-autoloading. It’S tough to do wrong there.

You don’t have that heritage plus a magazine, perk, slash, triple tap high impact reserves, iklo sniper or clown cartridge firing line, distant tumulus and any decent heavy like xeno or whisper. Whatever you don’t have that heritage plus triple tap bone chiller, you don’t have heritage. You grab chaperone, you don’t have chaperone, i mean just go. Do the new light 2.0 campaign come on that one’s easy, just go. Get that one? That’S it that’s the whole thing, that’s everything i got like i said at the beginning. The meta was pretty well defined. Already, but fortunately there are some options out there. I want to thank multiple teams that helped me do the damage testing in the raid. Thank you guys very very much for doing that. If you guys enjoyed this video, a positive rating is appreciated. Thank you for watching. I will see you next time.

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