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What is up guys wreck cactus here and today we are going to be showcasing the guide for how to beat the first encounter in the brand new last wish raid with the forsaken expansion in destiny 2. Now, yes, the complete raid guide is still very much coming. However, with last wish, just like spire of Stars, Bungie did inflate the difficulty by increasing the power level dramatically for this raid enemies start 560 and balloon to 580 in no time so the main hurdle in overcoming this raid is just going to be your power level. Consider that before starting, however, some of you can definitely still beat especially the first couple of encounters, so I thought it would help out with that and again we’re, starting with the very first encounter now.

The first thing you’re going to notice in this encounter is a large circular kind of pit in the very center of this arena and around that pit are three sets of two symbols and then, in the background, further away, there’s even more hanging symbols. These symbols are key to progressing and completing this particular raid encounter now, like, I said, there’s kind of two different areas where symbols are located, but you want to be paying attention to the three sets of two symbols: two identical symbols that are around this metal pit. So you could see you know to infinity symbols, for example sideways 8 right next to each other, and then there’s you know the downward facing to edit snaky the s symbol. You could say: there’s kind of a u or a W symbol and these particular symbols that are indicated again around that Center pit are the ones that you have to go and activate in the background, because in that background those areas denoted by symbols are going to Be kind of place you need to stand on so there’s going to be six symbols in total around this Center arena with three pairs.

There’S six of you, and that means each different person needs to be standing on. One of the background plates so divide your team up and say: hey we’re going to get the to infinity symbols. You guys get the two u-shaped symbols. You guys get the two. You know s-shaped symbols and then go off into the background and stand on your plates. Now, when you’re standing on a plate, you’re going to have two different taken orbs on that plate, essentially the plate is divided into thirds. Two of those thirds will again have the taken orbs if you’re standing on one of those thirds that has the orb on it. It will explode and it will kill you so make sure that you are constantly moving to the third of your plate.

That does not have those exploding taking orbs on them. Now, while you’re doing this, there’s going to be a bunch of taking thralls coming at, you just kill them with whatever you have available, eventually after holding out on your plate for a long enough time, you’re going to have a taken night that does spawn you have To kill your knight and as soon as you kill your knight you’re good, to go. You’Ll notice that if you actually look back in the center pit, that the symbol that you’ve been standing on the plate for is now gone. So when all six of these symbols are gone, there’s no more symbols around that middle pit, you’re good to go; you’ve, diffused all six plates and you’re ready for a damage phase. So again, once those six symbols are down, your entire team converges on a certain area to damage the boss you’re going to see the text in the bottom left corner of your screen, saying that Kali conceives an octagonal weapon. This means that she’s ready to be damaged. We went to the in a very center of the pit, threw down a well of radiance which doubles the damage. It’S absolutely fantastic and just sleep’red the crap out of her. You know sniper and whatever else you want to use to be damaging.

Her is fine as well, but do as much damage as possible, but then, after damaging her for a period of time, she is going to raise her hands into the air and start glowing above her head, and he will see the text that she prepares to wield Her weapon, you can still finish off a few shots here, like throw you’ll, get some shotgun rounds into her, but you want to make your way into safety, because this is a wipe mechanic. So where is safety well underneath her so she’s going to be on? Essentially, one third of this pit, so underneath her there’s gon na be a bunch of little doors and they’re actually going to open. In fact, six of them are going to open. Each person needs to crawl into one of these little tiny. You know basically closets hide in there.

The door is going to close, she does her white mechanic and then the doors are gon na open and you can come back out and continue damaging her now, there’s gon na, be a bunch of you know, taken scions that are waiting for you. So something like a tether, as you can see me use or a couple of grenades, are gon na be essential for getting back into the middle of the pit to damage her again. So again she does her white mechanic hide in those little closet type areas when that’s done, they open come back out, kill the scions get back to damaging her, but she’s going to move from one third of this pit to another. Third of that pit, so you’re gon na have to kind of look and find her then DPS, the crap out of her, with whatever you have available yet again, she’s going to prepare to wield her weapon. You do the exact same thing hide in the certain. You know closets again underneath her in that section of the arena.

She does it again on the last third of the arena like the last area and then again you hide underneath her for the last time, so there’s kind of three different many damage phases in this one, big overall damage phase. Now, once you have damaged her for all three of those, many phases well, you’ve kind of used up all of your different, safe hiding spots for the white mechanic, so she’s going to kind of change again and the damaged phase is going to be over. In fact, there’s going to be six symbols that yet again spawn around the pit, and you have to go and just like you did before you have to go and stand on the corresponding plates for all six of these symbols. Then, if you do, you will get another damaged phase with exactly the same mechanics.

It’S probably going to take you to damage phases in order to take her down so make sure you’re not dying too much make sure you do have revivals up and ready. So that is it for the mechanics now, let’s talk about the loadouts and supers that we found effective to help you succeed in this encounter so for DPS again sleeper simulant was absolutely wonderful. You may want to try out the whisper of the worm, but she can kind of be a little bit difficult. She does recall back quite a bit hitting your head. Shots could be a little bit tricky now, as for shotguns escalation, shotgun is fantastic at taking down your take and night when it does spawn on your plate and also and you’ll, see me do this several times in the gameplay when she is beginning her white phase And you’re heading over to her.

Well, you can stick your escalation shotgun up and get a pretty hefty amount of damage on her just before you then go into your hidey-hole you’re heading in that direction. Anyways you’re gon na be close range she’s not going to hit you back. She will smack the ground normally, but again, when she’s doing this white mechanics, she won’t you’ll definitely have some time for some escalation right in her face now. As for supers, it’s really anything that increases damage so again. Well of radiance the brand new solar super for the warlock was fantastic. It was basically essential for us completing this another fantastic fantastic thing is melting point from the hammer tighten. That is like a 50 % damage buff, it’s very, very good and it does stock with well radiance. So you can do some pretty disgusting things. In fact, that’s really what I would recommend pop your well of radiance in the very center of this pit.

Like you see us do someone goes and just in flicks melting point and then Evan else goes to town with sleeper simulant and so guys, that’s gon na, be it for the guide for this encounter. I hope you enjoyed and found this informative. Now, if you did, please remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video, if you guys want to see more destiny, 2 content. So much this don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button and if you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity, the best way is to follow me on twitter at rick. Cactus. That’S linked to the description down below, as is my twitch channel, which you can also follow again. I hope you enjoyed the video and, as always, have a good day.

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