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“Last Will” is Destiny’s latest Raid Although I say this every time I have a new Raid, my last wish is so far Bungie launched Raid on the first day with the most difficult customs clearance Strange minimum light is 560 and highest is 580 It can be said to be crazy, but let ?s start with the simpler and more straightforward level. Let’s start with “Corrupted Carly” Raleigh’s team configuration is more casual Because it is a melee, a direct hammer strike or other Debuffs will be very beneficial for the output of the boss. Although there are a certain number of mobs to deal with But not too many specific occupations Except may require rig legs to hunt in the void Most offensive tactics can be used Warlock’s Well of Flame is very good in the output phase, but you can also use the enhanced imprint instead. And do n?t forget the outburst output of Tuna Hunting As for the choice of weapons, if your light is low, you can use a sniper rifle or other long-range weapons to maintain distance.

But if the light level is higher, you can use a shotgun. Go process the knight or export the boss Although the bug is strong in output, Boss has a small head And I like to move around so I still see the individual Like the performance of a sleeping cannon. Before opening the monster, the team needs to be divided into 3 two-person groups. I will talk about it next. There are 9 tables around the entire room There is a sign above each table In the center of the room there are 3 different sets of 6 signs Our goal is to “stand up” around the platform according to the three sets of signs in the center The sign of the stage must be the same as the sign of the center The table itself is divided into three parts Two of them will have black balls. These black balls will be around Explosion after 8 seconds When the light level is low, these black balls can be seconds, but if the light level is high, they can be seconds.

It’s normal. These black balls will appear in two parts of the stage after the explosion disappears You have to move to the part without the black ball. Repeat this three or four times. And survived in the meantime If nothing goes wrong, then a knight will come out Kill it After killing, it ?s best to go around and see if teammates need help It should be noted that if you stand on the wrong stage, the sign of the stage does not correspond to the central one.

A big-eyed monster will brush out, so do n?t stand wrong Carly will walk around during the platform to lift you up and push out of the platform So pay attention Output to her can drive her away as soon as possible After standing 6 tables, Carly will be prompted to make a body weapon At this point you can export her After 15 seconds of output, it will prompt the use of weapons, that is, the spike mechanism Anyone who is not in the hole after about 10-12 seconds will be spiked The small hole is in the big pit in the middle of the room Boss is hiding in a small hole on either side 6 doors will open randomly when prompted to use a weapon What a coincidence.

I had to hide in these holes to survive. When the door opens again, there will be many mobs waiting for you. But it’s not impossible to deal with it in other ways. Next, she will continue to change sides until all 3 sides are changed. Repeat until you kill her You have 15 seconds of output time and 10 seconds of hiding holes Repeat this 3 times in a cycle If there is no problem to increase the injury, etc., it should be able to kill the boss in two cycles. Higher configurations such as light and more optimized may take away in a round The process of this level is relatively straightforward Divide into 3 groups of 2 and let each group of people be responsible for standing a group of signs as the picture shows Each group has to look around for their own platform Stand up and help teammates Can cooperate with big move and increase injury when Boss can be output Output as much as possible within the time limit It should be noted that she will perform a trick of AOE blowing skills If you are hit near you, you will be killed or injured, so be careful when using a shotgun.

Bugs and sleeping cannons will be your best choice At least when I made this video Carrie will be Su Luoqi, I will explain in the next video Thank you for watching the next level .

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