Destiny 2: LEVEL UP FAST in BLACK ARMORY! – Get to Max 650 Power Faster!


What is up guys, Rick cactus here and today we are going to be discussing how to increase your power level fast and efficiently. As soon as the black armory DLC arrives in destiny 2, which is necessary if you want to take a crack at the brand new raid, the scourge of the past raid, when it launches only three days after black armory releases. Now a couple of things here, number one, of course this is for people who do want to maximize their time in the game and get rate ready.

You by all means do not have to do this, don’t feel pressured to increase your power level if you just want to sit back, enjoy the expansion and play a lot more casually. There’S nothing wrong with that play how you want to play, because there’s also nothing wrong with trying to be efficient. Another thing this video is coming up before black armory. Why is that? Well number one! The leveling system is not changing in any major way. The techniques that we learned from forsaken will also apply to black armory and especially some of the really advanced techniques we’re gon na bring up again in today’s video, but also there’s some things that you can do right now before black army launches, to really really help. You in that climb and that’s why it’s necessary to release this video when I have so, let’s get started, let’s talk about what you need to be doing right now before black army releases.

If you want to maximize your power level, games well number one: don’t do your dailies seriously as soon as you hear this as soon as you watch this video, send it to your friends. Tell your friends! Whatever stop doing your dailies, you want to save them up. For when black arm relaunches now, what am i meaning by this? Well, the dailies are on a four day rotation and the key area we’re looking at is while starting right now, Friday, November 30th. Heroic adventure has just gone, live as a daily, so that won’t be available again until the Tuesdays December 4th when the black armor DLC actually goes live. And this means that if you’re doing all of your dailies and I’m afraid, a lot of people are gon na. Do this, you just want to get everything done before black army launches the rotation after that is December. First Saturday, we have strike then Sunday December 7th.

We have gambit and Monday December 3rd. We have crucible so on that Monday. If you do your crucible daily, it will be gone. It won’t be available until the Friday December 7th the exact same day as the raid goes live. If you’re going for, like a run, Oh a world’s first potentially run or something like that. You don’t have time to do a crucible matching at your daily, so basically you’ve just lost that daily. But regardless of that most egregious example, you really don’t want to be doing your dailies, because you want them all available to all your characters when black army goes live, you don’t have to wait until Thursday for the gambit daily to come back alive, because that means You may have gotten your weekly gambit, you know all done.

You got to go back and do other matches of gambit for potentially all three characters, because you you got a little greedy and did your daily before you should have, and that’s just a huge huge waste of time and time is very precious. When you only have three days before the raid, so in my opinion it’s really not worth the 0.01 % chance to get an exotic, save your dailies for this week, stop doing them and then, when black army launches you’re gon na have all of them available, and It’S gon na help you level up so much more efficiently, alright, now moving on from there. Another thing you can be doing right now is stocking up on completed bounties. Whenever you complete a bounty, you have to go into your inventory and turn it in.

But if you don’t it just sits, there completed ready to turn in whenever you want, so you can specifically go and grab bounties that award powerful gear. Um spider bounties for like the big guy down at the bottom right. That’S gon na award powerful gear. You can go and do those just don’t turn them in same with the gambit weekly bounty. You can complete it. Just don’t turn it in then, when black armory launches on December 4th you go and accept those bounties again complete the new ones, and then you’ve got to spider bounties to turn in the one from that week and the one from last week now, the ones from The previous week, we don’t exactly know if the powerful gear is going to go beyond 600. If they do you’ve just got an extra drop, a completely extra drop free to you and that’s gon na help. You advance quite a bit, and if they don’t you, don’t really hurt in any way either.

This is really just hedging your bets, because if it does work, you basically get you know an extra three four powerful gear drops per character by grabbing and completing and holding on to these certain bounties, but you can also look at it as a way of saving A bunch of time for petra stuff, why not go and have eight petra daily bounties completed, ready to turn in and then when black army launches turn them all in and complete that bounty for doing you know eight daily petrol bounties immediately like in a second right That you did last week and that’s gon na save you time for hours of grinding the dreaming city, which again time is very valuable when you only have three days before the raid, not to mention that, if you’re holding a bunch of completed bounties and turn them All in when black army goes live, you’re gon na get the AI kora challenge for turning in a bunch of bounty has done extremely quickly as well, also holding on to gambit bounties and then turning them in next week, when the DLC is live, means that, if You level up a full tear in your gambit rank you’re gon na get powerful gear – that’s actually gon na matter, rather than just being at 600.

If you would have turned those bounties in this week, there’s a bunch of different things where this applies, but holding on to completed bounties is gon na, be a way to you know level up more efficiently in several different ways, potentially getting powerful gear. You wouldn’t otherwise get time, saving all of that stuff, so definitely consider doing that this week now, moving on from there, let’s talk about what you can do, when black armory actually releases well on a base level. These are the more simplistic things number one try to have multiple characters so right now, if you have a guy, that’s like five. Ninety try to get him up to six hundred. If you have two characters that are six hundred, you can do your powerful on one character like do every single one you can then transfer. You know the weapons over to the other character, because he’s got 620 weapons when he does his powerful you’re gon na as send even higher. Like the best players out there.

The people get to the highest light levels, they’re doing that with three characters and then that last third character, when they do all they’re powerful it’s way higher than if you just have that one character so again baseline level stuff try to do every single powerful. You can, but in terms of much more advanced techniques, the order of which you complete certain powerful gear challenges is really going to matter and that’s because powerful gear rewards are actually tiered, like, for example, Pecha rewards the stuff you get for completing the to Petra. Bounties is going to be of a higher degree of light level variance. Then, if you just do a daily crucible milestone, it’s so weird and complicated actual raid rewards from the last wish. Certain activities will drop loot that has a higher light level variance than other activities. In this same exact rate, so essentially what you want to do assuming you’re at 600, with everything, is go after those high variance drops.

First, do you’re dreaming city petra stuff. First, do the last raid, if you can first, in fact, if you’re being hyper efficient, you want to do the last two encounters with vault and a Riven of the la Souris raid first, because those are gon na drop the higher variance items and buy higher variance. What I mean is that those items are gon na drop like five to ten power levels above your overall power level. They’Re gon na give you big boosts, whereas other activities again dailies weeklies are not they’re. Gon na be a max of five, probably one another high variance activity is the nightfall. The nightfall should give you some pretty big gaps between the rewards you get from that activity and your overall light level, but there is a caveat to what I’m saying here, and that is again. This is a really advanced stuff. Loot is tiered, depending on your overall power level and with forsaken, for example, when you first started climbing beyond 500 dailies would be five power levels ahead of your overall power level. So if you 500, you did a daily Vanguard strike.

You would be 505 simple. Is that but as you kept climbing and you got beyond 5:20, they went down to one and that’s what a lot of us experience like you do your daily as you do weeklies, and if you were 560, they would drop at 561 like barely any difference. It was the petra stuff and it was the raid stuff and the nightfall stuff actually went to 540 before it started to drop off from a 5 difference to a 1 difference. So if these tiers are reintroduced, that’s going to matter quite a bit. So what you may want to do very first thing is just do a daily do one of any daily, because if you do a crucible daily and it drops at 6:05, then you know Oh they’ve reestablished these tears right, whereas before it dropped off at 5:20, they’ve Raised it to 6:10, for example, and then that means you want to do your dailies, while they are dropping higher than normal, once you get to 6 10 hypothetically they’re gon na start dropping down to 6 11, and then you know oh crap, like that. You know dailies are done now. I want to go after my hi to your stuff.

I want to do my petrus stuff. I want to do my raid stuff, potentially nightfall stuff, as well, so just to quickly summarize, because this is confusing even to me when black army comes out, do it daily to test the waters if it gives you loot of 601, you know that they’re still low To your rewards, then you want to move over to your high tier stuff, your petrol stuff, your raised stuff, potentially your nightfall stuff. That’S worth testing as well: nightfall um they’re, going to give you big gaps. So if you do your petrol, stuff and you’re getting six. Oh seven, six, ten loot, that’s really really good! Because you get to you know. Let’S say you get an auto rifle a helmet and legs all six. Oh eight! You get to put all those on and you make a pretty big leap then, once you have done all your high tier stuff, you do the lower tier stuff to balance it out, because if you do all of your low tier stuff, first you’re weeklies in dailies You’Re gon na have to get so much loot going up by 601, 601 602 tiny gaps to get to the same position as if you get again, three 608 drops from Petra.

So you want to do the high tier stuff. First then, balance your gear out with the low tier stuff. Now bungee actually has come out and said there will be brand new, powerful gear chases with black armory and those are likely related to the new forge activities. So testing out that and seeing what magnitude of powerful gear it is if it’s a big gap or a small gap is another smart idea to see what order you should be doing these powerful gear chases at now. Moving on from there, two more tips for you guys number one, prime engrams: they drop in relation to your light level and they do not scale. So that means, if you are 610 and a prime man gram drops it’s going to give you 615 loot low. At least it should – and if you forget about it or think, I’m just gon na complete this activity and your level up to 611, let’s say it’s not gon na scale to 616. It’S gon na stay at 650, no matter what so it’s worth, 99 % of the time, leaving whatever you’re doing going and decrypting that prime end gun and then going back to whatever you were doing, because those prime mangrum’s do not scale it’s important to decrypt them. As quickly as possible, another tip exotics, if they do drop, they will actually advance you power level super small chance for them to job. But you know, if you have fire to medallions well, you should be popping fire tea, medallions literally every second you’re playing the game.

You should have the fire team a buff on every second you’re playing, because the miniscule chance that increases your exhaust. If you do get an exotic drop randomly, it is going to help you advance and that is going to potentially be quite important and so guys there. You have it, I hope you guys enjoyed this video found it informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video, if you guys want to see more destiny, 2 content similar to this, don’t be afraid to slap That subscribe button and if you guys, want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity, the best way is to follow me on twitter at rick. Cactus again hope you guys enjoyed the video and, as always, have a good day.

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