Destiny 2: LEVIATHAN RAID FOR DUMMIES! Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!


What is up guys, Rick cactus here and today We have the Leviathan raid for dummies all of the tips all of the tricks for all of the encounters Start to finish for the new Leviathan raid in Destiny. 2. Now, of course, guys, the old raid guides for dummies helped literally millions of people, So I can’t wait to continue the trend in destiny. 2, however, guys obviously Completing the raid and then compiling this massive guide took a ton of work. If you find this video helpful, Please remember to help me out by simply liking and especially Sharing this video.

Even if you just tell a friend, It’s immensely helpful And so let’s get started. The first thing you’re going to do is load into the new Leviathan raid. You may actually need to go to the tower first to trigger the new milestone and unlock it. It’S his own activity, a passed to the right of Necess. Now, when you first load in you’re, going to see a lot of enemies but quick tip for you guys. You don’t actually have to attack them, They just stay there, so you can just run past all of these enemies until you reach the first real encounter that you’re going to keep returning to in the Leviathan raid. Now you notice that, in this real encounter, you have a essentially massive courtyard, with several different doors that are currently locked. You basically use this courtyard as a Focal point throughout the Leviathan raid. Every time you go into one of these doors, You’re going to beat a raid encounter you’re going to come back into this courtyard And then you’re going to do another door, another door, another door until you unlock the final Front facing door to defeat the raid boss And so, let’s start with the first Encounter, the first door you have to open is on your left from the direction you enter.

The courtyard from you’ll know it’s the right door, because all of the other doors will have banners in front of them and this door will have a Symbol. So these are going to be the mechanics for how the whole core yarda works. Essentially, what you need to do is get the banner that corresponds to the symbol on the door you’re trying to open now, There’s 4 symbols that are going to be a reoccurring theme throughout the Leviathan raid. Firstly, There is the Sun symbol. Next, there is the war dog or just dog symbol. Next there is the crossed axes, symbol And then, lastly, there is the chalice symbol. So what you’re going to do is if it displays a glowing Sun, You go to the door to which the Sun is Displayed. Like you see a big Sun Next to this door and you’ll know, this is a door for the Sun and you’ll see that the chalice is kind of there, But it’s covered in goop

You can’t pick it up, You simply fight off enemies, while you’re there, until eventually a special enemy will spawn this enemy is called the Standard bearer killing. Him will simply allow you to pick up his standard his flag, essentially and transport it to the door You’re trying to open the best strategy for this encounter is to split your team up 3 and 3, with 3 people defending and 3 People going to get the Respect of banners you’re going to have to have three people Defending because special, harder enemies called standard reclaimers will spawn and they can actually steal the Current banners that you have in placed at the door You’re trying to open. So again, three people defend and try to open the door. The other three people go around and get the banners Matching the symbols that is displayed on the door you’re trying to open now the first door. That’S going to open is the bathhouse Encounter and, to be honest, guys from this point forward buckle up. It’S going to be a bumpy ride. The Leviathan raid is an extremely mechanics, focused Unforgiving raid. To be quite honest,

There’S gon na be a lot of information coming at you, I’m gon na try to explain it as best I can, but You’re really gon na have to have a very well oiled team. If you do want to complete this raid, and so Let’s get into it now Upon entering the bathhouse encounter you’re going to find a platform in the very middle of the map surrounded by water, This water will hurt you. If you go inside it now, the platform, The very center does have a strange orb. On top of it, There’s also going to be four additional platforms, Two on the right and two on the left. So what you’re going to need to do for this encounter is have all four teammates jump on those outer Platforms. At the same time, the best strategy is display your team up three on the right and three on the Left. I’Ll explain why in just a little bit so to start the encounter four people jump again on those four platforms: They collect those orbs And that’s going to give you psionic protection.

This makes it so that you won’t get damaged while you are in the water, But it will start counting down from around fifty seconds. So what you’re going to need to do is simply hold down the Platform’s. You can see that the longer you stand on the platform’s The chain in front of you is actually moving you’re going to have to have this go all the way down all four locations to trigger the next phase, But there’s a little bit more going on than That, while you are holding down these platforms, You’re going to get ceremonial bathers that are going to spawn these are higher Level cabal’s that you definitely want to take down with a power weapon or a super very quickly. Additionally, you won’t have enough time to completely lower the chain with the initial Psionic protection you gain. So what you’re going to have to do is get off of that platform. Go to the very middle platform, which is always going to have that orb Respawning gain more psionic protection from that mil orb and then simply head back to the platform to continue Holding it open. This is why you should have three people to each side, because you’re going to need to start rotating through your teammates And you’ll, see this happening in the back on gameplay. Once I get to around 20 seconds, Maybe I will switch with the kind of third person that isn’t on a platform.

He’S gon na go on my platform. I’M gon na go recharge. Then I’m going to save my other teammate, That’s getting even lower and then he’s gon na go recharge And he’s gon na become the person that floats around the middle until he’s needed. You simply rotate these three people to make sure that, While you’re holding down the platform’s, you always have psionic protection and there’s the least amount of time that you’re not holding open these platforms, because when you’re off the Forms the chain starts to go back up. It goes the other way so again hold open these four platforms until the next phase triggers, while also having psionic protection for the Maximum amount of time. If you don’t have it you’ll simply die standing open on these Platforms, so rotate with your teammates to ensure that doesn’t happen once you’ve held all four platforms open enough, It’s going to trigger the next phase, You’re going to hear an audio

Cue, that sounds like this, Which means the next phase has begun. So your entire team heads to the middle of the map you’ll see that the middle platform is now glowing. What you’re going to have to do is stand on this middle platform to gain a specific buff That buff is called force of will when you have force of will you are able to damage the purple hanging Chains or whatever they are and burst. These glass containers Bursting all twelve glass containers will complete this encounter. However, while you’re doing this, Ceremonial bathers are also going to be spawning, So it’s a good idea to have maybe four of your teammates Dedicated to DPS and the other two dedicated to keeping the first four alive. Quite Frankly, if you aren’t able to smash all of the purple vials in one go, which is likely you’re going to see some weird-looking Silent, spawn a Chancellor make sure to just go in there and melee them.

They’Re one-hit-kill melees They’re, going to come up more in this raid There’s also a glowing strange-looking sign as well Just kill all of that stuff. You don’t want that stuff doing anything weird from this point, However, It’s pretty straightforward You’re going to do literally what you’ve just been doing holding open the four plates until Finally, you have done it enough to lower the chains enough so that you can unlock the middle Area go in there get Force of will and take down the rest of the purple vials. You also do have a reward chest. However, It’s most likely that you’re going to get redeemable tokens ever callous tokens we’re gon na get to where exactly you use those at the end of the video you may get lucky enough and get some weapons or Armor you’re also going to get a drain key. But we’re going to talk about that later. At this point, however, You’ve completed this encounter head back to the courtyard to unlock the new door and another encounter Next up. We did the very middle door which opens up into the hunt Encounter and this one is a doozy. Let me tell you So: once you’ve planted the correct banners, the doors are going to open and you’re going to head to the Pleasure, Gardens And you’re going to see a lot of different things. Firstly, There’s a bunch of jagged vertical rocks, Which looked like you can jump on top of from one to another. You can and that’s going to come up in just a little bit.

There’S also a lower layer of jungle. That’S also going to come up, But there’s also going to be a bunch of enemies around simply kill all of these enemies to trigger the encounter. To start remember, there is a ton of Hunt, master cabal’s, they’re, very easy to kill, yellow health enemies that will drop power, ammo So stock up on that now, once you do kill all of the enemies in this arena, you’re going to see a bunch of objective Markers appear at the back of it in a Special kind of building. This building will come up multiple times, You’re going to see two Floating gems on top and then a bunch of other objectives down below all six of which will have to be used by one teammate each. So, firstly, let’s talk about the floating gems, they’re, actually prism weapons. You can pick them up And then, when you’re standing on the glowing pillars of light that you’ve seen around the map, you can actually shoot this prism weapon additionally down below. There’S a bunch of spores that the other four teammates will pick up now. Once two of your teammates pick up the prism weapons you’re going to really start this encounter a bunch of war beasts, six to be exact Will spawn. You have to kill all six to pass to the next encounter, but it’s a little more complicated than just shooting them.

Unfortunately, what you’re, then going to have to do is upon picking up and Spawning all of these different war beasts. Is the other four teammates need to pick up one of the spores each You’re then going to have to go sneak around the map, treat this somewhat. Like the Gorgons maze from destiny, one vault of glass, Because if the war beasts spot you so if you’re running, if you’re jumping, They will definitely run after you and trigger a mechanic that makes you wipe. Your entire team will just die unless you get back inside This building where the spores first spawned. So you don’t want to do that so you’re going to want to Crouch with your four teammates and Sneak around the map. The two people with the prism weapons are jumping from tall rock to tall rock Into the different lights so that they can use their prison weapons at the appropriate times. So look around the map or watch the background, gameplay and familiarize yourself with these Strange-looking rocks. They’Re. Definitely out of place and every once in a while, these rocks will glow purple as again You’ll see in the background gameplay this purple glow indicates That’s where you want your team to head So you’re, going to first start to spawn everything the people up top with The prison weapons are going to look around and see where That purple glow is, let’s say the one on the very Beginning, left right near the base.

Where you start is glowing purple Great. Your teammates are going to head there. The people with the spores are going to sneak there once all four of them are in range And they want to all get in range at around the same time, Because if one is in range and tries to wait for the other three, it may despawn. But once they’re all in range of this purple glow the person with the prison weapons above While standing in the light, will shoot a beam of the prison light at the purple Glow and it will explode and cause a buff. This buff is called empowering spores And you get three stacks for each teammate, with a spore that was hit by the purple explosion. So if only one teaming is nearby and someone with the prism shoots too early You’re just going to get three times. If all four people are nearby you’re going to get twelve times now, This is very important because the more empowering spores you have the more damage you do to the war beasts, So you’re gon na want to get your empowering spores up as much as possible So That you can kill as many war beasts as you possibly can in a single phase, So this encounter really just consists of the people with the prisms spotting where to go, Which one of these different rocks is glowing purple, There’s going to be three different locations. Ringed around The right side and the left side and in one location in the very middle of the map, So you’re simply going to call out okay, Go. You know, front left very beginning near the base. Your team’s gon na go there. Alright, The next one is middle right. Your team goes there And then the next one just spawned in the very And then your team goes there and at that point, if you’ve done everything right, Your entire sneaking team has avoided the war beasts and snuck by Crouch. Walking over to the purple glows, and once I get there, Someone with the prisms shoots that purple glow it explodes you get a bunch of buffs at that point.

You’Ll have 36 times, and Then you can drop down and try to engage these war peace. However, again You can keep going beyond 36 times. 36 is a pretty good marker. You can usually melt two of these beasts, and sometimes three, if you are a good Coordinated team, you are gon na – want to quite legitimately get it above 36. If you can, Because that’s gon na make melting three a lot easier And once you do three, it becomes a lot easier doing two and then having to do two and two in the next. Two phases Is a little difficult and we’ll explain why in just a second, So those are most of the base. Mechanics down. What you really want to aim for is getting as much empowering spores as you can before a new notification Pops up that the war dogs grow restless. At this point. Eventually, They won’t have to necessarily find someone, but they will just howl and introduce the death mechanic when this happens Or if your 36 are above and someone does get spotted, Pull the trigger. Get your entire team in there. Remember that the people with the prisms Can’t actually get the spore a damage bonus until they’re down below with the rest of your team and just melt as many as you Can. You only have about 3045 seconds until the door at the top of the building where you had to start Closes, and you can no longer get in. So you want to melt as many enemies as you can as fast as you can get Your entire team back inside that door. It’S going to close and then your team will survive the only other thing you really need to know.

Watch There’s a few more things, but one other thing You need to know is that every time you burst, a spore Tuka balls will spawn a hunt master one on the right and one on the left. So split your prism team up right and left And, as you can see even the background gameplay, You melt those cabal’s extremely fast with the prisms. So just be aware of that, once you do the first damage phase, things are going to change drastically. Why it’s very important to try to melt three, I mean if you can four that would be amazing War beasts in that first phase by getting your spores as high as possible, because for the second and third phase and by the way, There’s actually a little light Inside that say, from those three red lights, when they’re all used up, You can no longer go back in that safe room, So you only get a limited amount of phases, But in every phase past the first one the dogs are going to get restless much much Sooner So you’re going to have only the opportunity to get twenty four stacks is amazing, like two spores popped But likely twelve, you can definitely kill one war beast with twelve, But it is a little bit hard and you’re. Definitely not gon na kill two unless you like the most amazing team on earth.

So that’s why you really want to kill four or three on that first phase, because the Next few phases will go by a lot quicker, They’ll, just howl and start that mechanic. A lot earlier, So you want to be able to have the luxury, essentially of only having to kill one or two for those last couple of phases and By the way remember the dogs, don’t respawn. So if you kill the three dogs on the left side, the left side will be Totally clear, which means that you don’t have to worry about crouching and sneaking. Your team can just run to the nearest glowing purple spore on the left side and blow it up. Really quickly to get an easy, twelve stack for the Next rounds after the first phase, it’s going to be complicated And it’s going to likely take several tries Because your team is going to have to get used to the right routes to run to avoid the dogs. That’S really the main thing once

You kind of get used to where the dogs go. It is a preset pattern. You’Ll start getting this a lot faster, and So who That is the second encounter, the instant you kill all of the war beasts. It will complete it and give you an engine key as well as another chest that you can get either tokens from or weapons or armor At this point head right back out to the courtyard start, killing enemies and open the door on the right. This will be the last encounter before the final boss encounter at the very front chalice room. So have all six of your teammates stand on this elevator, Which brings you up into the rina for the next encounter. The gauntlet You’ll recognize those four symbols yet again and in front of each of those four symbols. There is an elevated platform. Four people are going to have to stand on these four different platforms. Two of them will look a little different, the chalice symbol and the dog symbol for us Had these certain device that spawned Orbs near the front. You really only need to do this one time to figure out which places are the two special places that will spawn the orbs, So essentially split your team up One person on each one of these elevated platforms, two people on the special platforms. Again, They have these special devices in the front.

You’Ll see very soon in the background gameplay. What the heck I’m talking about at this point, when you’re standing on those platforms kill a bunch of enemies that will eventually cause a Slightly harder enemy to spawn, kill that guy and that’s going to trigger orbs to spawn. Send one of your teammates from the teams of two to go and grab these orbs one person each will have an orb. They are then going to get teleported to the outside track ringing the arena And then they’re going to have to literally do a gauntlet, like some American Ninja Warrior style stuff here so You’re, going to notice that as you’re running through There’s a shield blocking your way At the part That looks like Connect, four there’s a bunch of little circles that you have to jump through now on the outside of those sections. There’S three downward pointing arrows that is very important, Essentially you’re going to have to have teammates shoot. Two teammates shoot the right Arrows at the exact same time. It can’t be one teammate shooting, like the top one and the bottom one it has to be at The same time. So two teammates are gon na, have to shoot

Let’S say the top one and the bottom one. Yet again, That’s going to open the shield that is blocking you and allow you to continue, And that was very complicated and let’s try to break it down even further. So Essentially, what you’re going to need to do is designate All of your different teammates to look to their right help the team on their right there’s only two guys running so two teammates can again focus on the barrier that each one of the runners has Encountered. Like one runner will one run by, they see the runner coming, they focus on getting them through the barriers They can see. Then the next guy is gon na come around. They focus on getting him through those barriers and How you get the runner through. The barriers is to shoot the Correct arrows at the right time. So what are the correct arrows and how do you know Will the runner is going to have to shout out which places to shoot The runner will actually see a bunch of those different circles, But one of them will be glowing red. The one glowing red is the row you do not want to shoot.

So if there’s a glowing red one in the very middle circle, you’re going to say top and bottom, your teammates on the outside are going to one of them shoot the top. The other shoot. The bottom arrow and that’s going to Open up the doors, And if you do it correctly, it will spawn a special orb in the red circle. The circle that you Didn’t want to shoot the row for you collect this orb And, as you can see in the background gameplay, it extends the time that you can run. If you miss these orbs, the orbs Are carrying, will just explode and you will lose this Encounter. So a huge tip for you, guys to avoid confusion, is to designate one teammate to top or bottom higher or lower, Essentially designate one teammate that you’re only going to shoot the higher ones. The next guy over to the right You’re. Only gon na shoot the lower ones next guy higher ones last guy lower ones. This makes things a lot easier because you’re not confused and where to shoot if you’re designated higher and the runner yells out middle and bottom well, you’re gon na shoot the higher one. The middle one, if he yells out top and middle you’re gon na shoot the top one if he Yells out top and bottom, you shoot the top one if you’re designated lower and he shouts out You know top middle, you shoot the middle one Top low. She, the low one, it will become a lot easier once you do it a couple of times But designate people to do.

That is definitely the best way to go now. You’Re going to have to run this gauntlet three Times, which means are gon na, have to make it all the way around and eventually get to the finish line, which will teleport you back Into the main arena. You head to the very center of the map and slide your orb and that’s going to advance this encounter. So it really just is coordination with your teammates and the people running with the orbs shouting out the correct rows that your other teammates shoot Once they make it through three Gauntlets and slam the middle three times for a total of six, because there’s two teammates: it’s Going to trigger the next mechanic for this encounter By the way, each time you run the gauntlet, it will get a little bit harder. The first time is very easy, But the second and third time there’s going to be gaps appearing that you have to jump over, etc. Now something important to note if you’re on the outside the guy who’s shooting the arrows You’re, also going to have to deal with the weird Saiyans that have the shield’s around them. When you see these guys Hop off your platform run into the shield, just get a quick melee and go back to your platform. The priority is helping your teammates get through those shields. But if you forget about these Saiyans the weird-looking shielded Saiyans, They will trigger mechanic that can cause you to wipe so you’re gon na want to kill those whenever You see them, if you’re on the outside Okay. So once you do slam six orbs in total, It’s going to trigger the next phase, which is going to cause six orbs in total to spawn in this middle area.

Your entire team runs to the middle of the map. Each one collects an orb and they will all be Teleported to run the gauntlet at the exact same time. Now It’s going to open up all of the different little holes, but only four of them will actually have the objective little orbs Inside that will extend your duration, so try to share them. If you get one try to move over to a different hole. The next Time, so you don’t get one and then go on the next time. You only need four people to finish This gauntlet for it to complete and I’m pretty sure you need to actually hit all of the different orbs. So I was busy clutching for my team because the rest of them missed it. Then they left me behind And I just died. But again, Thankfully, only four need to complete it to the finish line, and then you complete this Encounter and were on to the final boss, fight, Accept or kind of not come.

This encounter is going to get you a ventilator key And yet another chest and you’ve probably been wondering What do I use all of these keys for? Well, We kind of found out After completing this encounter and then heading back through the hallway to get to the main courtyard. You may notice that there are Levers you can actually pull these levers to unlock the bowels of the ship and, yes, I’m being serious, pull the levers at the right time. There’S only four levers and you’ll know you’re the first person. If you pull your lever and it stays down, That’s the first person, someone else pulls if there’s stay down the next person. If It does go back up, then they’re, not the next person just do trial and error. Until you get the order Correct, as you can see us do in the back on gameplay, That’s again going to open a door which is going to allow you to go through the entire ship. This is the crazy part.

We didn’t really explore absolutely everything here. We did focus on actually beating the raid and that’s what this video is going to focus on. I’M going to do an entire video on this whole area and the secrets there, but the chests for this encounter are presumably here Also something to note these passageways go throughout the entire raid. You can actually Presumably get to the start of each encounter from the bowels of the ship, perhaps entirely Skipping the courtyard mechanic. We actually found our way to the front of the ship. We found our way from the actual boss fight back into the bowels of the ship, but it is very complicated And you’re likely to get lost. So if you’re, focusing on just Completing the raid you’re, just gon na, want to head out to the courtyard and that’s where this video will continue. And so we move on either through the bowels of the ship or through the courtyard, using the familiar banner mechanics to again the final boss fight of the Leviathan raid. This is going to be a heck of an explanation. Essentially it’s broken down into two different roles. You have three people doing one thing and three people doing another thing, and So let’s get started upon entering the Royal chambers.

You’Re going to see the job of the Hut rip off himself Sitting there with a big cup in his hand, you actually can shoot the Cup to start this encounter Or go stand right next to him, but either way He’s going to stand up and spawn a Bunch of enemies and also shoot laser beams at you through his forehead, So that’s something in any event: you’re going to have to kill a bunch of these enemies. In fact, You’re going to have to kill every yellow health special enemy that has spawned here to trigger the next Encounter. Once you do so, a bunch of those weird-looking shielded Cylons will spawn yet again for to be precise. Apparently you don’t actually have to kill them. However, We always did because they pretty much guaranteed and remember you can kill them with a single melee. They pretty much guaranteed a power. Ammo drop, so that’s very, very useful. So once you kill all of the ads, It’s going to spawn force ions that are situated right beside the four exact same symbols that we keep seeing. You kill these four Cylons as quickly as possible. If you want to get some free power, ammo And then you’re going to be teleported to this very strange-looking Dimension with a massive fat cabal head in front of you now, aside from the massive head, There’s a couple of other details, you need to take notice of. Firstly, There’s going to be three orbs, to which you’ve kind of seen before and also there’s going to be a very low kind of Shin-hye wall across this arena.

That is Extremely important now this is where you are going to split your team up. Three and three Three people go through each of the three different glowing: orbs They’re, going to get teleported back into the throne room, the other three teammates are going to stand behind the wall, Preferably crouched, and do a whole bunch more stuff. Now, if you are one of the people that goes back into the throne room, You’re simply going to kill as many enemies as you can, hopefully preventing yourself from dying. Remember You only have one respawn token per person, So you do not want to die, especially if your team is split up like this. The three people in the throne room Should definitely be saving their tokens. They’Re gon na have to revive more people and they’re more likely to die in any event again, You get teleported in you kill a bunch of ads, but you also keep an eye on those ion’s and wait for instructions. Meanwhile, the three people on the outside are going to start getting sucked towards the giant cabal face. If they jump, they will Instantly die if they hit a ramp as they’re being sucked and fly up into the air, They will instantly die if they go through a hole.

They will instantly die if they get blown up by a Cylon. That’S going to spawn. There will instantly die if, Frankly, for no reason at all the Ray just decides to screw you over, They will instantly die. Trust me that’s going to happen. In any event, however, if three people outside are going to stand at that knee-high barrier, that barrier is the thing preventing you from Flying towards the Kabala head and instantly dying so again, crouched behind it. Each Person is going to see a different symbol projected on the giant cabal head. For example, I see a dog, my teammate may see the Sun and my other teammate may see the cross axis We’re each gon na shout out which symbol

We see and the one we didn’t shout out in this case it would be the chalice. That’S the one the teammates inside have to kill one more time. For clarity’s sake, the three guys that are in the Massive head part of the raid going to see a symbol each themselves like a unique symbol that they can only see in their own screen. If I have dog my other teammate has the Sun and My other teammate has across two axes the last one. The odd one out is The chalice we say: kill the chalice kill the child killed the chalice. The people inside run to the Sion. That’S near the chalice symbol, There’s going to be the child symbol right above his head and all the other symbols for the other three And they melee the chalice guy boom. That’S what you need to do Now if they melee the wrong one, it’s going to cause that barrier wall to instantly disappear And if they melee the right one, it’s going to make it so that the next one Disappears. In the meantime, if you’re out near the giant head, There’s going to be the glowing silence that spawn you have to kill both of them each time they spawn, kill the right one and the left one. If you don’t, they will explode and cause your entire team to wipe and As soon as you’re done, the first barrier you be pulled towards the second barrier. Again, Make sure that you’re standing in the right position that you’re not going to go off a jump or go into a hole. So actually Move left to right. To make sure the coast is clear in front of you And when you hit that second barrier from each barrier on this point forward.

There’S going to be normal silence, That’s spawn! You have to kill these as quickly as possible, honestly kill them before you kill the white ones. That’S so important. They are because, if they get off their attack, where they make the void power And it goes and blows you up into the air of course, if you’re blown up into the air, when you’re being sucked forward You’ll instantly die, It’s a nightmare just kill these guys. First Then kill the white guys and the whole time. This is happening, you’re going to need to also Shout out the symbols.

You’Re, seeing there’s a lot going on, it’s gon na Take several times to get used to it, but that’s really what you have to do. Eventually, you will not see any more symbols on the giant, Kabbalah’s forehead. You only have to do three of the rounds of symbols. You’Re just gon na have to kill a few more Saiyans and then he’s going to start barfing skulls at you, and I am dead serious. This, however, is very important. You have to kill as many Skulls as you can there’s about 60 total and the more skulls you kill the more damage you will do in the upcoming damage phase. Now, once the people in the big head arena are killing skulls, the people inside need to damage the boss as quickly as possible, He’s going to be doing an animation, as you can see in the background gameplay, And if you don’t kill him fast enough. If you don’t lower his shield fast enough, He will cause your team to wipe so DPS him as much as possible to prevent him from doing this.

So once all the skulls have spawned and you’ve hopefully killed around 50 is the number you really want to be aiming for. That’S quite good DPS, There’s going to be three like portals that appear yet again. The three teammates in the giant head arena Run through those portals and meet up with the rest of the teammates in the throne room. At this point, you begin the damage phase. What you’re going to need to do is have all of your teammates hop on one of the different platforms that the Saiyans Been spawning. As you can see. In the background We chose to hop on the back right. One then the front right then rotate over to the front left and then the back left Last of all. Technically, I suppose you could rotate to whatever Ones you want to just make sure all of your teammates are on the same one, and then they all migrate to the second one. This is all about doing a ton of damage at once.

There’S a lot of good things You can use here. The merciless exotic fusion rifle was an absolute peach here is fantastic. Also, empowering rifts are very good, especially if you’re playing a warlock on you And you’re on the outside big head arena, because you don’t really need a healing rift that there’s no opportunity to use one so use An empowered rift if you’re one of those people Golden Gun is also fantastic, especially if you can get those crits and spawn orbs for your teammates that do even more Area of effect and damaging supers. But again you just want to deal damage as much of it as you can So again. You’Re going to all hop on one platform Do as much damage as you can and you’re then going to see him raise his hand and yell at that point. Get off that platform because he’s going to cause a big solar explosion To appear right on the platform you were at and you do not want to be there when that thing, explodes Likely, teammates are going to die if they’re, too close. So as soon as you see him, Raising that hand get off that platform and go to the next one Damage the crap out of him from that next platform. As soon as you see him raise at hand yet again Go to the next one, rinse and repeat, if you do enough damage You’re able to take down a full third of his health, which is going to trigger the next face, Turns out this rate. Boss is actually a robot, not the real cabal leader, but an imposter, pretty cool storyline element. But this is very important because he’s going to change his tactics a little bit in this next encounter, namely his Critical, is then going to change to his chest.

So make sure you’re shooting him at the chest and not as at his head anymore. Now you absolutely don’t need to get him to this robot stage in one damage phase. It just makes things easier. Essentially, the less damage phases you have, the less likely someone’s going to die and screw Because there’s so mechanic driven very likely someone’s going to die doing something. So after you rotate to each of the four different symbols, avoiding his attacks. And hopefully you get him to transform that will be one damaged phase there about then You’re a bunch of ads are going to spawn you’re gon na. Do the whole thing again, like you, did the very beginning of this encounter, Kill ads, caused a Cylon to spawn, kill the signs if you can to get free power, ammo get Teleport out to the bighead area. The three people staying in the throne room, teleport in and the other three people stay out. There’S no changes of mechanics from this point forward to those main mechanics. So the people in a throne room are just listening to directions and killing the correct, sion and Also slaying out you got to kill a lot of ads stuff like stormcaller and potentially hammers and stuff is very good here, Where you can just kill a bunch of Ads with your supers and the people in the big head area are just going to shout Out the proper directions and kill Saiyans and hopefully stay alive Now. Moving on to the second damage phase, the one thing that has changed is that potentially again, You’ve changed his form into the robot form. If you do that, He’s no longer going to hold up his hand and cause the fire to spawn, But instead he’s going to aim his gun at you. And at that point, That’s when you want to leave Your area and go to the next platform to stand on. That’S really the only change you need to be aware of for this. Second third of his health, so you’re gon na get through a second damage phase. Let’S say and you’re going to trigger him down to that last third of health He’s going to slightly change yet again.

The only changes this time is that, firstly, the whole time He’s been lifting his hand, even sometimes when you’re not doing a DPS phase and causing those solar explosions. If you see a solar, The kind of flare appearing near you just get out of the area, You don’t want to get hit by that. But now in the third damage phase he’s going to light a whole area of the ground on fire, so really tried to avoid that, and Also note that, instead of the normal array of ads big Colossus, Cabal will spawn that’s very important because they, the slowing arc Attacks which can honestly Completely screw your team over if you get slowed just before you’re, going to melee the right side on you know, so you want to Take those down as quickly as possible Team shot them super them. You know use potentially a little bit of power Elma whatever you can. You don’t want to save Everything for the boss and then die because you were getting a little bit greedy. You need to survive that encounter. You need to slay out Until you get to that damaged phase moving on from there three or four damage phases later, Hopefully not five you’re going to eventually do enough damage To Emperor Callas that you will trigger the last death Mechanic, so just played as normal. Until you eventually damage him damage him, And then he will start to do one last kind of hurrah death mechanic Very similar to access in the wrath of the machine. Where he’s lifting his arms and you’re going to have to do as much damage As you can to him, or else it will trigger a wipe mechanic, if you pump enough damage into him, he will die for good and Congratulations.

You’Ve just beaten the Leviathan raid frig destiny to the middle of the arena Is going to open up and there’s a drop-down Which you head down, run across a pretty crazy looking area with a bunch of other Robot calluses nearby. Thank goodness, we only had to fight one at a time And then you will collect the final grade chest. Okay, so that is it for the Leviathan raid. However, There’s a couple of other things to note number one: what the heck Do you do with all of your consumable coins You’ve been getting throughout this rate. Well, you actually head back to the tower. If you open your directory, you can see on the tower that there is a new objective, A blue objective in the bazaar head there and you’ll find a very suspicious-looking sweeper bot. He is actually an emissary of the Cabal and you can level him up with those tokens to unlock more raid Gear. In addition to that, if you’re in a class Don’t forget to go and collect your luminous raid and gram which will award you with a raid, I think it’s weapon may be somewhat of a chance to get armor.

It’S only gon na have ten attacks. You’Re gon na have to infuse it upwards, But at least you can get one more reward from that and that should apply to your entire clan as well. So if you have a big plan – and some of you guys have done it – the rest of the people should get those rewards too, and so guys that is truly it for the Leviathan raid for dummies. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video found. It helpful again, If you did, it would be immensely helpful of you if you could like and especially share this video. I don’t do giveaways or like goals or any of that stuff. So honest people, like you guys, are the only way my channel stays alive. So, thank you so much to the people who do support me now guys if you want to see more destiny content similar to this, don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button. If you guys want to get in touch with me and Keep up to date with the latest channel activity, the best way is to follow me on twitter at rick. Cactus, That’s linked in the description down below, as is my twitch channel, but you can also follow

I’M gon na help You enjoy the video and, as always, have a good day and good luck.

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