Destiny 2 Master Nightfall Guide “Fallen S.A.B.E.R” By: Divide21


Firstly, I found these people on LFG and we adjusted to a strat that worked to help us farm 15 minute clears. We’re not the best players and they’re probably a lot of other strats but this worked for us. My first clear was almost an hour long just so you’re all aware. It just takes time and pratice to adjust and find what works for you. I’m making this guide to help everyone as much as I can because I went through so my pain on my first few runs and it was a hard struggle with about 10 wipes at the boss and 1 hour clears. Hope this helps.

Note: We were around 10-20 power under the recommended.


Master 1330 – OUR SPEEDRUN ALL CHAMPS DEFEATED STRAT (150-200k Score, 14mins 15secs):

– 2 Warlocks with a Well and Phonix Protocol, chain supers

– 1 Hunter with Omnioculus and a build that supports your two Warlocks with unlimited invisibility and grenades.


Hunter should use Divinity and Sundering Glare with Omnioculus for constant team invisibility and damage resistance.

Warlocks should use either Dead Man’s Tale, Izinagi’s Burden, any Anti-Barrier Sniper, or a Shotgun alongside that, or an Overload SMG. Rocket Launchers did a good job for Heavy or Riskrunner is another good choice (but one one person max should use it). It really doesn’t matter what you use as you’ll destroy champions regardless because of the hunter’s 20% and 30% debuffs stacked from Divinity and Sundering Glare. I’d recommend an Overload SMG/Riskrunner for one with an Anti-Barrier Scout or Sniper. Both Warlocks should use Anti-Barrier.


At the Warsat – Part 1

Activate the Warsat and slowly build it up to around 85/100 then step away and use your Supers/Wells to kill everything. The two Warlocks should stay back and shoot of the Ship’s Turrets and the Hunter should be building up the Warsat time using Invisibility to stay safe (with the Warlocks throwing healing grenades when needed due to Attrition).

First Room – Part 2

Go in slowly and kill all the exploding shanks, then have the Hunter make the team invisible and run in and have one Warlock place a well, Hunter uses the tether and your build to spam grenades whilst the Warlocks focus on the Anti-Barrier champion. Chain Well supers when each one runs out.

Deactivate the Arc Streams – Part 3

Have the hunter go in staying invisible at all times and deactivate the arc stream. Ads will de-spawn afterwards.

Locate the Breach Site – Part 4

Have the Hunter make the team invisible and then all rush in and one Warlock places down a well, clear the room like you did during Part 2. When you head up to the next room just before the boss do the same thing but once you clear the top part where the Barrier is, have the next well placed on the stairs to kill the 3 Overloads.

Final Boss – Part 5

Go to the corner cheese-spot that we were at (far left corner just ouside) and sit there chaining Warlock Wells, have the Hunter with Divinity and Sundering Glare go to the back of the room to activate the 20% debuff from the mod slotted. The Hunter should keep spamming grenades and invisibility on the floor to gain damage resistance for the team but the Warlocks should focus primarily on killing everything and the Champions. Use Divinity and your Rocket Launcher to help your team do DPS to the boss.

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