Morgeth, the Spirekeeper is the third encounter in Last Wish. Not really too many ways to intro this boss, I guess his back is gross or something, let’s just start. Team composition should be boss damage focused. While there are a decent number of add spawns in the fight, it’s not enough that you need to be constantly spamming supers, although having a couple of offensive supers just in case will come in handy.

Warlocks should stick to Well of Radiance for boss damage, while Titans and Hunters should go with offensive supers. In terms of loadouts, Whisper/Sleeper should be a part of your loadout, with the other two slots being open. The goal of the fight is to kill Morgeth, but he is immune, what a surprise. In order to be able to deal damage to Morgeth, you need to grab enough Taken Strength off of the field to power yourselves up. There are 10 orbs per damage cycle and the 10th, assuming that you haven’t lost any during the fight, will be the final one before you can start damage. Morgeth will also be growing in strength during the encounter, with messages popping up every 10%. While he powers up slowly at first, the speed of his growth will ramp up over time. The fight starts when you pick up this first Taken Strength orb. Note the position of this orb. It will respawn later in the encounter and picking up THIS orb will eventually trigger a DPS phase assuming you have 9 other Taken Strength stacks on all other players combined.

Taken Strength doesn’t appear to have any initial effects like a boost in damage or anything like that. You can stack Taken Strength up to 2 times, but if you grab a 3rd, you will die. During the encounter, you’ll be greeted by psions and Ogres, these should be killed as they spawn in. You will also have Eyes of Riven spawning throughout the encounter who will drop their Taken Essence, but only two Taken Essence can be spawned on the map at a time. If you kill an Eye of Riven while 2 already exists, that Eye of Riven will drop nothing. Umbral Enervation is one of the main mechanics in the encounter, which I’ll be calling cyclone moving forward. When you have either 1 or 2 stacks of Taken Strength, you have a chance to be cycloned. The cyclone immobilizes you, but you can still shoot your gun. The debuff lasts 20 seconds and if you are not freed from the cyclone in that time, you die. To be freed from the cyclone, someone with the Taken Essence needs to run over to you and use the grenade ability.

This will free the person in the cyclone, but it will also steal all of their Taken Strength. Remember that you can’t go above 3 stacks or you die, so you need to be aware of how many stacks you have and how many the other person has. A person with 2 stacks should never be the essence holder because they will die. Taken Strength stack management is a huge part of the encounter, and strategies will vary depending on how you want to handle the stacks. If you die, your Taken Strength is thrown back onto the field, so try not to die in order to not mess up your rhythm. Taken Strength spawns in a wave of 1 to start, then 4, then another 4, then the final 1 in front of him.

The way my team has handled this is by getting people stacked to 2 as fast as possible. The waves of 4 will spawn 2 per side. After wave 1, you’ll have 1 person with 1. After wave 2, you’ll have 2 with 2 and 1 with 1 and after wave 3, you’ll have 4 with 2 and 1 with 1. You need to communicate with your team as to who has zero stacks and can free people from cyclone, as anyone with 1 stack can not free someone with 2 stacks. Those with Taken Strength stacks should try to play more towards the middle of the field after the 3rd wave of strength comes in just in case someone from the other side needs to come free them of the cyclone. Keep communication lines open and clear so that people who need to be freed can get their callouts out. After the 3rd wave of Taken Strength has spawned and after the next person has been freed from a cyclone, your team should prepare for boss damage. Rifts, barriers, whatever you need to set up, you should set up. Morgeth’s crit spot is gigantic, so feel free to set up where ever your team is most comfortable.

After grabbing the 10th, it’s time for damage, lay into him hard. During this time, Morgeth will continue to rapidly grow in strength. If he ever reaches 100%, you wipe. So, you can stop him by either killing him or by using a Taken Essence from an Eye of Riven. One person will have to grab a Taken Essence around when you start the damage phase in order to launch a Taken Captain bomb at Morgeth in order to stop him. Launching this bomb will put you back at phase 1 of the encounter, starting the entire process over again. You should launch the bomb attack in between 80 and 90% because he will get to full strength a couple of seconds after 90% and the bomb does have travel time. During the damage phase, many, MANY axion darts will be spawning out of Morgeth. Having a dedicated dart killer is not a bad idea for first time runs. As for encounter flow, split your team into 2 groups of 3, left side and right side. Start the encounter, then one person from both sides should grab both Taken Strength.

In between the 2nd and 3rd waves and then again in between the 3rd and 4th waves, 1 person will be cycloned. The first cyclone shouldn’t be hard to coordinate, but the second cyclone may require someone from the opposite side to come help you. After the 2nd cyclone is cleared, the final strength will spawn in the middle. Someone will grab this and then damage should start shortly after that. You also need someone to be the Essence holder to stop Morgeth from reaching full power, doing this on the fly is not very difficult. You don’t need to grab the essence right away, but keep the timer in mind. Going into a pack of enemies to grab it may result in death, so be careful. Watch out for the tons of axion darts during the damage phase. After he reaches 80-90% power, the essence should blast him and reset the encounter. Do it one more time and you should have a kill.

This is not a very long encounter at all and Morgeth can be killed on a good run in 2 damage cycles and in 1 cycle on a great run. Just keep eyes on taken strength stacks, make sure you’re killing Eye of Rivens and communicate, poor communication will be the biggest problem for your team in this encounter. When you clear Morgeth, it’s on to The Vault. I’ll see you there. .

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