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Destiny 2: Morgeth, the Spirekeeper Raid Guide – Last Wish


The minaret guardian Moggs is the third level of the last wish This Boss has nothing to do except the back is disgusting, so let’s get started. Team configuration should be biased towards output boss Although there are a certain number of mobs to deal with But not too many Of course, one or two blame tricks are also possible in case It is best to have a well of flame when exporting Boss, but it is not 100% needed. Titans and hunters choose offensive moves As for weapon selection, it is best to bring a bug sniper cannon Free hand The goal of this level is to kill Morgus. However, it is immune to all damage. If you want to hurt Morgus You must absorb enough power to strengthen yourself Each cycle will have a total of 10 powerful ball brushes on the field If there is no error, the output stage will start after absorbing the 10th one.

At the same time, Moggs will also increase his strength and jump out of the prompt on the left for every 10% increase in strength The growth rate is slow at the beginning but will gradually increase It ?s okay to absorb the first force Remember where the ball is After that, a ball will be swiped at this position and it will enter the output stage. The premise is that all players already have a total of 9 layers of power The power of puppet does not seem to have other effects such as injury Each player can have up to 2 levels of ?? power absorbed on the 3rd level and will die on the spot You must absorb it as soon as possible because the unabsorbed puppet force will accelerate the growth of Moggs’ power.

This level will brush remote mobs and big eye monsters. You can also brush Raven’s Eye to kill the Essence of Emu. However, there can only be a maximum of two maggots on the field at the same time. If there are already two Essences on the field and you kill another Raven’s Eye then it will not drop anything. Shadow Weakness is one of the main mechanisms of this level. You may be imprisoned when you have 1 or 2 levels of puppet power Imprisoned but unable to move after being imprisoned Debuff lasts 20 seconds if he is not rescued within the time limit and dies on the spot Not only will the power of death be returned to the court The way out of captivity is to let the person holding the essence of ?? run to the person in captivity to use the grenade key skill Instead of using big-bomb bomber skills Rescue the imprisoned people at the same time they will transfer to you Remember that you can’t have three layers of cricket power or you will die on the spot? So those who take the essence should pay attention to the layers of themselves and their teammates.

People on 2 floors must not be able to rescue those in captivity The power of layer management is a major focus of this level The play will also change depending on how you deal with the number of layers Remind me once again that if you die, the power of rebirth will be returned to the field So try not to die so as not to disrupt the rhythm At the beginning, I will use 1 smashing force to open the monster, then 4 and then 4 again, and finally 1 in front of the boss My team’s play is to let people absorb to the second layer as soon as possible 4 when swiping, 2 on each side There will be 1 person and 1 floor after the first wave After the second wave there will be 2 people with 2 floors and 1 person with 1 floor After the third wave, there will be 4 people with 2 floors and 1 person with 1 floor.

Teams need to communicate for people without layers to lift the captivity Because if there is one floor, there is no way to save the two floors. Those with layers can try to swim in the middle as much as possible Especially after the third wave of power is applied, it is convenient for the other person to come to rescue you as soon as possible Shout Mai as short and clear as possible so that people know who is being imprisoned After the third wave of power has been brushed out and rescued, Ready to output Hurry up if there is anything you want to put on the wall Moggs has a lot of weaknesses, so stand where you feel comfortable playing After absorbing the 10th Puppet Force, you can start to output at full strength. Moggs will continue to grow during this time Once it reaches 100%, it will be destroyed So you can directly kill it before that or interrupt it with the gimmick of the ?? essence dropped by Eye of Raven.

Arrange for a person to interrupt Moggs with the essence during output After interrupting with a big move, it will directly enter the next cycle You have to interrupt at 80% or 90% strength because 90% strength will reach 100% in a few seconds And big bombs have time to fly Also in the output stage, Morgus will brush out a lot of tracking black balls It is also possible to arrange a person to play black ball exclusively in the wasteland If there is no one round of output to kill Boss, a second round of circulation is required.

Then in the second round, 2 balls will be swiped and then 3 instead of 4 and so on. If you need to do the third round, you will start with 3 balls and so on. The process of this level is 3 people on each side Open the monster and one person on the left and right will absorb 2 layers of power 1 person will be imprisoned between the second and third wave balls and the third and fourth wave balls The first imprisonment should be easy to rescue. The second imprisonment may require someone from the other side to come and help. After the second person is rescued, the last one will be brushed in the middle. Begin to output Boss after absorption You also need to arrange for someone to take the essence to prevent the strength of the boss from growing to 100% This level of coordination and strain is not difficult Just remember that the ?? essence Debuff mechanism of the last level is the same in this level and subsequent levels.

You do n?t have to pick up the essence right away, but you still have a number in your heart to pick up the essence. Remember to keep track of the black ball when outputting Boss power increases to 80% to 90%. Interrupt with essence to start the next cycle. Usually two or three rounds can kill This process is not normal, if you can kill Moggs in two rounds Good cooperation can be taken away in a round Keep an eye on the number of layers of power to ensure that Raven’s Eye is killed and communicated more The biggest point about this is communication After defeating Moggs, head to the vault. See you then .

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