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Destiny 2 My tips for beyond light By: Grim7752


Hi there so I made typed this in a comment and decided it might be good to post the tips here so here is hopefully this helps some of u. Good luck!


First of all this is mainly for people who don’t know how to grind or wants to do the campaign or get the fragments fast.

First is the campaign. If u wish to do it fast while not completely steamrolling through the thing then u should power level first. Get to about 1100-1150 light.

Where to farm?

Do the widows watch lost sector on the edz and focus on killing the boss and getting the chest. U don’t need to kill the adds just kill the boss take the chest and get out. A fast way of killing the boss is killing one of the shanks next to him. They will drop unstable essence which will increase ur damage to the boss.

U can also do the Lake of Shadows strike on the edz. Its the fastest strike in the game if u do it right. Bring a sword. In the first part u just kill the blights and ignore the adds. U can pull out ur sparrow so just kill it and run. On warlock just use top tree dawn and go as fast as possible. After breaking the 3rd blight u kill the mini boss at the end. After that in the place with a few captains u just jump down to the Lower platforms till u reach the next mini boss. Kill him quick and move to the bridge. If ur on top tree dawn warlock just pop ur supper if u have it and Icarus dash with supper to the knight boss. Kill him and move on. The the next room be a little careful cuz it’s ez to fall and die or get killed by knight fire. But u can skip all of them so just skip it and kill the wizard in the next room. After that just head straight for the boss there is no need to kill any ads. Once at the boss it’s just swinging ur sword and killing it. U should have <10 min runs doing this.

Find out which farming method works the best for u and do it till ur at ur desired power level. Remember not to dismantal stuff thats higher light level and u do not need it equipped

Doing the campaign

At this point I’d recommend u infuse the weapons that u would like to use for the campaign. The armour really doesn’t matter but if u want to infuse it u can. So make sure ur at a good power level and start the missions. Most of them should be a breeze and self explanatory. There is this one part that I was confused on myself so I’ll just say it here and it’s that after u unlock ur first atunement u check ur map and go to test out ur new powers. U won’t get it right away so it’s just for feeling it out. Kill all the ads that show up and u’ll be done.

There r ways to avoid the stasis attacks of the commanders which is if u see ur screen turning blue and icy u just jump straight in to the air and ur good. If u don’t u get frozen and when u try to break free by pressing ‘v’ u will take like 70% of ur hp so its best not to get frozen if possible.

Getting more stasis abilities

Now once u kill erimis u will be able to unlock stasis for real from the exo stranger. Now the exo stranger is going to give u some quest to unlock ur grenade abilities so do those. 1 should ask u to do playlist strikes with stasis subclass. Note that at the time of me writing this there are 2 different elemental singe which are stasis and void so if u do this u will be getting the pinnical so be careful not to do that unless ur already done ur powerfuls or ur not at 1200 light yet. Just do the strike and try to kill as many things as posible with ur abilities and u will get the required amount of kills. There will be another one quest to give u ur first aspect but that requires the exotic gl called salvation’s grip. Which quest can be obtained from the drifter. After that search up a guide or yt video on the locations of the things u need to break with the gl.

Now for the fragments.

Pick the vanguard option as it is the safest and to not screw up because the pvp one requires a bunch of kills that even a pvp player wouldn’t want to do and gambit I don’t think I have to say anything about that. To do the fragments fast I recommend being in a 3 man fireteam or using a solo play script that u can find on the Internet. U should be going to the lake of shadows strike on the edz or the scarlet keep strike on the moon.

On the edz ur going load in to lake of shadows and are going to be farming the lost sectors and doing the objective. remember to be in a 3 man fireteam where everyone has the same idea which is to get the fragments done. DO NOT go do lost sectors by ur self in a random team or ull be an asshole and get pulled in the middle of farming.

On the moon u want to load in to the scarlet keep and leave the area and go to where the alters of sorrows are and farm those for a bit. Like in the other one please be in a fire team of people u know and on the same page as or be using a solo play script.

If ur objective is to kill powerful combatants which are champions, majors, ect ur best bet is just go to the hero nf and finisher the championship because that will give u the most progress. It might take a few runs but till be worth it.

Alright that’s all for my tips for beyond light so good luck out there guardians.


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