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What is up guys, Rick cactus here and today we have the complete guide for this week’s ascendant challenge. I do apologize for being a day late. I was really busy yesterday but wanted to bring it to you guys in case anyone was looking for it now. We’Re also gon na be showcasing in this guide, the locations of all three of the corrupted eggs, the taken eggs within this, a Senate challenge as well, and if you don’t know if you shoot these taken eggs with specifically the wish ender exotic, beau, you’re, actually gon Na get dreaming city loot from them, so you’re gon na start this a Senate challenge in the bay of drowned wishes. This is in the lost sector, that’s directly behind the spawn point for the Dreaming city.

So if you fly in to the Dreaming city just turn around and head into that lost sector continue for a little bit. You can kill ads here to kind of clear the pathway or just go past them, and you will see to your right the entrance to this ascendant challenge. As long as you have your tincture of Queens foil popped head in here and it’s a simple act of following Toland you’re gon na see the spinning glowing orb you head to that, it’s going to move you head to it. It moves again and it’s gon na head, you down this pretty substantial jumping platform to get way way way down to a very bottom area, and you can’t see this bottom area like very far in the distance. Apparently, you can just head to it directly if you’re on a coat of the missile Titan, but I digress.

You’Re, just gon na keep following Tolan. Now, here’s where the corrupted eggs come up very soon as soon as you spawn in and you head just a little bit forward to kind of the first circular platform, as you can see, look up to the right like top right, there’s gon na be a big Rock there, and on top of that rock, is one of those corrupted eggs so shoot that Fang and then continue on you’re, going to eventually reach a statue and you’re gon na have to jump on the ball of the statue to continue with the jumping puzzle. But on the head of the statue is yet another corrupted egg now from here it’s a matter of just continuing again following Toland, if you ever lose Toland at one point, I would recommend just kind of jumping very high off your platform, maybe a little bit to The side and then back to your platform and just kind of looking around looking for that glowing light and that’s kind of an easy way to find him now near the end of the jumping puzzle. One tip I have for you guys is be wary. The rocks will actually about rotate 360 degrees, they’re flipping upside down and so on.

So don’t they commit to a jump at the worst possible time when the rock is just about to flip and you’ll fall off, you can definitely wait a bit and as it’s coming kind of back up and it has a more stable platform to land on that’s When you want to jump on it, but as you continue, the final egg is gon na be located on top of this structure in which you’re going to have to fight some enemies. So it’s basically a big taken gazebo again at the very top of that is the last corrupted egg in this ascended challenge. Now, once you have killed that head down to the lake floor section of the taken gazebo, you may have to actually go to Toland to trigger the enemies to spawn if they’re not but head to toe land enemies will spawn and there’s gon na. Be a bunch of shadow thrall and to take in wizards these two taking wizards are all you need to worry about, so you can by all means ignore the thrall and stuff, like you know, super heavy special to kill those taking wizards as quickly as possible because, As soon as both of them are dead, like a second they’re dead, all the other adds all the shadow throw will despawn and the chest for this ascendant challenge will spawn simple, as that guys hope you enjoyed the video found it informative and if you did, please Remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video, if you guys want to see more destiny, 2 content similar to this don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button.

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