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Destiny 2: New Forsaken Exotic Weapon/Armor Revealed – Preliminary Review


Hey guys, so if you haven’t seen the trailer for some of the new exotic weapons coming in Forsaken, it’s in the description and I highly suggest you go watch it if you don’t can’t about spoilers for weapons and you watch before this video before I grab everyone’s ankles and drag them back down to earth. If you DO care, then I would definitely leave this video right now. Thought it would be fun to give some preliminary thoughts on these weapons. I know this is a really stupid video idea considering we only get about 5 to 10 seconds of footage per weapon, but this is the closest thing I’m ever going to get to doing a video like reviewing a card game’s card before they release, so let’s see if I’m gonna be right on anything here. I just really want to talk about new stuff, alright? First up, we have Two-Tailed Fox, this is a rocket launcher that fires, you guessed it, two rockets at once, one void, one solar.

Now in the clip, the two rockets search for two different targets, don’t know if tracking is built into the rocket intrinsically or if you need to aim it, but regardless, I think this’ll be more good than bad in PvP. Tracking has shown that it is potentially coming back to rocket launchers in D2, the Gambit preview build that I’ve played multiple times had a tracking rocket and it was pretty good for Gambit, so I suspect this will not be an exception. PvE, 2 rockets are always better than 1 for sure, but what I’d like to know is if each rocket does the same amount of damage as a current rocket or if the damage is split so that it’s 2 halves of a rocket in terms of damage.

Cluster Bomb rockets are still the kings of damage and I don’t recall this having those, so for boss damage it’s probably out unless things change there, but otherwise, I think this’ll be a fun one, probably mid-tier in terms of exotics. Next, we have the Titan exotic armor Antaeus Wards, which reflect projectiles when sliding. Again, this sounds like a PvP exotic, but I’m not sure how “good” or meta they will become due to the state of Synthoceps and ACD/0 Feedback Fence. As we’ll discuss in my final tier list, Synths and Fence are DOMINATING the Crucible right now and these boots seem much more like finesse or montage boots.

I think it’ll be difficult to do things very consistently with them, but when you do manage to hit that rocket reflect or that sniper reflect or something like that, it will be a VERY good moment for you, hence, montage exotic. In PvE, same kind of deal, I really hope there is an opportunity with these to do some ridiculous stuff, but I don’t think these will be an exotic for all the time. Trinity Ghoul is an exotic bow that creates electrical storm arrows when you get a precision kill. Now, I think this is the bow that was being using in the Gambit preview build with a different name and if I recall correctly, this thing fired 3 arrows and they all needed to crit and that would proc an arc chain attack. I assume this is a revised version of that bow.

Either way, the clip in the video is very exaggerated, one chain lightning attack takes out 8 dudes. Is that possible in game right now? Yeah, totally, Sunshot can take out a lot of dudes in one, Graviton Lance. Thing is, that really only happens when you’re fighting really underleveled garbage enemies and so I don’t feel like this will be the norm. But, if you’re able to hit 2 or 3 kills back to back, now we’re working with something. The fate of this bow I think will depend on how many situations we get that incentivizes add wave clear. The Sixth Coyote gets you double dodge. Not sure if this is a conditional dodge, where you get the ability to dodge again for free or if it’s literally just another charge. But like with all Hunter exotics, it needs to go up against Wormhusk Crown, is double dodge going to be better than Wormhusk? I think for the average player, probably not, I think the average player has a much safer bet using Wormhusk for the health regen.

But those who do want to use this are going to have a lot of potential for melee-based plays, since you can use Gambler’s dodge near enemies to instantly replenish your melee attack. That’s more smokes, more disorients or health regen or throwing knives. I think this will be an upper level exotic, maybe not completely dominant, but DEFINITELY a viable contender for some for PvP. PvE wise, again, a lot of finesse style play potential here, but Hunters already have some of the best PvE exotics in the game, so this would be a niche pick for certain playstyles or custom challenges.

Malfeasance, the Thorn looking weapon, fire 5 shots into a target and they explode what looks like Cursed Thrall style, except it’s a noticeable larger explosion compared to what we’re used to seeing. Again, much like all other weapons that generate explosions, this is going to be dependant on damage and how many situations we get that incentivize explosive weapons for add clear. But man I’m hoping it’s good because this thing looks really fun. Black Talon is an exotic sword with projectile capabilities. Swords right now are in a pretty rough spot, Worldline Zero didn’t really make too much of a splash when it came out and it’s been a while since we’ve had the power of the D1 swords in our hands.

Boltcaster was a D1 sword with projectiles and while it paled in comparison to Raze-Lighter and Dark-Drinker for damage purposes, it had its moments in PvP play and I suspect it’ll have plenty of moments in PvP in D2, provided the damage is high enough on the projectiles. The projectile is Dawnblade like in nature according to the clip. Yeah, I think this exotic is pretty solely tied to how good swords are at any given moment. Pre-Forsaken, they are bad, they desperately need some form of a buff, an ammo buff would be nice, or a damage, I’ll take whatever, if they get one, then potential for this goes up.

One Thousand Voices, a beam weapon that explodes. I’m not sure how much I can really talk on this yet as it just seems really different compared to regular beam weapons. Coldheart had some early fame thanks to Calus, but I don’t think it’s anything revolutionary now and Prometheus Lens, besides one weekend, never really caught on as a contender in the PvE or PvP meta, the AoE effect of the beam didn’t really wow me. With THIS, as fun as it’ll be to draw dicks on the ground and have them explode, I’d like to see beam on target damage as well.

The video makes it look very impressive, but right now, I’m a little skeptical based on the history of beam weapons. Chromatic Fire, an armor piece for Warlocks, looked like a Warlock, gives you elemental explosions from precision kinetic kills. I’m probably missing something here, this sounds like a beefed up Dragonfly effect. I wonder if you can change the elements and if so, how easy is it to do that, might be linked to your subclass.

Primary weapon elemental damage has always been highly sought after, at least in D1, but in D2, I feel like with the weapon system getting changed, it won’t be AS big of a deal, shielded targets are rare and you normally just want to deal with them head on, not trying to proc explosions near them and hope. Elements aside, the explosion does look pretty large, but again, it’ll come down to actual damage. I think people are mainly going to be looking at singe modifiers on strikes and what not to really take advantage on this exotic and that’s where I feel it’ll be the most effective. This needs to contend against other Warlock exotics as well, but to be honest, besides Lunafaction, Crown of Tempests and maybe Ophidian, I don’t think Warlocks have many exotics that are 100% must use scenarios, at least to the scale that Hunters do. Still, I’m skeptical on this armor piece at the moment. Wish-Ender, the wall-hack bow, looks like aiming down sights lets you see pulses of enemies through walls and shots will over penetrate.

This seems absolutely insane to me as wall-hack like abilities in Destiny have always been incredibly powerful in PvP. Now, if this bow does one shot kill to the head, it’ll actually be insane, bows in the Gambit build were I think around 150 damage to the head, but there have been a lot of rumblings of time to kill changes based on some Game Informer stuff that’s come out.

I think bows being a one shot to the head would a bit much personally. Without that one shot, you’ll still have a massive damage lead on an unsuspecting opponent and that certainly seems very powerful to me. You guessed it, Ace of Spades is back for Forsaken, reloading after a kill grants extra damage bullets. Pretty sure that’s what kill clip already does, so I assume the effect will be more potent than that, it also looks like it has some form of explosive on a kill to absolutely no one’s surprise. Kill Clip is a very good perk in the game. If the effect is stronger, then this will be a very good hand cannon. This vs. Midnight Coup is tough to tell, would really like to know how much of a damage boost, how long does it last, because Coup can get up to 40% bonus damage without reloads AND has outlaw so you can keep it rolling.

Need some more info on this one, but my guess is that it’ll be much better than it is worse. That’s all that was shown, looks like there are a few more exotics shown at the end of the video, but they were only shown visually, no information on them except for one of them, but we only know that because game informer did a reveal on it. All in all, all very impressive looking weapons and effects, definitely got me hyped up a bit to check them all out in the video, but I know how Bungie does promotional material and sometimes you gotta keep things in check. Anyway, if you enjoyed the video, a positive rating would be cool, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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