Destiny 2: Niobe Labs Guide and Keycode Solutions


Niobe Labs has finally, after many days, been cleared, thanks to a much more clear “code” from Bungie which t hey revealed very recently. But the Niobe Labs event is still a somewhat difficult event even with all of the codes, even if the rewards of an exotic ghost and emblem aren’t exactly getting people jumping out of their seats. Today, I’m gonna show you how to clear this event. First off, your entire team is going to need the kinetic bow The Spiteful Fang from Izanami Forge, the arc sniper Tatara Gaze from Gofannon, and the void machine gun Hammerhead from Volundr. These are the powerful frames you can make from Ada when offered. You don’t need to use all of them at once, each person should have 1 of the 3 equipped. You’ll also need additional elemental weapons for the final stage. Before we begin, I and I’m sure most of the community, would like to thank the entire Raid Secrets Discord and Subreddit for piecing together the final code, send all of your love that way, I’m just explaining what to do.

To even START the event, you need to do a series of code activations in Niobe Labs. Around the room are many symbols only visible through the scopes of certain weapons: the bow, the sniper and the machine gun. The bow’s main position will be in the bottom right section of the room facing towards the middle, the sniper’s position will be the bottom mid-left section of the room facing towards the middle, and the machine gun’s position will be in the top middle section of the room facing back towards the entrance. Linked in the description are images of the various symbols for each weapon. If you’re aiming a machine gun, you can only see the machine gun symbols. As for loadouts to bring, if you’re using the sniper or machine gun for the puzzles, you’re not gonna want to switch those too much.

In terms of power weapons, I’ve seen a lot of things work, machine guns, Whisper, you’re not too limited here, especially because this event drops ammo pretty well. In terms of subclass selection, Well of Radiance is really good here, tether is really good here, Hallowfire Heart Sunbreakers are really good here, generally speaking: buffs and debuffs are really good, but you can roll with almost any kind of group and be alright. To start the puzzle, there are 3 steps. The first step is to shoot the rock symbol, the wind symbol and the fire symbol quickly, in that order. For those interested in WHY these are the answers to the codes, I may make a video on that, but it’ll take a while to explain everything.

I would check out the post in the description if you want to read up on it right now. The second step is to input 3 longer sequences. Everyone can do this at the same time, there is no order. For the Spireful Fang bow, stand on the sun, or solar grenade looking thing and shoot the paper, trees, water and rose in that order, then move to the wind and shoot the paper 2 times. For the Tatara Gaze sniper, first, stand on the Tiger and shoot the Fish, which is another symbol on the ground, then the lotus, then the temple. Next, stand on the dragon and shoot the gateway, rabbit, bamboo and temple.

Then, stand on fish and shoot the lotus. For the Hammerhead machine gun, stand on moon and shoot the following in this order: T, +, H, R, E, B, F, L, U, +. When this step is done correctly, you’ll hear another ding noise. The third step is for the bow to shoot the water 3 times. After you get that final ding, you can activate the actual mission by going under the platform and starting it. In Niobe Labs, you will need to complete 7 waves of progressively more difficult situations while also punching in keycodes to move to the next wave.

The first few phases are pretty simple, but combat wise, things ramp up and if you aren’t organized, you’ll run into some problems. Here are some rules that you’ll need to know about: 1) if a boss character or multiple bosses have any shield drones, all enemies in the room will be immune until they are removed. The shield drones will respawn if the boss doesn’t take damage for a few seconds, just like the forges.

2) Any major, non-boss enemies will continuously spawn enemies while they are alive. So, if you have a major shank alive, then shanks will keep spawning until the major is killed. 3) Servitors will spawn walls that block off parts of the room. If blocked for too long, this will likely result in a failure, but we’ll explain servitors more in the level breakdown. The first wave features Siviks and some shanks. All you need to do is bring Siviks to 1/3 health and he’ll disappear. You’ll kill the shanks and any remaining enemies that spawn, some vandals and a major shank spawn on the upper level by where you came in, just kill them off. You’ll see your goal on the left side of the screen change when it’s time to enter the codes, you’ll also hear a sound effect.

The first lock is solved by the machine gun user: step on the hand symbol on the floor and type in the word Butterfly. Sometimes if you go too fast, it won’t work, so just pace yourself. The second wave features a bunch of major enemies, a dreg, shank and marauder, so just kill them quickly. You’ll also have a couple of mines to defuse too, nothing special about these though, just stand in the circle. The second lock requires the machine gun and sniper players to do a sequence.

Machine gun stands on the hand symbol and shoots the fire and storm cloud, THEN the sniper stands on fish and shoots rabbit and lotus. The sniper can be standing on the fish just waiting until machine gun is done. The third wave features our first servitor and a wall block splitting the room top and bottom. Killing the servitor removes the shield. BUT, if you’re not careful, the servitor can sometimes move itself to the other side of the wall, resulting in your team just standing around waiting for it to teleport and sometimes, it’ll never teleport. If it doesn’t teleport, just try to break line of sight, although if it’s close to the wall, punching it sometimes works.

Anyway, for this wave, you can position yourselves on either side of the wall, but just try not to be near the servitor when it first spawns in. If you’re too close to a servitor as it spawns, it’ll lock onto you and if you’re on the wrong side of where the wall spawns, you might have to 1v1 it or worse, you’ll lead it to where no one can shoot it. Kill the servitor quickly because you’ll have a named major spawn in shortly after. Kill the named major after that and just clear out the room after the major is dead. The third lock requires all players to stand on a symbol and shoot a symbol at the same time. Machine gun stands on the filled in star symbol and shoots fire, bow stands on wind and shoots the water, and sniper stands on dragon and shoots the bamboo. Just count it down, 3, 2, 1 and shoot them. The 4th wave has another servitor, but the wall is placed in a different orientation, splitting the room left and right. The same servitor rules apply. If uninfluenced, the servitor should float towards the left side of the room, if you’re facing the forge doorway.

However, this wave has mines to diffuse, A is right, B is left, C is middle. So, you can have everyone come to the same side for the servitor, but if you don’t kill fast enough or if the servitor goes to the wrong side, a mine will blow up and you’ll all die. Splitting 2 and 1 is fine, 2 servitor, one not. You’ll also have a major shank and vandal in the back of the room, with the vandal being REALLY far and annoying to shoot, so bring a sniper. The 4th lock requires the machine gun player to spell the word “FLY” while jumping. Hit the letters while you’re in the air and that’s it. The 5th wave is the double major BIG shank wave, with a major dreg and marauder.

This room doesn’t have a whole lot to it other than just murder everything in the room. Ideally, you’ll shed the shield bots on both servitors so you can kill vandals while also keeping damage on both big shanks so they don’t regen them. Then, finish the dreg and marauder. You’ll also have a mine to diffuse which comes with its own set of 4 shield drones which need to be destroyed first. You can melee all shield drones by the way, makes killing them pretty easy. The 5th lock requires a very long sequence to be input, with all players getting involved. The code is on the screen now: A, T, Bamboo, Paper, Water, Trees, Gateway, Rabbit, L, R, Gateway, Lotus, S, D, Lotus, Rose, Heart. Just need to go in order, no tricks or anything like that. The 6th wave is a double servitor, double boss room. The room will be split into 3rds, left, middle, right, with both servitors spawning in the middle, a boss on the left and on the right. Essentially, you want your entire team in the middle towards the front of the area when the servitors spawn in as to not influence their movement.

Then, you want to kill them as fast as possible so that you can break the walls because you’ll have completely immune adds harassing you the whole time. Try to quickly damage both because if one is ignored, it has a chance of teleporting to the other side of the wall. Once both servitors are dead, focus one boss at a time while removing the shields of both so you can kill shanks. You’ll also have a major shank by the forge doorway to kill. The 6th lock requires all players to use a bow. Everyone piles onto the butterfly symbol plate and shoots trees at the same time. That’s it. Shockingly enough, the 7th wave is definitely the hardest room. In this sequence, you will have 2 servitors spawn, one in the top right and one in the bottom left, with them splitting the room into 4 squares. In the top left is a big shank, in the bottom right is Siviks. In the top right section, but under the platform will be a shield drone mine to diffuse shortly into the wave, with another mine spawning in the bottom left. You will also have a major vandal and shank, the shank will be up high in the back.

Finally, if not already equipped, the bow player needs to equip an arc weapon, the machine gun player need to equip a solar weapon, and the sniper player needs to equip a void weapon. Any weapon will work. The top right servitor will remove the horizontal wall, the other servitor, the vertical. Either way, you are gonna have a situation where someone NEEDS to solo a servitor. This is likely to be a Well of Radiance Warlock with something like Ikelos or Whisper, or both. They can solo either one, doesn’t really matter. The other two players need to kill the other servitor. I’ve done runs where one person solos the top right and then two kill the big shank and THEN the other servitor, I’ve done it where 2 go to top right and 1 bottom left, basically any order will work, just depends on your team comp and weapons.

Keep the mines in your mind as well, especially as the solo player, since those will spawn in around the time you’re finishing up the servitors. If possible, try to focus fire at least one of the majors early on to get them out of the way. Siviks will likely be your last kill and you deal with him the same way you did in wave 1, only this time he only has 2 shield drones. The annoying part here will be dealing with all of the adds since they’re all going to be immune for quite a long time.

Here’s a full run of the stage in action. The 7th code requires everyone to input their own sequences. They can be done at the same time, in any order. However, this time, the sniper player needs to hit their targets with a void gun, the machine gun player with a solar gun and the bow with an arc gun, this is why I said switch. So, you use your main weapon to locate the targets you need to hit, then switch weapons and hit them with the correct element.

If you have memorized the locations, you can skip the location part, you don’t need to highlight the symbols at all. I’ll explain what needs to happen, but you’re much better off checking out the pictures in the description made by Kaiot_gaming. The machine gun player needs to hit the following sequence in order with the solar gun while standing on hand: +ULFBERH+T. The bow user needs to stand on butterfly and hit trees and paper, then stand on sun and hit heart, heart, trees, wings, all with arc.

The sniper user needs to stand on tiger and hit fish, lotus, temple, then stand on dragon and hit gateway, rabbit, bamboo, temple, all with void. Now, let me make something super clear. If you are the sniper user, when you go to shoot fish, you REALLY need to watch for the particle effect that normally happens when you shoot symbols and MAKE SURE it is appearing over the fish. Since you’re so close to other symbols, it is possible to hit the fish, but not have the hit register as actually hitting fish, so PLEASE watch to make sure the effect is on the fish and not something else. Try shooting somewhat shorter or closer than usual, instead of right on the money.

I guarantee that if you don’t know why you’re not getting this work, it’s because of that or some other user error. When inputted correctly, the forge will open, you’ll get a ghost and emblem and you’ll be done. Thoughts and opinions will be another video seeing as this one has dragged on long enough. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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