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Destiny 2: Particle Deconstruction & Fusions Are The Season 15 Meta


You know… I look at something like Particle Deconstructor and I just kind of think to myself, “how did we get here?” Was it some sort of practical joke by a few sandbox designers?

Did someone lose a bet? Or was there a weapon designer that was just so tired, so fed up at how fusion rifles had been treated that they simply willed their power into the game? That they simply said, “it’s the fusion rifle’s time” and wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

And Bungie just let them roll with it. For the next 6 months, Particle Deconstructor is gonna be stapled to your class item like a picture of me is stapled to a silver medal.

And there’s nothing you can do about it. Particle Deconstructor can be unlocked in your seasonal artifact as early as rank 33… .

75, almost to rank 34. It costs 7 energy on your class item. It does the following: dealing damage to an enemy with a fusion or linear gives bonus damage with a fusion or linear against that target for a short duration, stacking up to 5 times. That duration is about 5 seconds. At 5 stacks, this damage increase comes out to over 40%, 40.

26% to be exact. That is HIGHER than last season’s Breach and Clear mod.

And while it doesn’t have any fancy reload effect like Breach did, this works on all targets. Every single target. And there is no waiting like Breach and Clear where you get a damage buff that lasts for 10 seconds and then you need to wait to refresh it or anything like that.

You shoot gun, they are debuffed, you shoot again, they are debuffed. ALSO like Breach and Clear, this is a team wide debuff. That means only 1 person needs to be using this mod in order to start debuffing a target, but I suspect that many people will have it stapled to the class item for the season because it works everywhere you go. However, the main caveat is that unlike Breach and Clear, this bonus damage is ONLY for fusions and linear fusions, all other weapons receive no bonuses.

There are many variations of fusion rifles in the game right now, you have your standard fusions that shoot 5, 7 or 9 bolts depending on their speed, you have linear fusions, you have Telesto, Jotunn, Vex Mythoclast and One Thousand Voices.

However, if you take away one thing from this, it’s that you can get to 5 stacks of Particle Deconstructor very, very quickly using non-linear fusion rifles, I’m talking 1 second or less. Let’s look at a fast charging fusion, Null Composure, which fires 9 bolts. While each bolt individually might not be counting exactly correct on the first shot in terms of increasing your damage, it only takes one accurate shot to go from zero to full stacks. A slow charging fusion, like Exile’s Curse, only fires 5 bolts now, but that definitely doesn’t stop it from getting us to full damage in one shot. Essentially, if you fire an accurate shot, hitting most of, if not all of your bolts, you will be at maximum bonus damage on your next shot.

Jotunn’s fire damage over time component will give you stacks of the debuff, meaning you CAN hit max stacks in 1 shot if the enemy stands in your fire.

Similar to to Jotunn, Telesto’s bolts will also apply the debuff, giving you full stacks very, very quickly. One Thousand Voices works similarly to Telesto, where the bolts from 1K will trigger the bonus damage, giving you full damage on the explosions assuming you were accurate and hit the bolts onto your target first. As far as Vex Mythoclast goes, it’s basically 1 shot = 1 stack and if it’s not, it’s 2 shots, but regardless, in 5 or 6 shots, you will be at full stacks. Linear fusions also will give you stacks, but as you can imagine, it’s a lot slower to stack them up because you have to fire one shot at a time.

Now, something that I found interesting upon some more research is that, while Breach and Clear didn’t really stack with anything debuff wise, Particle Deconstructor does…

But only if you stack things in really specific ways. This, to me, says that it probably isn’t working as intended, as double stacking debuffs isn’t supposed to be a thing anymore, much less having to go in a specific order in order to get them to work.

But, for example, if you get to 5 stacks of Deconstructor and THEN use a tether, you’ll get both bonuses. Apparently this works with Tractor Cannon as well, but Divinity was only giving a very small bump in damage.

I don’t wanna dwell on it too much as I feel like Bungie could patch this at any moment, but in case it doesn’t, that is how it is apparently working as of this video. Maybe they won’t, look at what Energy Accelerant was doing in Season 14, buffing a whole bunch of stuff it wasn’t supposed to and I dunno if Bungie even acknowledged it. However, it will still stack with your typical buffs, Weapons of Light, Well of Radiance and any sort of weapon perk damage bonuses like the Vex Mythoclast damage boost that really needs its own buff timer, Kill Clip, Rampage, etc.

etc. BUT, a good thing about non-linear fusions is that they don’t crit, meaning you probably don’t need something like Divinity unless you’re all using linear fusion rifles. Certain targets and bosses ARE able to be crit by fusion rifles though, Kalli from Last Wish comes to mind, but these are exceptions, not the rule.

If you’d like some in game context as to what this mod actually means for you and your gameplay for the next 6 months, check out this Taniks kill real quick. How about this Morgeth kill?

Welcome to the new meta, folks. Blow off the dust on that One Thousand Voices because it’s probably gonna be one of your new raid DPS weapons. We’ll cover damage tests in another video. Vex Mythoclast is surely to be one of, if not THE weapon of the season as well, considering the massive buff that it just got and with Particle Deconstructor basically giving this a permanent 40% damage boost ON TOP OF the damage buff it just got in Season 15. Fusions are here, everyone.

As far as Master and GM content goes, we also have Unstoppable fusion rifle in play this season, pushing Vex Mythoclast even farther ahead as a primary weapon. 1000 Voices will stun a champion with the bolts and then will detonate for full damage on said target. I think the weapons people end up going with will be on a per strike basis due to Overload Bows.

All exotic elemental damage bows are fantastic in end game content and I think this combo is going to make for a very fun GM experience in Season 15. Fusions being ONE OF the top loadouts in the game is definitely getting me interested, AND with the potential of Arbalest getting anti-barrier this season, that can open up some more doorways, although Arbalest currently does not work with anti-champion mods at this time.

Season Rank 33.75. Get there as soon as possible. And then enjoy all the free damage. There’s another damage combo that you might’ve heard about as well, we’ll cover that very soon.

Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time..

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