Destiny 2 – Perdition 1280 Solo Lost Sector Guide! (Beyond Light)


What is up guys, it’s jimbo here and welcome back to another video today, we’re gon na be taking a look at the 1280 per edition, so without further ado, let’s get into the video. If you haven’t already make sure you hit that like and subscribe button turn on the notification bell and make sure you check out the links in the description you’ll be much appreciated, so the 1280 lost sector is a little bit different, a little bit harder than the 1250 version, so, let’s jump into the loadout.

What you’re gon na want here is global reach, as always on your helmet. You know make sure you have fire team medic on your gauntlets you’re gon na want to make sure you have wrath and rage of the war. Mind in your armor slots: that’s either your bond or your legs, and then also you want to make sure that you have war mines, protection on there as well, for the extra additional mods you’re going to want to make sure you have overload rounds on an auto Rifle or a scout rifle anti-barrier rounds on your smg and then also make sure you have surge eater and thermal overload in your bond to make sure that you’re able to stun the overloads a lot easier for the weapon. Loadout, though, in tandem with our mods that we have in our slots at the moment, we have the seventh serif carbine, which is going to be dealing with your long range and also dealing with the overload champions.

And then we have the seventh serif smg. That’S going to be able to take away those arc shields for you and then finally, we have the lament, which is going to be your heavy option here, to take out the big boys to take out the champions to go to town when you need it to Go so the guide for this is you’re going to want to make sure you do similar things to the 1250 version of it. The only thing that changes is the difficulty of the enemies goes up a little bit so clear. The areas one by one, taking yourself real, slow, taking your time, making sure you’re, not risking any deaths and making sure you have enough resis. Once you have cleared the first area of all of the harpies and then you have the void minotaur. That is going to come and attack you. You want to make sure that you kill him with your lament. You can pierce through shields using. That makes it very very easy for you to do so.

Then you’re gon na have an overload champion, surrounded by some harpies and some hobgoblins try and take them out as best you can and use your slow grenade to freeze the enemies and also the overload champion, keep spamming out that freeze grenade and then wrap it all Up with the lament kill on the overload champion, then what you’re gon na want to do is go up the stairs and drag the next overload champion down the stairs. So it’s a one on one use your slow grenades once again to get him into that freeze and then once he’s frozen, go to town with the lament easy as you can.

If you haven’t taken the hydra out previously, then you’re gon na have to fight the hydra as well, which you can shoot from a distance using your auto rifle next up. We have the wyverns once again you’re going to want to try and drag them one by one into a 1v1 situation. They do hit pretty damn hard, so if you can freeze them and then kill them with the lament, then you’re gon na have a blast of a time, killing them, because the lament chops through pretty much anything. Then, when you have the other ads, you can focus on the barrier champions the ads will be destroyed. The one-on-one situations that you are going up against here are very, very easy.

If you are able to use your freeze grenade properly and also your freeze abilities, take out the two barrier champions and then you will go into the boss section. The only thing that is different here that is different from the 1250. Is that once you get the boss down to half health, two more barrier champions are going to spawn. Take your time with this clear out all of the extra mob ads that are just there to cause a lot of hassle use. Your freeze, the boss, is also going to be firing at you as well, so make sure you pay attention to that. Go over to the barriers one by one. Take them out with your lament and there you have it you’ll be able to kill both of them. Pretty easily, if you play safe, then you can focus on the boss. Once you’ve killed the boss, you will have completed the lost sector, go and open the chest, and hopefully you will get the exotic that you want [ Music ], but that pretty much covers it.

Hopefully, this video has helped you. The loadout guide is kind of the same from the 1250 video there’s not really much difference. So that’s the reason why i kind of pulled it from there that commentary that i did and if you’ve enjoyed this and enjoyed. All of my content on d2 so far make sure you hit that like and subscribe button turn on notification bell. If you haven’t already we’re on the road to 3 000 subscribers, and thank you very much for watching. This is spinach jimbo and i will see you guys next time:

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