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Destiny 2: Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless Guide – No Exotics or Pinnacles


So, you want that Harbinger title, huh? Well, solo dungeon time. Let’s get it. Overall, I’d say Warlock is probably going to be the easiest to do a solo or solo flawless on due to their healing rift and multiple subclass options with healing, like Devour or Well of Radiance, even Stormcaller has some light healing effects. I think it’s a tough call between Hunter and Titan, Hunter has invis pretty often, but Titan has some slight healing potential too with top tree Sentinel. You should mod your gear as best you can: minor enemy resistance, void and solar resistance too, recovery will be your friend. In terms of loadouts, obviously if you have access to stuff like Mountaintop, Recluse, Izanagi’s Burden, Anarchy, you should probably bring that stuff along.

For the purposes of this video though, I will not be using any exotics at all, including armor. I will not use seasonal artifacts like Season 8’s Oppressive Darkness, and I will not use pinnacle or ritual weapons like The Recluse or 21% Delirium. The loadout that I used for this entire video was: Tranquility, Premonition and Hammerhead, swapping to a bow halfway through and then to Swarm of the Raven grenade launcher.

Premonition drops from the dungeon, but you could use any similar pulse rifle in its place, like Right Side of Wrong. Alright, first encounter. I imagine this is going to be the easiest one for most people, so I’m not spend too much time on it, but there are still a couple of notes. In terms of class performance, there is nothing in particular that a certain class really did better than the others, so just use your kit as needed. I used top tree Sentinel for Titan, bottom tree Nova for Warlock and top tree Nightstalker for Hunter.

The number 1 thing that will kill you here is hubris. Speed is your enemy, you do not need to go at a million miles an hour. Find a safe place to deal damage, don’t be afraid to use your power weapon since you’re not actually doing any boss damage here. Just take it slow. I like to go from top to bottom in terms of the locations that I need to go to so that I don’t need to use the elevators.

I think the problem I was having with the elevators and me dying on them was the presence of a sword, so if you are planning on using the elevators, don’t hold a sword and don’t put a sword on the elevator. Or just avoid the elevators. When fighting the 3 disciples you need to kill to progress, again, take it slow. Use block to avoid the knight’s attacks. Kill the Ogres in the Shrieker room. Kill the extra wizards in the wizard room. You do not get bonus points for speed. The second thing that will kill you is… an Ogre. Ogres are scattered everywhere and each marked entrance building… thing, has at least one Ogre patrolling it. The marked entrances towards the middle have 2 Ogres. So, dropping down onto one of these areas from above and going straight into the acolytes and knights that are there will likely result in you being beamed to death by an Ogre. Instead, try to shoot the Ogres from an upper level before dropping down so that you’re not killed in this way.

However, sometimes they hide in tough to see spots, in that case, drop down farther away and find a better angle. Third thing that will kill you is not the Accursed Swordbearer, but rather the adds that sometimes spawn with it. Whenever you spawn a Swordbearer, sometimes the game throws some more enemies at you: 1 or 2 knights and some acolytes. And they hurt pretty badly, so just be aware of your surroundings. After killing your final disciple, all you need to do is kill the Pit Keeper and then walk near the doorway to trigger the end of the encounter, so if you can snipe the Pit Keeper from far away, do it and then just get close to the door. The door will not break down right away and there will still be a bunch of acolytes spawning, so don’t get baited by that.

Next is the door opening encounter with the Ogres, BUT, PC players should be aware of a bug that will instantly kill you upon hitting the loading zone that introduces The Pit area. You literally just hit a loading zone and most of the time, you just die. Turning my resolution to 1920×1080 and changing my FPS to 30 made it so I didn’t die when walking through this loading zone, most of the time anyway. I have heard that even if you die to this, you will still get the flawless achievement if you don’t have any more deaths, but I have not personally tested it. Of course you can turn frames back to normal after this load zone. The path I use limits your outside time, here’s a map of the area and the path we’ll take. We take this path to stay as close to the doors as possible to minimize running in the open.

The number one thing that will kill you is obviously the Ogres. If an Ogre is hanging out right next to an exit, just be patient because eventually, they WILL go away. You just need make sure they go away in the direction that you need to them to go away in, so just look at their feet or your radar. Most of the time, they’ll do that exactly, this is all you’ll need to do, just wait. If for any reason you NEED to get close to an Ogre, 9/10 times they will launch you into a wall and kill you. If you are close to a hole in the wall and the Ogre goes to slam, it will probably kill you. You need to jump and melee the Ogre so that you don’t get flung across the room. You’ll still be in a not great spot and you might die to an Ogre beam, but you shouldn’t die to getting tossed into a wall. The number two thing that will kill you here is being overwhelmed by adds when entering a side cave. Again, burn that ammo, you aren’t fighting a boss just yet, there is zero reason to be conservative with ammo unless you happen to be really low from the previous encounter, which I don’t think will be an issue.

Thrall are easy to kill, but this place is a somewhat high power level environment, so getting overwhelmed is a possibility, don’t take it lightly. The Heretical Knight also hurts pretty bad, I would not get close at all. Alright, so you’ve opened the doors and have reached what is arguably the most difficult encounter, the totem. Each class definitely has their advantages here, which we’ll talk about later. The main strategy for this encounter is to run back and forth. A lot. The whole time. I use a rampage bow for this encounter, Le Monarch also works if you have it. It seems stupid, but killing acolytes in 1 headshot is really, really handy, as opposed to continuous shooting from a pulse rifle and not being able to one burst them. The guaranteed kill is valuable, especially because of how often they hide. You’re gonna start the encounter with 6 acolytes in front of you, kill them quickly, don’t let them spread.

Then, you’ll have acolytes left, middle and right when you stand on the plate and turn around. Ideally, you want most, if not all of them dead before taking out the Heretical Knight. If you have no acolytes up and killed them quickly, I say go for the knight and get that void orb. If it took you a while to kill the acolytes, you may want to wait for the next spawn wave because dunking the orb spawns thrall and knights and you don’t want acolytes at the same time, although you will inevitably spawn acolytes during this time anyway. If you fall behind on killing, grab that machine gun. Those grenades from the acolytes will hurt too, so keep moving. So, you’re dunking your first orb, we have minimal acolytes up, dunk it. You’re now going to get a wave of thrall from the middle and 2 knights up top on ledges, one left, one right.

I think knights take priority, but realistically, this will devolve into “kill whatever is killing me at this very moment.” That might be thrall chasing you down. That might be a wave of acolytes that just spawned in. That may be the knights. If you can get the knights down quickly before anything else starts to mess with you, do it. This is just going to be a cluster of running back and forth to make sure the totem doesn’t explode, while killing adds and avoiding death. The thrall will stockpile themselves behind the two pillars to your left and right, while others will just rush you head on. Going back and forth will aggro them for you to kill. Remember, if you ever find yourself in a spot where things NEED to die immediately, machine gun. Not dying is more important than conserving ammo because more will drop. The post-dunk goal is to get to a place where the area is in somewhat of a controlled state: all thrall are gone, acolytes are minimal.

You don’t have forever because of the curse, but you don’t need to rush. By now, more of the Knights will have spawned, probably the left and right are shooting you, it’s not great. Get them both low and finish killing acolytes. When you’re in a comfortable spot, kill one Knight, grab the orb and drop it on the plate. Kill the other Knight, grab the orb, drop it on the plate. Kill a few more acolyte while juggling the orbs: they’ll diasppear if not picked up for a short time, but you can juggle them indefinitely, just make sure you’re actually picking up each one and not the same one over and over. Then, dunk both when you’re comfortable. Dunking both will not actually spawn double adds as long as they are back to back.

If you dunk one, then wait 10-15 seconds for the next, you’ll likely get another wave, which is very bad. You’ll repeat this process until you get 6 orbs dunked. It is manic the entire time, it barely slows down, don’t expect it to do so. I do a 1-2-1-2 strategy with this loadout. If you’re using more advanced loadouts, like Izanagi’s Burden, or other stuff in general, you may be able to do a 1-2-3 strategy. You might even just be able to stockpile all 6 if you go fast enough, I dunno. Remember, the encounter ends about 5 seconds after that 6th orb is dunked. When you dunk, keep moving as adds will still be shooting you and what not. The number one thing that will kill you here is NOT MOVING. You need to almost always be moving, you can’t dwell on a target for too long or you will absolutely die. Keep. Moving. Each class has a benefit in this fight: Titans, if you’re on top tree, your melee kills will heal you, and active cooldown melees give overshield.

This means that punching thrall isn’t a terrible idea if they stack up on you, although any damage after a kill will negate the healing. You also get Ward of Dawn, which will enable us to perform a potential 1-2-3 void orb strategy, where you just let the Ward do all of the blocking for you. Ward of Dawn is also a 1 time get out of jail mostly free card, you’ll have it 2, maybe 3 times in this fight if you’re going slow.

Towering Barricade is a slightly helpful tool, but acolyte grenades will still mess with you anyway. Otherwise, if you have nothing to melee kill, you are in danger basically all the time. Warlocks, you get Devour and healing rift. Devour makes it so every single kill heals you as long as the buff is active. It doesn’t matter what kind of kill either. Therefore, THIS IS REALLY GOOD. Healing Rift is also good as a backup, but don’t think that just because you’re in a healing rift that you’re invincible. It’s good as a very short term heal, but then you really should get back to moving back and forth, don’t bait yourself by just standing in it for too long. Nova Bomb here is good for a 1 time “this needs to die now,” button.

Hunters, you get… invisibility. Now, it’s not healing, no, but it’s pretty close to it as long as you spec for recovery. AND, you do get it pretty frequently, I also specced for class ability cooldown in this video. This was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Tether is also great for shutting down a big chunk of thrall when they first spawn after a dunk, just needs to be used pro-actively, and you’ll likely be able to use it twice in the fight if you use it early.

Otherwise, if you don’t have invis dodge up, you are in danger until the cooldown returns. Here’s a 1-2 cycle of the fight being done on a Hunter. Now we have the drop, this is a game of timing. You don’t need to go all the way down in one shot if you don’t want to. Next, we’re moving on to the unlock the door by killing the Wizards part, this part is pretty self-explanatory. You can swap to a solar weapon for easier shield removal if you want to. Otherwise, this is a game of don’t miss your jumps. The adds can also kill you, there’s no reason to play risky here. Included in the description is a map of the area.

It’s not a good one, but it’s a map. Finally, we’ll tackle Zulmak. (Is it Zulmak?) This fight is actually pretty simple compared to the totems, although it is significantly longer, a 5 cycle of this boss will take over 20 minutes depending on your speed. The strategy I used was the following: Grab a sword as soon as possible and head to the knight first, using the projectile attack and regular sword attacks to kill the acolytes. Kill the Knight, leave the orb there. Head to the Shrieker next, killing it, then using the remainder of the sword for the acolytes. Leave the orb. I grab a new sword from a swordbearer and head over to the Wizard, slowly killing it and the acolytes while playing as safe as possible. Wizard dies, we’re grabbing this orb and going to the knight’s orb deposit location if the boss is standing next to the wizard deposit. The rest of the orbs will respawn after dunking, so I go to the knight’s plate to grab that orb and dunk it in an open slot. Then, I clear out any remaining acolytes and thrall in the center area and get the swordbearer knight to 1 shot.

I grab the final orb I need, get close to the final dunk spot, kill the swordbearer, dunk and IMMEDIATELY run away to avoid the boss’ fire slam aoe attack, this is why I don’t dunk in the spot closest to the boss. Then, I pour as much damage into the boss as humanly possible. You’ll have 6 cursed thrall spawn in after a brief time, 2 from each side, you should probably get rid of these for absolute safety, then resume damage on the boss. The boss will start to charge his “everything in the circle dies,” attack, for which you should leave the center circle. Then, repeat until the boss is dead. Honestly, I think the number one thing that’ll kill you here, besides hubris and trying to go faster than you should be, is the boss’ fire damage attack.

If you get caught by this in the wrong spot, you are basically dead. It hurts REAL bad and only if you’re on the edge of it will you be able to get out. Then, cursed thrall here are 2nd place. Don’t let them sneak up on you. Kill all 6 of them, don’t take chances, especially with a fight that’ll last you 20 minutes. Otherwise, I guess maybe the wizard is the next lethal just because it hurts really badly, although each of the targets hurt in their own way. Not clearing all acolytes is definitely gonna be a killer too. Again, I don’t think this fight is particularly hard, there’s nothing incredibly demanding about the fight itself, it is just a VERY long fight and all it takes is 1 mistake to send you back to the start. Patience, patience, patience. Here’s a full cycle of the fight to close out this video. Thanks for watching and good luck..

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