Destiny 2: Prestige Eater of Worlds Argos Kill, Loadouts & Strategy Guide


Hey guys, so the raid lairs are finally getting their prestige modes, Eater of Worlds was on the 17th, Spire is on the 18th. If you’re not familiar with what’s going on with prestige mode for the raid lairs, here’s the deal. On prestige, you’ll need to use a custom loadout assigned by the game and you can only use those archetypes of weapons. For example, for the first week, it is pulse rifle in the kinetic slot, an SMG in the energy and a grenade launcher in the power slot.

You can change your armor and subclass and all of that, and you can also change your weapons, but only to the specified archetype assigned for the week. There is also a modifier attached. This week, the week of the 17th, for Eater of Worlds, the modifier works like this: you will start with your kinetic weapon, getting 1 magazine worth of ammo. Then, when you run out of ammo for that gun, your energy weapon will fill up with ammo and you’ll use that for 1 magazine, then move to power and so on. So you need to rapid fire switch back and forth between your weapons as you get ammo for them, going from kinetic, to energy, to power. That is the modifier, on top of prestige mode. Prestige mode itself just bumps up the strength of the enemies, mainly in the form of “they are actually a threat now, oh god run.” There are no mechanical changes in Eater or Spire because the raids were already designed with all of their mechanics in mind, instead of the normal/prestige split we’re used to seeing in previous raids.

But, there are a couple of things that don’t work as well. Number 1: goblins take 3 melees to kill. Number 2: doing the trick where you get striking hand and use the cannon to kill 2 crystals doesn’t work… at least it wasn’t working for me. You’ll still deal increased damage, but that 2nd crystal will not die, you’ll need to tap it again. As for rewards, you’ll get a 400 power raid weapon at the end. Note that you can’t infuse this weapon into anything other than exotics. If you try to infuse the 400 weapon into a legendary, it won’t work, do not try. If you throw it into an exotic, that’s ok. For example: a 400 Midnight Coup into a 380 Midnight Coup will not work. A 400 Alone as a God infused into a DARCI, that’ll work. You’ll also get the ornaments and if you’re a regular raider, if you’ve done the prestige Leviathan challenges, you’ll probably get all of them in one go like I did. As for the strat for this week in particular, this one is a little difficult.

Since your power weapon is so bad in terms of damage vs. other weapons, you’re going to be relying a TON on your supers. Hammer Titans with Synthoceps, Celestial Nighthawk Hunters and even Dawnblade Warlocks are going to be very valuable here, since they will be a large chunk of your damage. I ran with a 2/2/2 composition just to make sure we didn’t need to end up doing anything crazy with stacking hunters and 2/2/2 is totally fine. The main way you’re going to crank out damage is in the form of Orpheus Rig Nightstalkers. You really only need 1, but if you’re not confident, bring 2. Rig Nightstalkers can create tons of orbs by stacking tethers in the same spot and your team will use these orbs to spam supers at the boss nonstop during a damage phase. The reason why stacking Hunters is so good is because Nighthawk Goldy shots are very fast and very high damage; you can get about 4-5 shots off during a damage phase, which is over 2 million damage.

Hammer Titans will also be crucial for damage since hammers are just insanely good. As for my suggested loadouts, I think a fast firing pulse, with the Ikelos SMG and The Colony or Prospector is going to be your best bet. The Ikelos SMG, eh, I don’t even have it, I ran with a Sol Pariah 6 and that worked just fine. I tried Mob Justice as well, wasn’t feeling that. I tried a slow firing pulse rifle and while it hits pretty hard, the thing you’re going to care about the most is the ability to switch between all of your weapons very quickly.

If you’re using something slow, then it’s going to take a long time to get to your elemental damage for those Minotaurs. I used Legal Action 2, which has Rampage, so you’d think it would be pretty good, but after switching to Autumn Wind, the Crucible pulse, I realized what a mistake I made. So, Time-Worm Spire, that’s good, Autumn Wind, that’s good, Battle Scar with Full-Auto, that’s good, Nightshade isn’t bad either, along with The Marine, from Valor Crucible ranks. Relentless, Legal Action 2, Three Graves, even Redrix, if you’re on PC, I would say pass on these, but if you’re on console, you may not have a choice, as console recoil is something you do actually need to worry about. A lot of questions about Vigilance Wing as well, I would say no for PC, maybe for console. Vig Wing is really strong, yes, but it takes a LONG time to empty it out.

SMG wise, I would go with a 600 RPM over a 900 RPM, especially for console, I think having control is much more important than just trying to dump bullets out quickly in the SMG slot, since it fires really fast anyway. I used Sol Pariah with VOID damage, void damage is the only thing you should have anyway. The Ikelos SMG is good, I feel like you have pretty free reign here with the SMG slot, just make sure it’s void. As for your grenade launcher, Play of the Game, good stuff, then we’re down to Prospector vs.

Colony. Colony’s void damage gives it a really nice edge of Prospector. I’m pretty sure Prospector is capable of a bit more damage, but considering the majority of the damage you’ll be dealing to Argos is in the form a super, this isn’t something I would worry about too much. I personally give the edge to Colony because killing adds is going to be very important and Colony gets the benefit of being stupid as hell because it just auto tracks everything anyway. Ultimately, I think this week’s modifiers will rely on good Orpheus Rig orb spam and being able to get tons of supers, while also not dying. Those harpies that fly towards everyone? Yeah, you actually need to shoot those now. Minotaurs? They’ll probably 2 shot melee you. Things don’t die as easily. You can’t just play it like you’re using to playing Eater of Worlds, where you just roll all over it.

You need to be much more aware of your surroundings and your own limitations. That’s about all I got, check the video for the tether spots that I like to use, at least on arc and void side, solar shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. If this is something that I feel like needs a weekly update, I’ll definitely do that, but I think no matter what, this will be the general strategy for Argos, just doing damage with supers instead of worrying about your loadout and just using your weapons to survive the adds.

For any weeks where they allow snipers or rockets, then you can probably just revert back to the “normal” strategy of actually using weapons. Overall, I liked the challenge, I liked having to try out some new stuff, I liked not just rolling over the encounter and actually having to plan ahead a little bit. Again, would I like new mechanics, sure, but I think this is pretty fun, but it’s also not a walk in the park either..

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