Destiny 2: Prestige Spire of Stars Ca’uor Kill, Loadouts & Strategy Guide (Week 1)


Spire of Stars prestige is now available as well, with it being under the same rules as Eater of Worlds in the same week. Let’s go over how to tackle the encounter, but spoilers, it’s not terribly different. The loadout rules remain the same and thus so do my loadout suggestions from my Eater of Worlds video: a fast firing and/or easily controlled pulse rifle, a 600 RPM SMG and either Prospector or Colony.

Having a primary that lasts a while isn’t too bad of an idea this time around. In Eater of Worlds, you typically wanted to prioritize your elemental weapons to deal with Minotaurs, since so many of them spawn. In Spire of Stars however, you’re typically locked down to the back of the room, standing on plates, and need to prioritize your pulse rifle to actually slay, since your SMG will be sorta useless outside of a couple specific instances, not to mention there are very few shielded enemies. This is why I think you’re a bit more open with your pulse rifle selection this time around, high bullet count, Vigilance Wing being a bit more acceptable this time around, etc. As for the grenade launcher, Colony is going to be significantly more forgiving for clearing adds, I can’t imagine there are many reasons for the average player to use anything else, especially considering just the sheer volume of adds in the encounter. As for your SMG, Riskrunner with its perk is very tempting.

Any amount of arc damage taken just ramps up your potential and turns you into a tank, at least vs. arc damage. However, the one thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that it could throw off my weapon swapping rhythm. I’ll be shooting away and will occasionally have some leftover bullets that I wasn’t ready for and end up doing a reload instead of swapping to my grenade launcher. For most people, I don’t think it’ll be a huge problem, BUT this does mean you have to use a different grenade launcher AND it means you need to play much more aggressively to take advantage of the perk. Since Legionnaires can basically 2 or 3 shot you, this might not be for everyone. The strategy for Spire this week is… basically the same as the one I made for my normal mode Spire guide, except you need to use your supers even more than usual for boss damage. Now, I know the Arcstrider strategy is very popular, which is where you get 5 Arcstriders and a Melting Point and just go to town on the boss, but not every single group is going to be able to get this composition.

You can also swap the Melting Point for a healing rift because you’re able to drop the rift and get out before getting knocked away if you’re fast enough. The reason why Arcstrider stacking is so good is because you can keep the boss staggered by doing jump slam attacks, Arcstrider does a ton of damage in general, lasts an eternity with Raiden Flux, and you can generally survive all of the fire that spreads everywhere for a long time, not to mention that if you need add clear, they’re among the best subclass for that too. A standard 2/2/2 comp will also work, but you’re going to want Sunbreakers for Melting Point on the boss, Dawnblades for add clear and boss damage and Gunslingers to play it safe, BUT you can use Arcstriders too.

Otherwise, you basically run the fight as normal, burn your supers for boss damage and rinse repeat until the boss is dead. You just need to play it MUCH more cautiously because on average, you get 3 resses per encounter, maybe 4 if deaths go the right way. That means no being dumb during boss DPS, standing in dumb spots where you can get hit by missiles, minimizing messing around in the red and blue rooms when adds start spawning in there.

Things hurt, like real bad, and you need to limit deaths as much as possible, because if you are 3 cycling the boss, that’s about 15 minutes straight of fighting the boss. Yeah. This is not really a fight where you can mess around on since your fire power is so limited. As long as you know the normal mode fight, the prestige version shouldn’t throw you for too much of a loop, you just need to play much smarter.

Anyway, I’ll let you guys watch my first kill. Ended up getting 4th place for the world first push for this, I wasn’t really planning on going for it, but I know the rest of the team was gunning for it, so I put the try hard pants on. Not too shabby for a group that was put together an hour before the run. Going into the future, I will be combining both Eater and Spire prestige modes together if I think we need a video on them. My guess will be that I will probably stop doing these videos after the first 2-3, maybe 4 weeks or so once everyone gets it all done or people stop watching them. Thanks for watching and good luck.

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