Destiny 2: Prophecy Dungeon & “Urn It” Triumph Guide


Prophecy is a dungeon themed around The Nine, where you’ll hunt down various Echos to progress. In here, you’ll roam wide open spaces, navigate through trippy visual setpieces, hide in the dark, shine in the light and traverse what can only be described as an MC Escher painting of an encounter. Let’s get into it. Before we start, I’ve posted the locations of all the hidden collectables at the end of the guide. The primary mechanic for the dungeon is light and dark mote collection. When you kill a target that drops motes, mainly Taken Knights, they will drop 3 motes.

They are light or dark depending on where you were when you killed them. If you were standing in a lit area, then they will be light motes. If you were in the shadows, they will be dark motes. You can tell if you’re in the light or dark by looking at the edges of your screen, this is the best way to tell what motes you’ll get and you shouldn’t completely rely on where you think you were standing.

Motes last for 30 seconds after being picked up. Collecting 5 motes will pop a mote into your hand, where you will then need to dunk it into either a white or black beam of… let’s call this energy. Dunking the mote in the wrong spot does not do anything other than lose the mote. You dunk the mote with your primary fire button. The first section introduces you to this mechanic as you progress through to the first encounter. Simply kill knights, collect motes and dunk them into the beams. The first encounter follows this mechanic exactly, except you have a boss there too.

You’ll need to kill Knights, have them drop motes of the type you need, dunk the motes in the beams of energy, same as before except there will be more than 2 beams this time. When all beams are removed from play, the shield protecting the boss will disappear and you can damage freely. Taken Goblins will spawn in an attempt to shield the boss from damage, just kill them as they spawn in. During the fight, you’ll have lots of Taken Psions spawning in as well, again, just kill them as much as you can. The Taken Knights are easily the biggest threat with their fire and high damage output.

The lower level you are, the more I’d recommend safety supers like Shadowshot, Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn, as you’ll want some room to breathe as you’re smothered by fire. Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot else to this fight, it’s more or less: dunk motes in the proper spots to remove the boss shield and kill adds to stay alive. After you take care of the Phalanx Echo, you’ll move into the Wasteland, aka Heaven/Hell, which is a gigantic open area littered with giant Taken Minotaurs and other Taken groups. You’ll want to look for groups of Taken and wipe them out, similar to what you’d find at a Taken public event. However, there is a secret chest here that you may want to grab first if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Using the video as a guide, you’ll want to find a small patch of yellow sand out in the desert. After getting to the sand, you’ll find a small hole at the top of the hill of sand, which will lead you to the chest. After wiping out an area of Taken enemies and blights, a Toland-like ball will guide you to the next area you need to go to, but it moves really quick, so you need to be watching. If you miss it, just roam around until you find the next camp.

After 3 of these groups, you’ll gain access to the Hexahedron, the second encounter. Look for giant lines that form a cube. If you find one and it’s not open, turn around and go to the other one. The Hexahedron is an MC Escher-esque room that you must navigate, but navigating isn’t as daunting as it looks. There is a cube floating in the middle of the room that will be blank on all sides except the bottom.

You must follow the Toland ball around the room in order to progress. In order to follow, you need to dunk the proper mote next to the side where Toland is. For example, the ball will go to 1 of the 4 walls. If on that side is a light energy beam, you need to dunk the light mote there. Once you dunk a mote, the center plate will light up. When all players stand in this, you’ll be lifted up into the next room, where you will repeat the process until all sides of the cube are marked with circles. You’ll know you’re at the end when you fight 2 Centurion Echoes, but these do not have a lot of health at all.

Again, the plan here is the same as the first encounter: there will be many trash mobs to kill and many Taken Knights throwing fire everywhere. You’ll also want to look out for Taken Hobgoblins that will spawn high up periodically after you kill Taken Knights. If you’re underleveled, bring safety supers. Important to note that there may be instances where the ball is on the ceiling. In this case, you should be able to make a mote and place it anywhere, going to the center like normal after dunking. Once you’ve made it out of the Hexahedron, you’re going to go to the opposite side of the area, following the Kell Echo. Do not bother shooting the Kell Echo, it is immune to everything and will just stomp you. You’ll find another, similar looking building and make your way into a trippy space called the Singularity. This is a platforming/navigation section, utilizing a mix of sparrow riding or platforming, although you can walk if you want, I just wouldn’t recommend it.

This is a pretty long section, but generally speaking, just follow the path down and feel free to explore. The second chest is in the pyramid right before the final drop down to the final boss. Look for a hole in the ground on the right side as you enter the pyramid. Take the path all the way through, jump across the gap when you get there, then take the stairs up. Upon reaching the end, you’ll fight the Kell Echo, the final boss of the dungeon. You’ll find a very similar mechanical concept here as the previous 2 encounters, however, the room is set up a bit differently. The room is a triangle shape, with the boss replicated in each corner, constantly shooting at you. The room will be filled with trash mobs and Taken Knights. At each corner of the room will be either a light or dark energy beam.

Once again, I am asking you to dunk motes into the proper beams. When you dunk a mote, 2 things happen: 1) the boss will disppear from that corner and 2) an ogre will spawn in the same corner. When you dunk all 3 motes in all corners, you’ll want to go to the center of the room to move to the damage phase. The idea here is to clear out one corner as fast as possible to give yourself some space.

It’s not a bad idea to burn a super when you first enter this room to give you a boost in clearing stuff out. Be careful when dunking motes though as the boss can be very lethal at lower levels. Try to get an overshield of some kind or have a Hunter make you invisible for safety. Upon entering the damage phase, you’ll be greeted by the room and 3 rows of platforms all heading forward. You’re able to damage the boss freely here for quite a while, but there is a new mechanic you’ll need to be attentive to, and that is Dark Entropy. Dark Entropy slowly builds over time if you are not close enough to the boss. The boss has a giant ring around it which will remove Dark Entropy from you. Hitting the 10th stack of Dark Entropy will not immediately kill you, but you’ll only have about a second or two to get back inside the boss’ circle.

The boss will also throw Taken Orbs at you, similar to how a Taken Captain does, but these orbs will teleport you backwards, forcing you to run forward to not die to Dark Entropy. Taken Hobgoblins will also spawn in when the boss teleports further into the room. The gameplan here is to stay a little spread out so that you’re all not constantly jumping away from the teleport orbs, but if it works for your team to stick together, there’s nothing wrong with that. The Teleport blasts that the boss sends out do not have a gigantic range. Otherwise, stick close to the boss and light it up as much as possible. After the boss reaches the end of this section, you’ll head back to not the same, but a similar room as the mote phase to repeat the process until the boss dies. Once the boss is dead, congrats! You have completed Prophecy. I am working on solo guides for all classes using no pinnacle weapons, similar to what I did with Pit of Heresy for those of you wanting that emblem.

The rest of this video will be a guide on the collectables. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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