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Destiny 2: Prophecy Solo Flawless Dungeon Guide – No Exotics, Pinnacles, Rituals, or Season Mods


Much like I did for Pit of Heresy, today will be my guide on soloing Prophecy. And much like I did for Pit of Heresy, this guide not feature the use of any pinnacle weapon, ritual weapon, exotic weapon, exotic armor and new to the rules: seasonal mods from the artifact or any season. And I must warn you: it is significantly more difficult and taxing than the other two dungeons. I’mma be real with you: I have yet to solo flawless this dungeon using my rules, but I have done solos. And I’ll be real again: you’re probably gonna want to do this on a Titan or a Warlock if you don’t have access to high level equipment. Let’s talk loadout. Because I am limited by the rules, I used a hand cannon, sniper, sword and heavy machine gun.

If you have access to certain weaponry, like Mountaintop, Recluse, Anarchy, other exotics, exotic armor, Taken mods from Last Wish or seasonal mods from any season, like Charged with Light mods, you should use them. I limit myself to show that it is still possible to solo the dungeon without these things in case you don’t have them. If you’re watching this outside of Season 11, the hand cannon, sniper and machine gun are very likely replaceable and as far as the sword goes, any sword with Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade will serve you well.

This dungeon is a tough solo under these rules. I would recommend 1060 light at a minimum as you’ll need all the help you can get. When it comes to subclass selection, because I’m working with only the most basic of options, I opted for safety over everything. That means Well of Radiance, Ward of Dawn and Shadowshot. You’re going to want some form of a damage boost for boss targets otherwise something like the final boss is going to take you quite a long time. I’m not gonna dwell on the opening too much because it’s very straightforward, just collect motes, dunk them in and just be very careful.

There is no rush here. This video also assumes you are familiar with the dungeon and its mechanics, as I will not be going over them. For the first encounter, I used a hand cannon, sniper and a sword. You’ll start the fight with 3 knights spawning in a triangle formation with 2 groups of psions spawning in shortly after. These are both a major problem: psions unchecked will continue to multiply and your power weapon isn’t designed for killing them, not to mention will leave you vulnerable if you attempt to use it.

The knights hurt really bad and spread fire everywhere. This encounter, and the entire dungeon really, is all about enemy management. Psions should always be disposed of when possible, whereas Knights need to be managed a little bit more for your safety. Knights spawn in groups of 3 and will only respawn when there are no knights remaining in play. This is important as trying to slam motes with 3 Knights respawning at a bad time almost always results in death. Ideally, you are dropping in motes when you only have 1 or 2 knights alive. I won’t say it’s impossible to drop in motes with the final knight respawning, but you need to be dunking them before they fully spawn in, otherwise you will get nuked.

Next regarding the Knights: it’s ok to kill Knights and not pick up motes. If the Knights are giving you trouble, too much fire, too much damage, there is nothing wrong with killing one to give you some space. You can always pick up the motes just in case you’re able to make something happen, they do last for 30 seconds after you grab them, but if you just need some space to breathe or maybe a psion wave is coming in, it’s ok to kill Knights. Final thing regarding Knights: on occasion, knights will become intensely aggro to you, chasing you down, firing their weapon nonstop. Most of the time, the play will be to run away from this. If you have a sword with the ammo to spare, your positioning is good and your health is ok, hitting them with a heavy attack isn’t a bad idea. Most of this fight will be spent going around the outer ring of the arena, kiting and killing Knights and psions, gradually dropping in motes when it’s safe.

Hunters will want to utilize, but not completely rely on invisibility to get out of bad spots, Titans with walls and Warlocks with rifts. Titans, remember you can drop a wall on an enemy to stun them if things get desperate. And to all classes: using your class ability will cause your mote to disappear, so Hunters, make sure you go invisible BEFORE grabbing the final motes. The biggest note I can give on dropping in motes is that your momentum comes to a complete stop when you activate the mote, please keep that in mind, because it will kill you.

Note that while it is technically possible to clear 2 nodes with 1 mote, it is very risky to do and requires really precise positioning. I typically will kill 1 knight right off the bat to reduce the starting chaos, collect motes, then kill psions, then kill another knight. Psions will respawn after you drop in your first mote, just be ready for that. It’s ideal to leave that final knight alive until after you dispose of all of the psions. Here’s an example of an intro. I play this the same way on basically all classes, utilizing my class ability when needed: rifts to stay alive, walls to block damage or stun and invis to escape. When it comes to the boss, the boss doesn’t actually hurt too bad. I chose a sword for this fight because it will be by far the highest damage option unless you want this fight to go on for a long time. For the most part, when the boss became vulnerable, I starting swinging and basically never stopped until goblins spawned in.

There will be plenty of times where the boss is immune to sword swings because of its shield, you just need to wait for an opening or move around the boss to find a new opening. Only after you get damage numbers or get the boss to stagger should you attempt a heavy attack, otherwise you’ll just waste ammo. If you’re on a Titan, dropping on a Ward of Dawn right on top of the boss is a good way to start. If you’re on a Warlock, dropping a Well on top of the boss is a good way to start. On Hunter, I tried saving my tether for when the goblins spawned in an attempt to hit all of them with said tether, but most of the time, it didn’t really work out, only catching 1 or 2. You’re probably better off using tether immediately to front load your damage before the goblins come in.

As long as you get the boss to about half, you can spend the rest of the time just getting rid of goblins and dealing chip damage. For Warlocks: Well of Radiance actually allows you to bypass the shield the boss is holding, making every swing deal damage. This is very important as you can ONE CYCLE this boss, solo, with Falling Guillotine and you can also spam the whirlwind attack as much as you’re able to. If this ever gets fixed, then you’ll just two cycle it like the other classes. You do not get this luxury on Titan or Hunter, so a one-cycle will be very out of reach and I would not expect a one-cycle of this boss on those characters. I was able to two cycle it on my Titan and my Hunter. After the boss gains its shield again, just start it over. You should need, at the most, 3 cycles to kill this boss.

Make sure you have an escape plan: if you are still dealing damage to the boss as the new wave of knights spawns in, you will die. Just get the boss to around half and clear the goblins, because they will stick around. The stuff you need to do before the second encounter is pretty self-explanatory, just roam around, killing the blights and playing it safe. For the second encounter with regards to subclass, there’s no boss here, so I’d again just recommend safety supers, Ward, Well and Shadowshot.

There is absolutely room for variance depending on your setup and you should really use whatever works best for you, but if you’re playing low risk, that’s what I used. I know people love to use Devour on Warlock, that might work better for certain people, I just wanted to try something else. The second encounter is also about enemy management, but it’s also about hitting very specific timings, at least for me it was. When you start the encounter, you’ll be greeted by a lot of acolytes, along with 2 Hobgoblins in the upper deck. You should immediately try to find which kind of mote you will need and make this a habit upon entering a new room. Acolytes spawn on a timer, this is important because of the timings we’ll need to hit to ensure a smooth rotation. Here’s how I handled this fight: When the wave starts, I killed a hobgoblin and then went to my heavy machine gun to kill all of the acolytes in the room, or most of them anyway. I then killed the knight that spawned and then another hobgoblin and then the 2nd knight.

Most of the time, I’d try to position myself near where I need to drop the mote, but not all the time. Depending on where I needed to drop the mote, I would sometimes kill another hobgoblin so that while the knight was spawning in, I could drop my mote where it needed to go. This was to prevent getting sniped by two hobgoblins. It was usually around this time where a 2nd wave of acolytes would be spawning in, cutting things close. I would then kill the acolytes in the room to ensure a safe teleport, although you can just tap the center plate and run away and still be teleported. If I missed this timing, or simply wanted to play a little more passively, I would just restart the entire cycle over again, waiting for acolytes to spawn again, killing them rapidly and then killing the knights.

Trying to drop a mote with acolytes looking at you can prove to be very difficult and if you’re on a flawless run, I would say it’s better to waste the mote and redo the cycle as opposed to trying to drop in a mote. Here’s a couple cycles in action. Again, I did this fight the same way on all of the classes, no special tricks or anything, utilizing class abilities when appropriate. Hunters have a little advantage with their invis for dropping motes, but don’t rely on it 100%. When it comes to the final Centurions at the end, just don’t rush this. Kill the orbs they send out and take your time. The only thing that will spawn in during this are thrall, which are easy enough to kill, just don’t get overwhelmed. Let’s talk about the final boss now, just gonna skip Rainbow Road because it’s pretty straightforward. If you want to really not chance anything, don’t use your sparrow.

The final boss without exotics, pinnacles or rituals is going to be a long, long fight. My first kill on my Warlock was 46 minutes long, where I did not use a sword. My Titan kill, on the other hand, was 20 minutes, where I did use a sword, but we’ll go over both strategies. The opening of the fight is chaos at best. I highly suggest starting with a super in this room to get your bearings. Most of the time, you’ll be able to get another super. If you’re not able to, your intellect stat is probably low OR you’re going so fast that you didn’t get to regenerate it in time, which is not a bad problem to have. In that case, just wait for more psion spawns or kill extra knights.

Here’s how this place works. Psions will spawn in on the opener in 3 groups of 3, along with 2 knights. The boss will be shooting you from all angles. Getting rid of psions is important, but I will reiterate a point I made for the first encounter: getting rid of a knight because it’s killing you is not a bad idea, even if you do not pick up the motes. Survival is the most important thing in this encounter because you will be here a long time without a strong loadout. Psions are also on a timer, they will spawn in every so often, whereas knights will only spawn in when there are none remaining in play. There are 4 different kinds of these rooms and certain rooms will spawn psions faster than others, or at least it feels like they do. We also need to make notes of where the knights spawn in when they respawn.

For example, in this first room, the knights will spawn on the opposite side of the arena from where you started. This means we will want to clear the nodes to the left and right first. Trying to dunk the first mote in the northern most point means you will have no safety zone because the left and right bosses will be shooting you, the two knights will respawn right next to you AND the ogre will spawn in the north. This leaves us actually worse off than how we started.

Clearing the left or right side first gives us some space from the knights that will respawn, allowing us to kill the Ogre much safer. Once the Ogre is dead, that corner of the room is now free to use as cover, which is vital to success. This is part of the reason why you want to drop that first mote in quickly: to reduce chaos and increase safety. So, we kill as many psions as we can right off the bat, along with getting both knights to low health, killing one of them if they’re getting too annoying. Once the room is down to 2 knights, get both of them to low health to make back to back kills easier. Preferably, you’ll want to kill one knight and pick up the motes first as opposed to killing them back to back because both knights will respawn a few seconds after you kill the 2nd, leaving you less time to grab motes and run them over to the drop off location.

We drop the mote in this first room in the left or right side first, then get to cover to kill the Ogre. This opens up the corner for safety. We then repeat killing the knights and clearing the corners; the room get significantly easier to manage with a corner cleared. Here’s a full cycle of the first room. Now, if you go quickly, you will be able to avoid another psion wave before going to the boss room, but you need to REALLY be cruising.

I think 20% of my runs had no 2nd psion wave, so it’s a low chance. However, you may have an ammo problem depending on how much ammo you used and you’ll want to go into the boss room with as full ammo as possible, meaning farming psions is a good idea. When you’re full on ammo, drop the last mote and head to the middle: you do not need to kill the final ogre. Class specific tips: For Titans, a Suppression Grenade is really gonna help you here to stun the knights while you clean up the psions. Warlocks, obviously healing rifts are very good and for Hunters, bottom tree Nightstalker for invis smoke grenades are strong, especially if you can keep Heart of the Pack stacked on you. In the boss room, we have this list of priorities: #1: don’t die to Dark Entropy, #2 do not get hit by the teleport orb, #3: kill the hobgoblins, #4: boss damage. The hobgoblins are easy to kill, but their retaliation blast will hurt BADLY if not avoided. Note that you can use the blocks on the platforms to hide behind when the boss does their teleport blast, just make sure you don’t get caught on the edge of it.

Now, there are two strategies here for those without Mountaintop/Anarchy: You can use a sword, which is much riskier, but will result in fewer damage phases, or you can NOT use a sword and have this take about double the time. I ended up dying far more in the mote rooms than I did to the boss, which to me would say that using a sword is the play… unless you’re a Hunter, although it might still even be the play on a Hunter.

Titans and Warlocks get Ward and Well and Healing Rift, meaning you can actually stay engaged with the boss for a long time. The boss will kill you in 3 stomps, but if you get hit by ANY other damage at all during that, you will die in 2 stomps, which makes going in very risky. As for the teleport blasts while using a sword, I never really got a lock on what would cause the boss to use their teleport blast vs. not use it. I’d say about 80% of the time, the boss would not use a teleport blast on me if I was spamming sword attacks, but it is still quite possible.

If it happens on the first damage opportunity, where you’re likely popping your super, it is devastating to your damage. I found that going behind the boss would reduce the chances of the boss using their teleport blast. Ideally, you should wait until the Kell Echo sends out a blast, THEN go in, as there appears to be a brief cooldown on the attack, although I have seen the boss fire rapid teleport blasts. Pop a Ward of Dawn or Well right on top of the boss and get to swinging, basically never stopping. Ward and Well will enable you to survive the entire time and turn what might be a 7 or 8 phase fight into as low as a 3 phase fight. On later boss teleports in the 2nd half, I would try to stand where the boss was teleporting to in order to do a quick heavy attack with Falling Guillotine or if you don’t have that, then a few sword swipes, then run away.

However, the bulk of your damage will come from the very beginning of the damage phase if you use this strategy. If you get unlucky and the boss happens to do their teleport attack, then you will lose all of that damage. If you’re on a Warlock, then you have a couple more chances, mainly at the end, to do more sword damage with healing rift. On a Hunter, this is much more difficult to execute. Having no protection at all means you will die in two stomps, so the most you’re really able to do is meet the boss where they will teleport, get in a heavy attack and back out. You can get into melee range using invis, but you can also just walk up to the boss for the most part. I just have a really hard time recommending even doing this on a Hunter without the use of raid exotics, pinnacle weapons and high quality mods. It is incredibly risky on top of the fact that you have to do a LOT of damage phases. For the average person, I just don’t think it is a good use of your time.

Is it doable? Absolutely. But it is way harder than previous dungeons. Here’s a cycle of boss damage in action, both with and without a sword. It’s not a terrible idea to wait in the boss room for your super to come back if you want to wait it out. In spirit of the challenge, I did not wait, but I wouldn’t blame you if you did as there doesn’t appear to be anything forcing you to go back. Going back into the mote phase can be disorienting and chaotic. If you have your super, this is the place to use it. It seems like a good idea to get up on high ledges or high ground in general, but I found that doing so gave me a false sense of security and I’d often get into more trouble than if I just stayed on the ground and kept moving. Otherwise, the objective here is to create a safety corner as fast as possible. The rooms have their own difficulty levels. Some rooms have more cover or greater variance in the light and dark areas. For example, the room with the pyramid ramp in the middle is a bit easier because you get a good amount of cover.

The room that has giant ramps down to the center is harder because the majority of the room is dark and has psion waves spawn faster. Getting acclimated to these rooms is a big part of being able to solo these rooms. You will be here a while. Better weapons means you won’t be here as long, but you’ll still have to do at a minimum, 3 and at most, up to 8 rotations before you’re done. Do not take risks. Be liberal about using your super to survive. This fight is much tougher than previous dungeons. That’s all I have for doing the Prophecy dungeon by yourself. Good luck, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time..

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