Destiny 2 PSA: Secret Victories Emblem (for Wayfarer Title) By: KalidhoS



the Destinations seal (for the Wayfarer title) will be vaulted so, if like me you are stuck on “5/6 completed ascendant challenges” in the dreaming city triumphs, this week might be the last chance to earn it (you you’re “bugged” like I was)

You need the Secret Victories emblem that afaik you can only get when completing the “Ascendant Champion” triumph, that reads “complete all 6 ascendant challenges”.

This week’s challenge, Keep of Honed Edges is apparently BUGGED! Lots of people get stuck here at 5/6 but there’s an easy fix to this!

To correctly earn the completion for this challenge, you need to do the time trial, meaning you need to complete the challenge in a short time (it’s easy so no worries), also you need to loot the chest AND use the exit portal while you still equip the Relic Sword you used to kill the knights!

I did the challenge keeping the sword on my titan but WITHOUT doing the time trial, didn’t get the triumph so I did some more research.

I then finally found a reddit post from years ago and found out that you also need the Time Trial, so I did the challenge again on my warlock, did the time trial, looted chest and used exit portal with the sword still equipped and BOOM! Triumph, seal and title earned!

Hope this helps someone, took me around 1 hour of searches to find the correct solution but here it is 😀

Video guide I used for the time trial (not really needed but just in case):

TL;DR: To get the Secret Victories emblem by completing the Ascendant Champion triumph, do the Time Trial on this weeks ascendant challenge, open the chest and exit the portal with the Relic Sword still equipped (just never drop it once you obtain it)

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