Destiny 2 Raid DPS in the Season of the Splicer By: NyxUK_OW


Hello again DTG, tis me, back again with another raid dps guide for all you guardians out there wondering how best (and most effortlessly) to slaughter those pesky raid bosses standing between you and your loot. As of this season we’ve had the pleasure of having Vault of Glass be reintroduced and remastered as well as some considerable shifts in the PVE meta. There’s plenty of interesting stuff to discuss, so without further ado here is the guide.

I’d like to note that I’ll be updating this post in a day or so once I’ve had a chance to try various Atheon DPS methods since it’s still a little unclear what is both easiest and most efficient.

Once again I’ll be going by each raid (and encounter if necessary.

Disclaimer: Yet again these won’t necessarily be the most optimal DPS, but instead the most convenient/consistent DPS options.

Vault of Glass

  • Templar: 4x Double Slugs + Anarchy, 1 Divinity and 1 Dedicated Relic Holder.
    Notes: You’ll need a Lunafaction well, breach and clear is cool but not necessary, bubble is recommended too. Burst supers are nice but not necessary. Star Eater Scales + Cuirass are the default picks for hunter and Titans here.
    The relic holder will need to run around the room preventing the Templar from teleporting away by standing in the indicator circles.
    This strat should make for an incredibly easy 1 phase, the hardest job being the relic holder.
    Contest 1 Phase Templar:
    Gladd’s Non-contest 1 Phase Templar:

  • Atheon: 1 Well, 5 burst supers (Cuirass Crash, Goldie/Blade Barrage Hunter, Slova Bomb w/ Nezarecs) and Anarchy (w/ Breach and Clear) + Special of your choice.
    If you’re struggling with dealing enough damage with supers you can have 1 person run div and go for a sniper + anarchy dps method instead

Notes: This is a pretty unusual DPS in which supers are the priority thanks to the buff Times Vengeance which greatly buffs Super regen (in addition to damage so I’ve heard).
If possible try to super immediately after DPS starts and a debuff has been applied, so you can get in as many supers as possible in the 25 or so seconds you get for dps
While you’re waiting for your super to regen keep reapplying anarchy and take some shots with your special
Regarding the relic, you can drop and pick it periodically in order to still contribute dps.

Regarding Hunters: Shards of Galanor won’t work if you only hit Atheon with your BB. It requires your BB to hit ads in order to procc the exotic perk super regen (to fully regen your super) So the best way to do this is to try and hit a harpy lingering around the room with your 2nd burst of blades during
Blade Barrage Spam:

Regarding Warlocks: Similar to Hunters, you will need to get a void kill either with an ability or a weapon in order to procc Abyssal Extractors to get your super back quicker. I recommend just throwing a overcharged nade into a group of ads in the room but whatever works for you.
If you don’t manage this, you should still be able to get 1 super at the start and 1 at the very end before dps ends.

  • Alternative 1 Phase DPS Method: Double Slugs + Anarchy, 1 Div, 1 Well, 1 Bubble, Burst supers.
    This is a proven 1 phase but I haven’t tried it myself to be able to claim its the most efficient dps method.
    Gladd’s 1 Phase:

Deep Stone Crypt

  • Security: Acrius, Xeno, Heavy GL’s, 4th Horseman and other Special shotguns

  • Atraks-1: As many Cuirass Crash Titans as possible, otherwise Lament + Lucent Blade. Star Eater Hunters recommended too.

  • Taniks: 5x Double Slugs (both with assault mag and autoloading/reconstruction) + Anarchy
    1 person with divinity.1 Bubble and 2 Lunafaction wells is ideal. Other supers are up to you.

Notes: You can learn to quick-switch the double slugs to maximise DPS if you wish but it’s not required.
Quick-Switch Clip:
Relaxed Alternative:

Garden of Salvation.

  • Consecrated Mind: Hunters and Titans – Xenophage (Hunters run star eater, Titans can run cuirass then quick-switch to Actium)
    Warlocks -Divinity/Whisper/Xenophage

  • Sanctified Mind: Hunters and Titans – Xenophage.
    Warlocks – 1 person with Sniper + Anarchy with Breach and Clear mod, otherwise Whisper

Last Wish

  • Kali: 5x Lament or Legendary frame swords with relentless and whirlwind1 person on anarchy (w/ breach and clear) and double slug shotguns
    Alternatively you can run Double Slugs + Anarchy and a Div

  • Shuro: Same as above (Double slugs is not recommended however)

  • Morgeth: Swords/Acrius/Whisper/Spike Gl’s/Prospector/Rockets are all fine here
    At least one GL user with Breach and Clear mod

  • Riven: 5x Lament and swords again with 1 Anarchy + Special GL w/ Breach and Clear mod. Rockets work again too if you want to mix things up though swords are still the easier option.

Notes: Seeing as this is Last Wish, it’s pretty much all swords still but you can mix things up with Double Slugs + Anarchy, rockets etc.

Honourable Mentions

  • Izanagis (+ Autoloading Rockets): Since the Rocket Buff last season it’s a pretty viable dps option and not too hard to learn. (Shoot rocket, switch to izi, shoot izi, reload izi, switch to rocket and repeat)

  • Witherhoard: Can’t be used with Lament but its a nice complimentary gun if you’ve chosen to use a legendary sword instead.

  • Linear Fusion Rifles: They got a 15% precision dmg buff this season, which makes them somewhat viable but I can’t confidently say they’re meta, perhaps when Sleeper gets its buff fixed it might find itself in the meta. I’ll update this post if that happens

That about sums up Raid DPS this season. Since the my last post there’s been some considerable additions and changes to the PVE meta. The notable standouts are the addition of the Breach and Clear Seasonal Mod as well as Cuirass Titan and Star Eater Hunters basically being a must pick for practically every encounter. Rockets are viable now too and Anarchy is somehow even more relevant than before thanks to said Breach and Clear.
With all that said, thanks for reading if you’ve managed to get this far. As per before if there’s a considerable shift in meta I’ll probably write up a new post but otherwise i’ll be updating this post with minor changes.
Until then, stay frosty guardians and may rngesus be with you