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Yes, welcome to the channel today we’re gon na be talking about what kind of power weapons to use in the raid, like dam, always running out of heavy ammo like shit really so today we’re gon na talk about what weapons you can use. That can give you more MO and are more reliable to use in firefights and against yellow bar enemies in the raid or outside the rate, all that coming right up now, if you click this video you’re, looking for a good method to cheese, to get heavy ammo, Now here’s the simple fact: it’s not a cheese, but it is already built into the game to where technically it is a cheese and it’s to where you can have this one particular weapon. You can have a infinite amount of heavy ammo, no matter what you do and you’re never gon na run out of heavy ammo.

Now there is implications, that’s gon na be shorter or you’re, not gon na like it or it might not fit your playstyle, but it is what it is and it gives you infinite heavy ammo to where you can use it to do technically. A lot of damage to any yellow bar enemy in the room or outside the raid in public events, bounties or nearby high-value targets that you see in the world or even strikes this weapon is all around the best thing you can use to get more kills and More damage in never run out of heavy ammo, so with all that, so this is the power weapon we want to use instead of merciless and the raid or outside the world, and here’s why it is a raid drop. It’S called it stared back sword. It is a sword, so you do get.

You have to be up close and personal, so a lot of people might not prefer that. But let’s, let’s just get into why this weapon is so great and why it’s so amazing to use this weapon in rate without having any issues with ever worrying about heavy ammo ever actually. So the description reads that the edge of the universe I stared into the infinite deep, has stared back and was pleased. I would become the herald of victory and bear witness for all creation. So let’s look at the first part what it says: adaptive frame. It’S well rounded and reliable use r2 to launch an uppercut. We all know what that means. The second one is gon na be hungry, edge, increase or demo. I’M gon na explain all this in a minute: jagged edge increased damage at cost a sword MO.

Then we have burst guard sore guard low efficiency, high defense, then we have endure and guard sword. Guard has high efficiency and low defense and we have whirling break consecutive rapid sword strikes, increase the weapons output damage and then we have a lens with strike Landing. Three strikes within a short time grant sword MO now. That is the park that we want, and that is what we’re looking for. That is something that gives you infinite amount of heavy ammo. So basically, what it’s saying is: if you land three strikes in a short period of time, you get sword MO 3 strike, guys three strike dusters. That is just an uppercut. If you just hit our two every single time, you’re getting mo back for using this sword and you’ll, see in this next clip so we’re at the lake of Shadows – and you see me going ham on the boss with the sword. Now you can. If you can look at the sword count right there, I’m just using our two and every time I hit I get mo back now.

The great thing about disorders is even if you’re at zero and you press R 2. It still counts as three strikes, and it still gives you one mo back. So literally, you never run out of mo with this now I did die trying to make this clip to prove how to get this heavy mo, but it is very true now this sword also does more damage the more consecutively you get more strikes in. So in the dark face, when you use the sword to kill the dogs with the sword, a you don’t have to use merciless because you’re never going to be out of heavy mo to the dogs. Don’T attack back so you’re, never gon na be actually worrying about you, havin to dodge an attack, or anything like that. So that’s also helpful and you just literally more damage every time you hit now. So what are some other places that you can actually use this at the bathing pose? Another great example where the guys come up with cleavers and you’re, trying to defend your spot, what not merciless you do run out of heavy ammo. They do drop heavy ammo.

Of course, but that’s not the point, it’s like you don’t want to stay here and worry about heavy ammo trying to get the heavy ammo and you end up falling into the pool or the heavy ammo actually falls into the pool and you’re out of heavy ammo. It’S really great for the the pools it’s great for special activities, literally so all around swords that does not take up your exotic slot. That is the great thing you can run cold heart throughout the raid and never have to worry about switching from merciless to cold heart. Ever it’s also useful in the Kalos phase, when you’re actually trying to kill the main guys that come up with the shields, you can use this to melt them literally and never have to worry about heavy mo ever again.

Now, if you liked this video, please drop a like subscribe comment and tell me: what is the weapon setup that you use in the raid load house and why and what weapons do you think it’s great and if you want me to do a weapons review which Are coming out shortly, I will do them doing the spread pattern of the bullets, how they go up down the recall whatnot. So please, if you like, please drop a comment like and subscribe. See you in the next video guys

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