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Destiny 2: Riven of A Thousand Voices Raid Guide – Last Wish


You cracked the vault Final duel is coming The sound of a thousand words kept ringing in my ears I hear you get more and more irritable It’s time to face Raven The strategy of this level is very long, the time of each stage is marked in the profile I will analyze the whole battle one by one and then summarize the process. Team configuration should be biased towards clearing and defensive moves I do n?t know if or how long I have n?t said that. I recommend the new Void Titan more than the Fire Titan this time.

Because its defense ability and strange ability are very good If you just wait high enough, I dare say that the new electric Titan is also very good in certain stages If there is a well of flame, it is even better Then there is a Void Hunt in the wasteland. But it is also recommended to always bring one As for the weapon selection, the performance of insects is actually very good. You ca n?t believe it Long-range weapons such as pulse rifles are perfect for combat in this level Yes i have to say even bows can be used The shotgun is also good. You need to go through many small stages to output Raven But in these small stages can also cause her a small amount of damage Let’s start with the blue and yellow rooms Divide the team into two groups: 3 in the blue room and 3 in the yellow room The only difference between the two rooms is a little more shelter in the blue room Better to hide from enemy attacks There are three possibilities when entering the room The first Raven appeared and began to spit fire The second type of Raven appears with tentacles on both sides The third Raven did not appear If Raven appears, then your goal is to beat her straight Makes her eyes glow when she leaves You have to tell the eyes of 3 people in another room Let the person in the other room kill the 2 eyes after the output is finished So how do you make Raven stiff? If she is spitting fire, you have to output when the mouth turns red After the fire The amount of damage seems to be cumulative and does not need to be hit hard at once But I think it ?s easier to make a one-time outbreak.

If there are tentacles on both sides, you must lure them under one of them Run away quickly after the tentacles light up It can be output when the tentacles are red. It should be noted that if you are standing on the ground when the tentacle is dropped, it will fly you into the air So jump up in advance It’s best to blast out the tentacles so you don’t have to seduce more than once The range under the tentacle is much larger than it looks, so be careful 2 eyes will glow after being stiff Eyes must be written down because the other team doesn’t know which eye to hit If you hit the wrong eye, it will kill you unless good luck is lost. The group of people who didn’t appear will have Raven’s eyes brushed out. Emu Essence will drop after death Pick it up and look back to see the sign 5 identical flags in a row There will be a large glass window behind the room Through the glass you will see many different signs scattered throughout the room People who look through the glass need to guide the person holding the essence of maggot to the right sign To open the rear elevator shaft to the upper floor You need to use the grenade skill to purify the sign, just as you had previously lifted Morgus Both teams need to do this.

The difference is when If Raven doesn’t show up on your side then the other team plays hard She will come to your side to prepare for the mass destruction attack You can output to her mouth for a while Don’t underestimate these outputs, although they don’t seem to be much But it ?s accumulated less When she closed her mouth, it was time to kill 2 eyes according to the information of the other team You can do it early She will go to the upper level after success The two teams should try to reach the upper level at the same time If you go to the upper layer, you will change sides. Then the upper layer is the last output But the play is the same After passing the upper floor, you will return to the original lobby After that, the team needs to play 3 times against Raven together to get 3 pairs of eyes. She will appear around the hall from the right side of the yellow room Goblin and Big Eyes will be brushed at this stage Although Goblin is not a big problem, they can make big eyes immune to damage.

Bigeye’s ranged attacks will knock people back and cause high damage After obtaining the information of 3 pairs of eyes, output it again and kill 6 eyes at the same time. Interrupt her for the last time At this point, everyone stood back to their original platform Ready for the last output After clearing the monsters, you will get the Dark Spread Debuff. Stack 1 layer for a few seconds. Stacked to 10 layers will die Standing on a table will clear away the layers Everyone will fall back when they stand back on the stage Raven’s weakness can be destroyed at this time Cause a lot of damage After the weakness is defeated, the black ball will be traced to the person who defeated the weakness Unless the light level is very low, one or two rounds are not a big problem, but the fourth or fifth rounds are basically dead So remember to destroy Start a new cycle after landing Try to clear the customs within 2 cycles When you hit Raven with 10% blood left, the entire team will be teleported to the higher field Perform a hop dance and absorb the power of the end There will be ?? Shield soldiers flying on the road, you must deal with it immediately You will slowly withdraw blood and will not recover, so move fast You will need to jump back and forth when you reach halfway We will talk about this later The team will be teleported back to the lobby after someone absorbs the power Take the last stroke Full output shoots her mouth And before you finish, you have to jump into her mouth and run deep Knock out the black ball inside This level is officially ended after being knocked out Well, the amount of information is a bit too much.

Let ?s talk about the play and process now. When entering the Blue Room or Yellow Room at the beginning, there will be about 8 ranged mobs and 4 sniper mobs Entering the room is time-bound, so move quickly After the room is closed, the left side will be brushed before the right side. If there is a Void Hunt, you can now pull up the range mobs If Raven appears first, he will continue to brush remote mobs. From 1 to 4 Ben Guanguang and other 580 so the mobs are also 580 with high damage After Raven leaves, he will brush 4 more sniper mobs and Raven’s eye If Raven doesn’t show up, brush 4 sniper mobs and 8 range mobs first.

A wave of sniper mobs and Raven’s Eye will soon be drawn As for how to choose the right time to beat Raven Raven won’t stay forever. She will go by herself. If you do n?t make it straight, you will die unless you blindfold your eyes. So there are two ways to play The first team waits for the 2 teams to report their eyes and then fights Or the second type 1 team directly hits the straight 2 team output to drive away Raven and then purify the sign The first is basically the communication between the two teams I said before Find the right time The problem with this style of play is if the 2 team cleanup flags are slow The 1st team can’t see the eyes, or the opposite side is still purifying, they will send Raven. Might make Team 2 unable to cleanse the logo This play requires the purge mark to be fast enough The second way, team 1 clears all the monsters Then immediately knocked Raven out of Rigid 2 and killed Riven’s eyes after knowing Rigid. Output Raven first and then purify the sign Remember when the essence of ?? stays on the ground for 45 seconds, even if it disappears? I’ll also brush another Raven’s Eye The problem with this style of play is that two teams may cleanse the sign at the same time.

Cause confusion Which style of play to use depends entirely on your preferences because both are possible When it comes to the location of the eye and the sign of the report point, you must first define the name Now there are many eyes and logos on the Internet. But I use the name of the picture to locate the eyes The left eye is sorted by Z shape just like usual reading From right to left It’s okay for my team to call like this The sign point is shown in the figure Concise reporting is very important The more time you spend saying “up, up, up,” “left, left, left,” “your left,” “down, down, down” Less time to deal with Raven Report points concisely remember the sign help will be very big Try to go up at the same time if you can go from the bottom to the top As fast as possible from the upper floor to the lobby After returning to the hall all the way, the Void Titan and the Well of Flames performed brilliantly here.

Try to take turns to deal with big eyes because they hurt really much The new electric Titans in high light can kill big eyes in seconds As for the first wave of brushing, the big-eyed monsters will be brushed out before Raven, and will be brushed in the middle of the yellow-green room The second wave will be with Raven, and Raven will be on the right stage of the yellow room. Then one big eye on each side Try to clear the big eye monsters before playing hard straight It’s just about half the time limit This means you only have 3 chances to spit fire Or a few seconds to seduce the tentacles If you are the Nether Titan cleaning up nearby, chances are you will seduce the tentacle.

pay attention Communication is important Then she will appear twice more clockwise The third wave will brush out the big eyes on her left and the fourth wave will brush out the big eyes on her left Then I will also brush one on the right step Hit 3 times straight and know that 3 pairs of eyes are the output stage How do you allocate your eyes? My team has one eye each and two eyes to support each other For example, teammate 1 needs to punch an eye 1 teammate 2 needs to punch an eye 2 But both of them care about eye 1 and eye 2 It’s safer to prevent people from being swayed in the perspective or other situations when they are aiming dead. You can stand wherever the output is, but I have two recommended points One is to use the bunker in the center of the hall as much as possible. One on the high platform and one on the right of Raven You guess that you will ignore these two big-eyed monsters and use the Titan’s shield wall or other cover to avoid attacks.

Otherwise it can really be messed up The advantage of being close to the output is that it is easier to punch The bad thing is that big eyes can interfere with your aiming and make you unable to punch your eyes. Failure to make an eye-catching is a mass destruction You can also output at the farthest point facing Raven The advantage is that there are no big eyes and the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to punch. You can shoot 9 shots with a bug hunter 12 shots are considered to be more extreme The most important thing is to get rid of your eyes no matter what method you use If you want to stop the output early, then stop After your eyes are closed, you are ready to stand back on the table 2 big-eyed monsters should be alive and pay attention to their positions before solving them If you stand on the wrong table, that’s fine because all the tables can cleanse the darkness and spread Eliminate Debuff before returning to your stage After returning to the stage and starting to fall, you can shoot Raven’s weakness.

In the beginning, there will be no tracking black ball to eliminate the weak points, and then it will start to brush. Two points first, press and hold the key that moves you back Second, try not to hit the weakness in front of you The black ball will track the person who broke the weakness if you finally broke the two weaknesses in front of you Unless you kill all the black balls, you will probably die.

If necessary, you can save your life because death here means calling people to come all the way to save Will even need two teams to substitute Try to avoid this After entering the higher field, you must clear all the blame If there is a Void Titan, you can use the open road There is no automatic blood return here, so my play is to gather on the stone to turn my head Let Fire spell a buff grenade to shield everyone As long as someone absorbs the power of cricket, everyone will be teleported back And blasted her to death Then into her mouth Yes All the way to the deepest Blast the black ball to get a key The problem is that this book is not over yet. Fortunately, it is an archive point here. So after this death you will come back here This level is the last level of the last will. You need to take Raven’s heart to cleanse the witch. Let’s explain The heart will randomly select a person If you are selected is the only person who can pick up the heart Heart effect has a dark spread Debuff to purify teammates Disables all skills of the holder.

No weapons, no skills, no jumping skills. All you can do is walk and ordinary jump Teammates will escort you back to the vault The person holding the heart should go as far as possible The mechanism of dark spread is still 10 layers dead The person holding the heart will also have a countdown over time Purify the spread of darkness will become smaller and smaller until almost no After the countdown you will be teleported to a place we call the Rainbow Room Not only the person holding the heart will be teleported to those who are close to him At the moment after the teleportation ends, if someone gets too close, it will be teleported away.

So wait The rainbow room is actually in the heart There will be many mobs in the rainbow room and the aggressive offensive Raven But the number of mobs increased according to the number of people in the rainbow room. So it was n?t much at the beginning After teleporting, the heart will select another person. The person will pick up the heart and move on. There will be power in the rainbow room When all the power in the rainbow room has been absorbed Heart countdown resets to 15 seconds Every person holding the heart can be reset once The amount of ?? power is the same as the number of players in the rainbow room So one person has only one power when another person teleports in, there will be two and so on So the last power to wait for the countdown to end soon The person holding the heart must report the whole time to the person in the rainbow room to absorb the power It is best to absorb 2-3 seconds in advance because the game will also take time to determine whether to reset My style of play is that the first person to come in always absorbs the last power If you ask if you can absorb all of your power, just leave one on the field and wait for the last 2-3 seconds before absorbing it.

The answer is yes and it’s best Just to communicate well who absorbs which The only goal in the rainbow room is to absorb the power of crickets and survive There will be a lot of mobs You can jump around inside with heavy weapons The only guarantee is survival The hardest outside is the first room, because there is a monster that can track the black ball. When the light is low, it will be spiked. Pay attention to it. Kill those monsters as soon as possible There are three in the first room, one on the left and one in the middle of the next room. Only the first room will brush this strange It is recommended to go to the left of this room If more than one person died outside or was teleported early There is a good chance that you will not reach the end, so if two people are killed or someone is accidentally teleported away The suggestion went straight to the comeback The process of this level is as follows: the first person picks up the heart Walk out of Raven’s body and stop teleporting The second person picks up the heart and moves on to others Priority to kill Blackball Recommended for Void Hunting and other offensive moves When the second person reports 2-3 seconds left The first person absorbs the power of the puppet in the rainbow room to reset the countdown As far as progress is concerned, the person holding the heart should be located near the door of the second room when resetting time Second person was teleported after reset Repeat until the heart is delivered It ?s best to jump to the hop-jump room Walking below the crystal will continue to buckle Do n?t let go of all the others.

The room of the forest or minaret opens when you get to the vault If it is a forest, go right and walk into the aisle The goal here is that entering the temple room requires you to make a big circle After reaching the temple room, jump into the cave and land on the stairs Go up and deliver the heart and send everyone out Successfully reaching this step means that you have cleared the final will and can go out of the box to get the reward You can drive either I would like to thank the Math Class Association for spending so much time helping me with these strategies.

Thanks to my Discord for peer reviewing these strategies Thanks to Bungie for making the Raid I personally think is the best Thank you for watching, if you find these strategies useful, please like See you next time .

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