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Destiny 2: Ruins of Wrath Enigmatic and Trivial Mystery Locations


The last of the Shattered Realms, we have the Ruins of Wrath this week, I found 2 Enigmatic and 8 Trivial Mysteries, lets go get them. This is going to assume that you’ve unlocked the Safe Passage upgrade, please also go turn on both beacons. Trivial number 1 is before the first beacon, we’re gonna to drop down onto a ledge before the big plate and go down to the right. We’re gonna tag this Barrier Breach, make a right and head into the cave on the right to grab the chest.

Trivial number 2 is on that big plate in front of where we just dropped down.

Gonna turn on True Sight here, turn around and jump on the platforms leading to the chest, grabbing an anchor on the way. Then, tag True Sight again, progress towards the beacon and veer off to the left, jumping across the gap, picking up an anchor along the way. Continuing off to the right will get you another anchor and lead you to one of those immune purple rocks that we can’t shoot yet. Go back the way you came. Enigmatic number 1 is back the way you came.

Instead of hopping on the platforms off to the right, you’re gonna go around back and tag the Barrier and head into the cave which will beo n your left. Then, go back to the main island.

Trivial number 3 is gonna be to the right of the island. Keep going towards this tall building until you find a True Sight, then activate. Simply make your way up the platforms and you’ll find an anchor and the trivial.

I believe there’s an additional mystery on top of the super tall building itself, but I didn’t bother to get it since you need to either super or use Heat Rises to get up there, I’ll wait that one out. Trivial 4 and 5 are in the suppression field as you progress to the second beacon. You’re going to activate True Sight, then Safe Passage. From that Safe Passage node, if you’re looking at the Dreadnaught looking thing, you should see platforms leading to an anchor and the trivial. After t urning around, you should see a chest in the distance on a floating rock.

Just activate Safe Passage again and go grab it within 10 seconds. Go back to the Safe Passage and True Sight, activate both, take the path you took for Trivial 4 and keep going to this next area to the right. Trivial 6 is gonna be in the suppression field, just activate Safe Passage, jump on top of the thing and, yeah, you get it. Trivial 7 and Enigmatic 2 are going to be on a lower path. While looking at the Safe Passage node through the bones sticking out of the ground, turn around and drop down.

You’ll see a barrier node here, tag it and run inside. You’ll see a cave dead ahead, grab the trivial here. To get to the Enigmatic, you need to activate Barrier and run as fast as possible up the hill to the right, tag True Sight and then get through the barrier, might take a practice run or two.

Make your way up, grabbing the anchor on the way, and grab the chest. There are two other anchors along the path you took to get to the barrier door, be sure to grab those as well.

Then, head towards the 2nd beacon. There should be a pretty obvious anchor before you go up to the beacon, grab that. Keep making your way up and look for a True Sight node. You should also see an island off in the distance, this is where Trivial 8 and another anchor are located. The anchor is around back, with Trivial 8 being in a cave on the back of the island, requiring a barrier break.

That’s everything I could find, I’ll see you next time for more collectibles..

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