Destiny 2: SCOURGE OF THE PAST RAID FOR DUMMIES! | Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough


What is up guys wreck caucus here, and today we have the scourge of the past for dummies. The complete raid guide showcasing every single mechanic of every single encounter, along with a ton of tips, strategies recommended low dose and more for how to make your journey through this brand-new black armory raid as easy as possible, and so let’s get started. But just before we do, as you can imagine grinding for three days straight and then completing the straight and the very first day was a massive undertaking. Guys, if you do find this video helpful, please remember to help me out by simply liking and especially sharing this video really really does help. Alright, let’s get started with the very first encounter you’re going to drop into the last city and what you’re going to find is a cityscape there’s, a bunch of buildings. Most of them are scalable and there’s winding city streets, there’s blocks and blocks of all of this. Continuing now, essentially you’re going to need to make your way to the center of this arena.

This is an arena and the first encounter is going to take place in this kind of enclosed space and it’s really important to learn the layout of this space. But thankfully Bungie provides a map for you. Yes, a literal map to this arena and again it’s located at the very center ish of this arena simply scale the building, as you can see here and you’re, going to find a special enemy. The enemy up here is going to be completely immune, shoot it with whatever you want. It will not take damage, but if you get close to this enemy, the Berserker, who will be making some repeat appearances, then he’s going to make a sphere around himself slowing and disorienting you, but he will expose to weak spots, one on his chest and one on His back, this is how you take those guys down. You simply have to bake them essentially into making the sphere. If you are close enough to be caught into the sphere. Usually they will do this for your attack, so send someone in you know to kind of get in their face. They are baited by that they produce the spear and then have the person. You know who went out to bait them stand on one position in front of him perhaps and then have another teammate go behind him.

The person in front will shoot the chest. Crit, the person behind will shoot the back crit and then his moody shield will go down and he is now able to be damaged wherever by whatever now some tips about these berserkers. Because again you will encounter them multiple times throughout this raid number one. It’S pretty easy to take down their crit spots and initially lower their shields. Just a primary will do if you don’t want to waste ammo but having a shotgun, something like the escalation. Shotgun is going to be very, very good at taking them down once their shields. Are gone, they’re a little bit tanky and they do put forth quite a bit of damage so being able to just you know, melee and and get quite a lot of escalation. Shots on them very quickly is going to be very important. Another tip is to make sure you have people in front of him and behind him before pushing in to trigger his fear, because that slowing effect does prevent you from getting around behind him, for example, and so, therefore, you really want to be in position before you Bait rather than bait, and try to get into position alright, so you’ve killed the Berserker and he’s going to drop a sphere pick the sphere up and you actually plant it in a device very close to where this first Berserker is found. On top of this building, this is going to charge the map, as you can see right here.

So this is the entire layout of this arena. You can see that each player is represented by the yellow icon and then there’s a bunch of green icons all around one in the very middle. Where you just planted this sphere, then there are four more one in front one on the right, one on the left and one behind and each of these four locations, the green ones have a certain number of dots above them. This is very important. This indicates what location you need to go to, but there’s something else on this map, and that is a red icon. Well, actually, there’s three red icons, but one of them is singled out with a sphere above it. This is the location of the Berserker. You need to go and find so. Two people from your squad of six are gon na, have to stay up on top of this tower and defend it and call out what’s going on on the map, the other four people are gon na go after that. Berserker now the people on top are going to be pressured by ads, there’s going to be a servitors and other ads spawning, so they will have to fight, but one of them does need to be dedicated to calling out what’s going on with the map, because when The rest of your for team members goes and kills the Berserker he’s going to drop two or each person picks up an orb, and each orb is going to be represented on the map by a certain number of dots. For example, you might see you know one of your little yellow, teammate icons go and pick up an orb and then there’s going to be three dots above them. That means they need to go to the green location.

That also has three dots above it. Like point three, they then plant their sphere into that particular location and they’ve done it correctly if they go to the wrong one. So if you pick up a sphere, you have three dots and you go to the four dot place and plant it. You’Re gon na die instantly, so you pretty much want to avoid that now. That also means – and a really big tip here, that you want to pick up. One orb wait a bit and then another orb, because the person reading the map will just see one person with a certain amount of dots. They can easily say: okay you’re at number two you’re at number, one you had number four whatever and then the second person picks up after they hear that call out, and then the person reading the map just gives that secondary call it to that second person, but It is important to note that every time you pick up two orbs one person will have to go to one of the four random locations outside of the center, and one person will have to go back to power the map, so one prison is always coming back To the middle one person is going somewhere else now the person coming back to the middle can just head there by themselves, but the person going to plant in the outskirts needs to be accompanied by teammates, because there are going to be ads guarding the place where You need to plant, in fact, it’s surrounded by a shield and slit early impossible to plant until you kill the two servitors two yellow health servitors guarding of these areas. And if you have a sphere, you can’t really attack with it. So go with your team to that location.

Your two teammates with guns obviously kill the two servitors the person plants and then you’ll have another berserker that will appear on the map that you need to go after and kill and keep doing this killing the Berserker planting. Your sphere in the correct locations do that a few times in a row, and you will in complete this encounter. Your main key for success here is really just orienting yourself and making sure everyone is on the same page, an easy way to call out these things is that number one one area of the cityscape will have massive domed buildings. You can orient yourself that that way is north, for example, and make sure that everyone is on the same page of okay right to the domed buildings left to the dome buildings in the behind that sort of thing. Now importantly, picking up one of the orbs from the berserkers is going to give you the debuff ionised for two minutes. This means that you can’t pick up another one, so you’re gon na have to rotate with your team of who’s, picking up, orbs, planting them and then switch to the other two people.

They pick up orbs than the original two people and keep rotating through your teammates. Now, once you have completed this encounter these shields that prevent you from going down, these holes are going to disappear and you can drop down the holes and collect a chest that will give you your first raid reward once you’re in here you’re in the tunnels, and This part is definitely pretty confusing. There is a massive maze of tunnels, and you really just kind of got ta feel your way around find your way through it. There are actually lanterns that you can turn on to mark locations that you have gone, but what you have to do to get out of here is essentially, if you’re oriented before dropping into tunnels. You want to head towards those domed buildings like make your way up and to the middle as far towards those domed buildings, as you can and then you’re gon na start to see these larger middle rooms, as you can see on screen right now, once you’re finding These kind of middle rooms, where the large open areas, not just tunnels, you know you’re kind of going.

The right direction now keep pushing forward until you find specifically this open room here, and you can see the actual hole, essentially that you need to make it to to go down and continue this rate now from here. Looking from this angle, you want to jump back and to the left and you’re going to go through a pipe, follow the same pathway. You see me go, but essentially you loop far around until you eventually find kind of a hole in the wall, not a traditional tunnel entrance, but this hole in the wall right here squeeze your way through here and then you will continue on the proper way by The way in this encounter and the previous one you are able to summon and use your Sparrow and it’s gon na become much more relevant very soon, so simply make your way through this pathway with your Sparrow until you encounter this large room here now, once your Entire team is, in this area, you’re, going to see a large kind of shielded door and there are two consoles on either side of this door. If you approach, those consoles are going to open up and a holographic image of a hand, not a human and but some kind of hand is going to be represented. Essentially, you need to smack both of those consoles at the same time, so you’re standing on one side, your teammate is standing on another side. You’Re gon na go three two one mailee at the same time, and then it’s going to kind of trigger this encounter one other blast door is going to open and everyone else needs to grab their sparrows and race through here as quickly as possible.

In fact, very importantly, big tip here make sure you’re using a sparrow that takes less time to summit. There’S gon na be some parts where you need to get off and also, if you mess up or fall off, being able to resub on your Sparrow instantly and keep going is going to save your life in any event where, as one door opens up to, let Your teammates, through the other door, opens up to let something else through and that’s something else is a giant flaming servitor. If it gets too close, it will instantly kill you. Essentially, you need to outrun it, and this is the most intense version of Sparrow racing. Have definitely ever played the problem here is going to be your teammates actually and the fact that Sparrow physics are absolutely terrible in this game. So it’s really important to try to spread out as much as you can. If you see someone going for a jump, maybe hold off in the gas just for a little bit, let them pass first, because if you touch someone else’s Sparrow, you or them we’ll likely go flying off to the side and get themselves killed. In fact, it is very, very likely that you’re going to die in this part. The good news is that only two people need to make it through the entire way to trigger the next mechanic and save your entire team, and that’s why again, it’s so important to spread out don’t screw over three teammates, because you collided with them.

Sacrifice yourself and let your teammates go forward and by the way, even though we have the route playing in the background, it’s pretty easy to figure out where to go, because there really isn’t like multiple directions. You can go at points, and one way is the right way. One way is the wrong way. It’S really just one tunnel, one clear path: you’re going through there’s just gon na be obstacles on that one path. In any event, once two of your teammates do make it through this gauntlet, then they both smack the door consul’s just like before that’s gon na close the shield door from the servitor, so he can’t get in and kill their teammates and it’s going to open another Shield door, all of your teammates Reza’s, will be right here, so go and revive them and continue on now.

Moving on from there you’re going to find yourself in this a large open room with a bunch of pillars, and then there are just a massive amount of caves that go off in every which way the key here is to not take any of them. Instead, you’re going to want to look for the pillars, as you can see in the background, gameplay that have some pipes sticking out, you can actually jump on these pipes and work your way from pipe to pipe, going from pillar to pillar all the way to this Kind of upper area right, as you see me go, this is the key to going to the next phase you’re going to make your way to that very top part of the room go into that one particular cave make your way through this kind of really one Main way to go through this cave, but make your way through there, and eventually you will find a wide-open area and you’re going to see the name of the map like change, which is an indication that you’ve gone the right way so continue on from there make Your way into a ransacked, armory and then you’re gon na continue to the next main raid encounter all right so similar to the raid layers in the game.

Both this encounter and the next encounter, which is the final boss fight, will take place in this arena. So get to know this area, the nooks, the crannies, the walls that let you hide from enemies all of that stuff. Also, both these encounters are very mechanics, focused, so get ready. Now, in this encounter, your job is to take down the kind of boss that hasn’t yet spawned yet in the very center of this arena. But you can’t do any damage this guy. How you take it down? Well, you have to summon tanks, yes, actual tanks like from the campaign, but how do you do that? Well, there’s going to be one large, yellow health servitor that is near the back middle of this arena. Aside from the servitor you’re, also going to notice that there are four holes in the ground near each of the four different large buildings surrounding the very central object in this arena and those holes in to the ground are electrified. If you try to go through them, you’ll die immediately, killing the servitor is going to lower those electrified barriers and allow you to travel underneath which is required. So what your team needs to do is to kill the servitor. That’S going to open up those electrified barriers. Four out of six team members head down these tunnels into this surrounding ring. It’S an underground ring. Now from here. You split off into teams of two and you’re going to go to these certain generators kind of like the generators where there was a shape of a hand.

This time it’s going to be either a white or purple object. That is a square, a circle or a triangle, as you can see in the background gameplay now, your job is again you’re split into two teams of two down here: one person from each of those two-man teams melees one of these objects. So you go next to one of these consoles. It opens up it’s a white square, you Mele it and then you’ve collected that particular charge. In fact, specifically for the square you’ve collected the parallel charge for the circle, it’s the continuous charge and for the triangle, it’s the angular charge. Once you’ve collected this charge, you’re going to see a large sphere around you that isn’t really going to do anything. However, your teammate, who also has that large sphere around them, if you guys get too close together, as you can see, you’re actually gon na tether each other and start damaging each other. So you want to kind of rotate both teams clockwise to avoid that or it doesn’t actually do like that much damage. So you can hop in your sparrow or quickly run by your teammate.

You don’t want to linger in any event, once you’ve gone down here, melee the shape and collected a charge, but by the way, don’t melee the red consuls, sometimes you’re, going to see little red lights by the way you can tell if it’s purple or white, just By the lights on the console before you even get close and it opens up, but if it has red lights and it’s a red symbol, that’s kind of good to know it’s changing from symbol to symbol, to symbol. Do not Mele! This you’ll die immediately, but once you’ve collected that first Mele, so the example I gave you go, you see a white square, you mail, it you get that charge. You then need to get x to of that specific charge. Now, how do you do that? Well, your teammates, outside the two guys that didn’t go down here, need to kill another servitor. That’S gon na reset all the consoles and allow you to get what you just picked up, because if you pick up that white square and you go all the way around to every single console, you will not find another white square. Your teammates have to reset everything, and then you go around this ring underground and find your second white square, or your second white triangle, or your second purple circle, to get times two in your particular charge.

Now, while you’re doing this, the guy on your team of your two-man team is just killing hats. There’S quite a lot of ads under here. So walking around with you, know, thunderlord’s and stuff like that, is very, very advantageous and you will not have to dps in the traditional sense using you know your supers, your weapons, whatever. So all your resources in terms of your super and your weapons should be spent on the ads just trying to stay alive. All the dps is gon na, come from the tanks very important tip. Now, once you have collected x 2 and your other team of 2 people has collected x, 2, like their guy, is collected x 2 as well of their particular charge. Then you call up to the two guys on the surface and you say: okay, we need to get out, they kill one more servitor and that’s going to reset. But it’s also going to lower the electric barriers, the two people of x to run out to the surface, and then they go and spawn the tanks. Now these tanks are spawned at these particular locations. You can see that there is a flat pad and then beside that is the console where you slam in your particular charge. As soon as you do what’s gon na spawn the tank, these pads are located.

If you were to originally come into this arena and look out in front of you and like you know, straight ahead, is gon na be that servitor there’s one to the front left one to the front right and one in the back middle kind of behind that Servitor initial spawn now, while you are in the tank and dpsing this metal object, there are going to be constant. Raining barrage is from the sky trying to kill you indicated by these red beams, so you need to keep mobile. I keep circling this object or stick to the outside something just keep moving, so you won’t get killed by these artillery barges. In addition to that, eventually, you’re just gon na get kicked out of your tank. You cannot stay in your tank. Infinitely it’ll start to beep at you you’re, going to see the icon of your tank where the health is, the health will all disappear and they’ll turn to red. That’S your indication to get like one more shot off and then get out of your tank before it explodes on you. So those are the mechanics for this encounter if you want optimal DPS and the way that I would recommend running it is that when your two charged people come outside to some of their tanks, the two people that have been hanging on the surface – they go underground And the people that were just hanging around killing ads well they’ve, now teamed up with the two people from the surface, the two people from the surface go and collect two different charges, so the people in the tanks like they’re gon, na DPS, DPS DPS, then the Tanks are gon na blow up and they’re gon na and then say: okay, our tanks are done.

Our job is now to go and kill the servitor. They kill the servitor reset it for the new people down there. They get the second charge, kill the servitor again. The two new people with x, two charges come out and the people that were on the surface go back in you just rotate that way, and that’s basically, the most efficient way to constantly keep tanks up. So after a few rotations of two people in the underground ring collecting x of a certain buff to summon the tanks using the tanks to DPS the middle object and then rotating either underground or to the surface, to kill servitors or to collect charges or to protect The people collect the charges after doing that, multiple times after summoning multiple tanks, you will kill this middle. I guess boss and complete this encounter head back to the starting area for a raid chest and a raid reward, and now we have the final encounter. The final boss, fight of the scourge of the past raid, so the first thing you’re going to notice, is a group of enemies right in front of you. There are several Marauders, but there’s also going to be a beserker killing this first berserker and getting his orb is going to start off this entire encounter.

So someone grabs the orb heads back to kind of where the starting area is and you’re going to plant it. In one of those objects, and just like in the very first encounter of this raid you’re going to summon another map this map, yet again is the key to organizing where to plant those Marauder spheres, sorry Berserker spheres. So that means one to two people, preferably one, but if you’re having trouble surviving two need to hold out in this map room and kill enemies and give commands to the rest of your team. As soon as you plant that first sphere, the location of the next Berserker you need to kill, is going to appear on the map. You need to direct your teammates to go and get that vis er ker. So two people on your team are the designated first kill squad. They head out clear out the Marauders seriously. It’S worth clearing out all the Marauders before going after the Berserker. Otherwise they can just get. You killed adieu pack quite a bit of a punch, especially if you’re of a lower light level so kill the Marauders around the Berserker.

Do the bait and switch technique, one guy on one side, another guy on the other side shoot his chest and the back. Of course, that’s gon na lower his shields DPS, the crap out of him with shotguns, then he’s going to drop two different spheres. One person picks one out first, just like last time. They’Re gon na have a certain amount of dots above them. That’S gon na represent. Where they need to go the drake spawns from the previous encounters, the tank spawns are going to be the locations you need to dunk these spheres yet again and on the map it’s denoted by one in the back middle. Then two is to the right. If you’re facing the back middle and then three is to the left, so once you kill the berserker, one person picks up a sphere they get told which plate to go to by the prison, overlooking the map as soon as they hear the call-out. The second person picks up the sphere: they go to another plate or sometimes the same plate and they simply dunk on that tank spawn plate. Now, what is the rest of your team doing well they’re dealing with the massive mech boss?

I guess you would call it. Yes, there is a giant mech located in the center of the map. That’S going to kind of jump out of the ground and it’s gon na definitely try to kill you, so the other four people are taking down the little white objects. As you can see the background, gameplay they’re located all around this map there on his back there’s one kind of on his waist as one his shoulder. There’S two on his knees right. You have to take down every single one of these white objects with sniper rifles, preferably or whatever else you can use to damage them once you kill all of them. His immunity shield is going to go down his immunity shield needs to be down for when you DPS him and now, if you lower his shield, you can’t just start DPS and some more things you need to do. But if you don’t lower his shield you’re kind of screwed, so while the first team is going to get those berserkers spheres, the other four people kind of spread around the map.

Because again, you can’t all be on one side of the map if he has crits on his back and his front so spreader on the map and try to take down as much of those white objects as you can to lower his shield. But once you do pick up those berserker spheres, the first team and plant them, they then go into killing the white objects mode and then two more people head out to the second Berserker spawn, kill that one and plant two more orbs, because you will have to Do four total orbs planted in order to summon the tanks and move on to the DPS phase? So that’s two more autos killed again four orbs planted and remember because of the ionized buff that prevents you from picking up those berserkers spheres. Too often, each person who plans is gon na have to be an individual person, so your team composition is going to be two teams of two going after Marauders, with either one rotating person to help them.

If you are okay, with having one teammate just hold out by himself in the map, room or two people holding out in the map, room, giving instructions and then again those two other teams of two going after Marauders, with whatever two people not currently tracking a Marauder. Taking down those white objects to lower the bosses shields, now, like I said previously, these Marauders can offer quite a bit of trouble, and also there are some brutal fallen snipers at the very top of these buildings are gon na spawn definitely worth using your sniper, even If it’s a whisper of the worm to take those guys out, when you see them, they will decimate your team if you’re not paying attention now, once you have planted four spheres in total, all three tanks are going to spawn, not just the ones you’ve gone to. So make sure your team is spread out enough to grab all three of these tanks.

Now, once you’ve entered the tank, you simply need to shoot a round at the boss and if his immunity shield has been taken down by killing all of those white parts on his armor, then he’s gon na disable. His front part, like kind of his stun, is gon na open up and expose a little servitor in there. You simply go to town with weapons and that’s your DPS face, there’s a little bit more going on, but importantly, throughout this entire process he does have a white mechanic he’s going to charge up and eventually unleash your weapon and kill everyone. So if you’re in the tanks – and you see that he is charging up – you see that text appear in the lower left corner of your screen. You know: okay, we got just shoot him pretty soon. You have a few seconds like five ten seconds to shoot him, but not much. It is definitely worth it, though, when you get in those tanks to clear ads, especially the missile pods, if you can lock onto all those super annoying snipers on the rooftops. Take those guys out. First, that’s almost necessary for this DPS phase, because, even though, during the DPS phase the boss won’t damage you at all, the ads, and especially the sniper is certainly still will all right. So you’ve summoned the tanks.

You’Ve killed the snipers you shot, the boss who’s now. Disabled and his front parts opening up here’s where the damage phase really begins and here’s what you need to do essentially normally you’d, all team up and just go to town with something like whisper or thunderlord or whatever, but there’s another mechanic at play. That’S going to get you so much more damage because after a little bit of his servitor in his stomach being exposed, he’s going to have an EMP blast emit from him. And then every single member of your fireteam is going to get one of the charges. So, like we said before, you can get either angular charge continuous charge or parallel charge, so angular continuous parallel. Those are the words to look for now if you are near the wrong one. So if your teammate has angular – and you have continuous near beside each other, you’re gon na damage each other but you’re also gon na – be missing out on a massive amount of damage, because if you throw down a well of radiance, you can tank this damaged mechanic.

You can just survive it, but the key here is to split up into teams of two match your charge, because if you just tuned normally like, I was doing a forty thousand damage with the whisper of the worm. But if I’m continuous and I’m right next to my teammate, who is also continuous, I’m doing a hundred thousand plus damage for a single shot, you are getting more than double the damage for doing this, so one more time that EMP blast is going to affect everyone With a random charge, you need to find the other person who has your charge stand next to them, while standing far enough, apart from everyone else and their other charges to get maximum DPS now. The best way to do this by far is to organize your three highest light people to stand in certain areas. So we say all right. You know, Joe, you have the highest light, you’re off to the front right Bob you’re off to the front left. Then Chad you’re in the back and make sure you’re relatively spread out when the EMP blast goes out. The three highest light people just call out what they are.

So you know Bob will say I’m circular then Joe will say I am angular. Then Chad will say. I’M continuous and if you’re continuous, obviously you go and match with that person. If you’re angular you go and matter that person, so three people are calling out and three people try not to move the other people move around with them. Now it’s possible that Joe and Bob, for example, get the same one they’re, both continuous, in which case they move over to one of their things and the other two odd people out move over to where they were is very complicated. It’S gon na take several tries to get this right, but essentially spread yourselves out into three groups of two far enough apart that you’re not getting affected by the opposite charge and make sure that kind of you have three anchors and the other three people try to Rotate to those anchors, it’s gon na makes things so much easier than everyone.

Just chaotically rotating all at once now well of Radiance is really really good. Here preferably, I would say, have three warlocks, because each person being able to put down a well like having three Wells for the three different groups of two. That’S so good. It’S going to let you tank the random ads that are still left alive and it’s gon na help. You do way more damage than normal, but a massive tip. We were finding that we weren’t having our wells charged for the second damaged phase. So if you have any hunters, make them run Golden Gun with the bottom tree so that you can just shoot off fee rounds. It’S gon na do decent damage, but it’s gon na produce a ton of orbs, so you’re always having those wells for those damaged phases.

That was one of the key points to our victory in terms of weapons. You want to use two DPS. I would recommend the whisper of the worm. It’S got basically unlimited ammo you’re shooting a very small area quite a bit, and it does phenomenal downs. Of course, not only that, for the whisper has great utility at killing. This super annoying snipers at the top of those buildings and because of its ammo regeneration. If you kill three snipers you’ve wasted zero rounds right so definitely whisper as your DPS weapon of choice, combined with a shotgun to take down those berserkers and guys. That’S all. There is to it that’s all of the mechanics of this encounter. It really just boils down to doing the exact same thing, probably twice potentially once you know, if you’re all 650 doing this, you have the best stuff you could potentially one face them, but you’re likely just gon na have to do two phases or more an important Point is that it seems to respawn some of your res Dockins throughout this encounter, so don’t be afraid to revive people quite a lot and don’t think that you always need to wipe. If you had a lot of deaths, sometimes you can power through it and so guys that is it for the video hope you enjoyed and found this informative.

Now, if you did again, please remember to help me out by simply rating, and especially sharing this video. If you guys want to see more destiny, 2 content similar to this don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button and if you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity. The best way is to follow me on twitter at rick cactus. That’S link the description down below again hope you enjoyed the video and, as always, have a good day.

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