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Destiny 2 Season 15 Nightfall Weapons ‘God Roll’ guide By: Pijinnn88


Hi folks Pijinnn here with another weapon roll guide, this time it’s for the ‘new’ Season 15 nightfall weapons – The Comedian and The Hothead

As always I will preface this with – This is a PvE rolls guide. This is for the ‘NEW’ weapons only. These are rolls I deem to be unique for the weapons / the best ‘Pick up and play’ utility. Your own personal preferences will still likely outweigh these but am always open to discussion on refining the rolls. Thanks to those who have contributed to my last guides and I will get a definitive season 15 rolls guide out in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

The Comedian – This is a returning shotgun from Destiny 1 (one that I never owned sadly). It is the first Void Aggressive shotgun since the ritual weapon ‘The Python’ and worth picking up. Unlike the python it can’t roll with overflow BUT it can roll with Subsistance which allows for a similiar ammo uptime effect. I believe pairing this with ‘One for all’ allows you to set up OFA and have a full magazine to go on a rampage with. Honorable mentions to new perk ‘ENSEMBLE’ paired with vorpal weapon as a boss bar damage option for CQC. Bottomless grief with a mag perk like appended mag + back up mag allows you to hit 7 in the mag which I feel is worth noting

Look for – Corkscrew Rifling / Extended Barrel // Assault Mag (Absolute must for pve shotguns) / Appended Mag /// Subsistance // One For All / Vorpal Weapon

MW – Handling

The Hothead – Another returning weapon from D1 and one that carrys the new tradition of rolling with returning ‘pinnacle perks’ in this case the greatly loved ‘Explosive Light’ perk which can be found on the seasonal weapon ‘Ascendancy’. However hothead at base is an adaptive frame and has potential to do more damage than Ascendancy. Despite its name Hothead is an Arc burn adaptive RL and has 2 strong combos worth looking out for.

Combo 1 involves the Explosive Light perk paired with Field Prep (Field prep is one of the best perks for heavy weapons imo as you get increased reload for crouching and much needed extra reserves).
Combo 2 is unique to this RL – Demolitionist then Clown cartridge (which is normally a 3rd collum perk). By setting up the mag with clown cartridge you will be able to let off a ‘Shoot shoot grenade shoot’ combo which can be very potent.

Honorable mention to Vorpal weapon here although Hezen Vengeance literally exists.

Look for – Quick Launch // Impact Casing /// Field Prep / Demolitionist // Explosive Light / Clown Cartridge

MW – Velocity

Hope you found this useful and these rolls will sit nicely on the adept versions too!


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