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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen (S13) Prep Guide. Everything You Need to Do Before it Starts!


Hey guys abby here and welcome back to another destiny, 2 video in this one we’re talking about how to prep for season 13 season of the chosen starting tuesday february 9th. There are quite a few changes coming which we’ll outline in another video, so you’ll need to prepare your inventory accordingly. If you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like rating and subscribe, if you haven’t already for more destiny guides and walkthroughs in a recent twirl post bungie announced that reputation rank up, rewards for crucible and gambit and in a future season strikes will be visible. On the vendor screen and automatically drop as you progress, which means crucible tokens, will no longer be used to earn rewards from shacks so make sure you turn in all your crucible tokens before february 9th, when they will be deprecated. This new reward system, paired with a new seasonal challenge system, will do away with weekly bounties, so no more hoarding weekly bounties for quick xp at the start of a new season.

So you can turn those all in now. Next, you also want to make sure to get rid of your phase: glass needles, alkane dust simulation seeds and serophite, as these will no longer be accepted by vendors, starting in season 13.

If you forget, spyder will offer a small glimmer exchange, but you may get more bang for your buck if you exchange them now for other materials, my recommendation is to make sure you’re fully stocked up on upgrade modules. You can hold up to 25 for infusion once the power level is increased next season. Bungie also mentioned that current stasis, fragment quests will be deprecated at the end of the season of the hunt.

They haven’t clarified really what this means for incomplete quests and it looks like you guys, are as confused as i am, i’m not sure if you’ll automatically unlock those fragments or if we’ll get new stasis, fragments or new quests, but if you’re close to completing them. I will make sure to get those done before the end of the season, since we don’t really know what’s going to happen, you also want to make sure to turn in any memory, fragments that you haven’t used yet make sure to turn those in and get your Fragments unlocked before going into season of the chosen. Lastly, we’re talking about sunset gear. If you want to see my thoughts on sun setting as a whole, you can check out my previous video right here, but for season of the chosen you’re gon na want to make sure your gear can be infused up to the new power level cap of 1310. You can see the current power limit of your gear here for weapons and for armor.

You can also use dim to highlight any gear with a power limit lower than 1310 by using the search function at the top here and typing in power limit colon less than 1310. That’S gon na highlight all of the items that you have weapons and armor. That will not be able to infuse up past this current season, so once you have them all highlighted, you can drag and drop them over to your current character and dismantle them. However, if you are a pvp player, you might want to hold on to some things. If you play the crucible modes, that don’t have power levels enabled, but in summary, due to the changes to the weekly bounties and reward system, you want to make sure to turn in all your crucible tokens, stasis memory, fragments and completed weekly bounties for strikes, crucible gambit, Gunsmith and crow also make sure the power limit of your gear is at least 1310, with exceptions to crucible only stuff for those modes that are not power level enabled all right guys.

That’S gon na. Do it for me for your season prep, look forward to another video from me showing you everything that we know about season 13 so far before we get started on tuesday february 9th thanks so much for checking out the video, and i will see you guys in The next one bye

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